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Alternative Answers: Stones and Crystals - Large site containing stones and crystals from A to Z with their benefits and healing properties, how to choose and cleanse your crystal, projecting and receiving properties, chakra healing, and color, birth, lunar, planet correlations

Alternative Medicine: Ways To Improve Your Health - Affirmations, aromatherapy, Feng Shui, flower essenses, gemstones, herbs, massage and more to help improve your life. Explore alternative healing.

Avalon's Vibrational Healing Mailing List - Discussions via e-mail on vibrational crystal healing, Reiki, aromatherapy, and other alternative healing modalities.

Birthstone Calculation - Edu-commercial site about calculating individual (precise) birthstones and contemplation on crystals or gemstones. Reports are for sale.

Colour Crystal Healing - Detailed article on using crystals in colour healing.

Correx Archives - Crystal Power - Interviews concerning crystals.

Crystal Healing - By Julia Jablonski: This article presents a couple of ways crystals can be used to augment energy healing, also known as therapeutic touch or healing touch

Crystal Healing - by JaneAnn Dow: From the Introduction of Crystal Journey, Travel Guide for the New Shaman.

Crystal Healing and Pregnancy - An in depth study of Crystal Healing with mother and child, during and after Pregnancy

Crystal Power - Robert Todd Carroll on crystals. From the Skeptics Dictionary.

Crystal Star People - Channeled information on crystals and their use in healing

Crystal Tarot - center for Self-Healing and Empowerment using the modalities of Tarot, Crystal Healing, Meditation, Dream Analysis, Goddess Invocation, a Crystal Healing Questionnaire to help people overcome the obstacles that are blocking them from, actualizing their goals

Crystals - articles from Ellie Crystals site - including the Earth's core crystal, Atlantean crystals and more ...

Crystals and their uses - by Melinda. Comprehensive list and overview.

Crystals, Gems and Stones - Purported supernatural properties of various rocks and minerals.

Crystals: More Than Meets the Eye - Useful article on the intriguing world of crystals, their structure, formation, and uses.

Energy Crystals - Healing - Includes information on crystal and gemstone healing, and energy pendants.

Gemisphere - Gemisphere energy medicine is now a recognized healing modality. We disseminate the teachings of the Gemstone Guardians through books, workshops, and training and make available therapeutic gemstones.

Gemstone Therapy - The Healing Properties of Gemstones and Crystals

Gemstones & Vibrational Healing - Gemstones: A Living Kingdom written by James McKeon : Co-existing with the animal, human and plant kingdoms, is the vast family of gemstones and minerals. In truth, this is the largest, and most influential of all the kingdoms upon the various planets.

Healing Journey - General information on Crystals and detailed accounts of crystal healing

Healing With Crystals - How do crystals work? What powers do they have? Are crystals more reliable than today's medicine? Click Here Now to learn all about crystals, their uses, and their powers.

Health Research - Crystals Section - We list over 2,000 Rare and Unusual Books in over 120 categories including Crystals, Alternative Medicine and Natural Health. Some books listed are more than 300 years old. Our mission is to keep this rare and valuable information available to the world's citizens.

Illuminators (The) - comprehensive healing service including crystal layouts for chakra balancing and healing. Our Reiki classes also includes material on the use of crystals and Reiki for healing. We also offer an astrological chart called Flowers and Gemstones that provide the individual with guidance in the use of flower essences and crystals, according to their astrological chart, for health and wellbeing.

Living with Crystals - Living with Crystals is devoted to the many ways to work with crystals for emotional and spiritual growth. Over 50 individual stones are described in depth. Visitors may also subscribe to the Living with Crystals email newsletter.

New Age Stones - Article on the New Age crystals Kunzite and Sugilite; how these crystals help in healing. By Michael Star, in Star Signs Astrology Zine.

Power of Healing Crystals - using crystals and gemstones for healing - The Power of Healing Crystals includes information on crystal and gemstone healing, and the Healing Properties of Crystals and Gemstones

Wholeness - New Age, crystal healing, Reiki training, metaphysics, psychology, nutrition, mind, body, emotion, spirit in Hong Kong. This is the English version.

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