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Crystals Products and Services

Amethyst Light

- Metaphysical empowered healing gifts for you and your loved ones to assist in your journey to wholeness.

Ananda's Crystal Cottage - Crystals, Healing Crystals, and Ancient Healing Stones

Ancient Healing Wisdom - Info on Reiki , Ear coning , Essential Oils, Chakras, Crystals, Healing Stories and a place to ask for healing.

Aora Gemstone Oracle Cards - Crystal & gemstone healing is the focus of this site. Also focuses on the art of these tarot-style Cards, as tools of crystal divination, personal & planetary evolution, healing and prophecy! Background information about crystals, chakras, astrological affinities of crystals & gemstones

AstroStar's California Crystalworks - Atlantean crystals mined from the Sierra Nevadas. Includes channelings and links about record-keeper crystals from Atlantis.

Aurauralite-Aulmauracite - Aurauralite-Aulmauracite, the gift from another time and place. This Rock amplifies the loving intentions of its owner, and advocates Truth. An excellant dowsing tool in rock or pendant form.

Avalon Crystals - A large variety of healing stones, crystals, gemstones, chakra stones, and other gemstone healing tools for sale. Learn from our crystal healing course, lots of helpful information.

Balsamic Moon - Intuitive offerings and stones. Gemstone pendants, packaged tumbled stones and many more stone gifts.

Broken Arrow Rock Shop - Crystal chakra bowls, Amethyst, quartz, fossils, spheres, polished stones of all types, strands of gemstone chips, wands, rough material, minerals from around the world.

Celestial Lights, LLC - Ft. Collins, CO company selling crystal sculptures. "Atlantean Bio-Genesis Energy™: Bio-Genesis is the Birth of Creation. We instill the remembrance of the Process of Creation into a substance and that substance radiates or re-educates its environment. Bio-Genesis™ structures Wholeness."

Chakra-Tuned Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls - The Wisdom Light offers the world's highest quality and most complete selection of original chakra-tuned quartz crystal singing bowls direct to users with free tips and education.

Crystal Clear - Mining and selling quality healing crystals.

Crystal Dragon Jewelry - The Crystal Dragon is a great place to shop for handcrafted gold, silver, gemstone jewelry, crystal jewelry, magical jewelry, bead work, healing jewelry, native american silverwork, and turquoise designed by Geoffrey Stewart and other artisans. Info on metaphysics, shamanism, links, and much more.

The Crystal Garden - View the healing properties of gemstones and crystals for balance and well-being. Site provides a listing of books, products, events including classes on meditation, yoga, chi gong, astrology and Reiki.

Crystal Jewelry + Natural Crystals and QuartZ
- Custom Crystal: handcrafted crystal jewelry+ balls, wands, bowls, fossils & reference.

The Crystal Lady - Beautiful Arkansas rock crystal, revered for their natural beauty, and thought to possess mystical properties. Hand picked for you by the Crystal Lady of the Ozarks.

Crystal Master at Rosley's Rocks & Gems - Metaphysical and New Age crystals, minerals and jewelry source.

Crystal Phantom - Metaphysical healing crystals, rare red phantom quartz, rare hematite phantom quartz crystals.

Crystal Spirit - Sacred soothing music played on 35 quartz crystal bowls, for crystal healing, massage, stress release, insomnia, chakra therapy, and contemplative listening.

Crystal Store - The one stop shop for all your crystal needs - crystals for sale with metapysical explanations

Crystal Tones - Crystal Singing Bowls - Crystal Bowls for Healing & Meditation. Learn to use Crystal Bowls to resonate with your 7 energy centers (chakras).

Crystal Visions - A collection of unique crystal specimens, handmade crystal jewelry, and crystal attunement tools...including Vogel crystals and singing crystal bowls.

Crystal Wisdom - A Metaphysical Rock Shop.

Crystals - Crystals retails a wide range of crystals, mineral specimens, amber, fossils, rare and fantastic crystal carving and semi-precious jewellery. UK based.

Crystals from Carlotta - Quartz crystals mined in Arkansas.For sale to individuals.

CrystalWoman - Powerful insightful psychic intuitive gemstone readings Experience a system derived from generations of shamans

Divine Intervention - Divine Intervention, New Age, and Metaphysical Products. Including Crystals, Aromatherapy, Books, Gifts, Smudge and Spiritually Enlighting Merchandise.

Earth Spheres - Mineral spheres, fossil, and rock spheres that are perfect for metaphysical uses as well as the beauty a sphere collection brings. Great quality, service, and prices on a wide variety of spheres. Mineral guide is built into the market, with secure shopping. Metaphysical properties are given. Large selection of new clear quartz spheres from Brazil.

EarthWorks2 - EarthWorks2 presents a new age earth power bead kit site. Power stone information. Information about power beads. Wholesale Inquiries welcome!

Edelsteintherapie - eine Einfuehrung - A German-only site about the alternative healing uses of Crystals.

Enchanted Rocks - Crystals, amethyst, cut crystals, minerals, and fossils at remarkable prices. Amethyst, rose quartz, power beads, onyx, smoky quartz, crystal quartz. Mortars and Pestles in onyx, fossil, marble, soapstone. Loose Polished stones, little agates and other tiny treasures for medicine bags. Chakra wands and bags. Pendulums, wands, obelisks, leather bags, and hearts.

Exquisite Crystals - We are specialists in Elestial, Tibetan, Amethyst and other hard to find Quartz Crystals and minerals.

Healing Crystals - Healing crystals specifically programmed for alternative healers.

Infinite Matters - Purchase crystal bowls, arrange for crystal bowl, aromatherapy, spiritual response therapy, brain gym and other sessions.

InnerVision Crystals - The finest Crystals and Minerals hand picked from aruond the world, for quality, clarity, color and metaphysical properties. Great for energy work, meditation and healing. Crystals also make wonderful gifts and collectibles. Whatever your preference InnerVision has a beautiful collection of these magnificent gifts from the Earth.

The Institute - Healing Crystals for personal energy balance, Remote Spirit Releasement for clearing the body of blockages, New Contract for Kryon material.

Life Force Specialties - Sales of crystals possessing chakra enhancing powers that promote health and well-being. Order process is via auction.

LightStones - We recognize the need -- of collectors, healers and those who appreciate unique jewelry -- for crystals, gemstones and minerals that are of great quality and reasonable price. All of our materials are hand-selected with great care and offered to you with love and appreciation for these gifts from Mother Earth.

Lightworks - Sells AAA quality Boji Stones and is the only distributor for Rainbow Boji Stones. We also sell rare crystals, minerals, and gems and gem elixirs and jewelry made from such stones.

Little Gems - Crystals,Minerals,Gemtrees and Fossils from around the World for sale at realistic prices through mail order.

Millennium Minerals - Offers high-quality metaphysical crystals, gemstones, and minerals for meditation, healing, and feng shui.

Mystic Earth - The Mystic's Market has a wonderful selection of pendants that were cut from semi-precious stone- amethyst, rose quartz, quartz, fluorite, rutilated quartz, and much more. See the dolphins in sterling silver kissing over rose quartz spheres.

New Age Stones - Crystals, stones, rocks, minerals, healing and magic tools for the New Age and metaphysical.

North Star Crystal - Quartz crystal direct from Mount Ida Arkansas. Also quartz singing bowls. Wholesale and retail.

Pamela's Metaphysical Quartz Crystals - Hand selected minerals direct from Arkansas' crystal mines. Master crystals and crystal balls.

Parkside Crystal & Stone - Store features crystal balls, crystal eggs and paperweights. Many etched and painted stone original creations.

Pentegram's Crystals and Gemstones - Rocks and minerals for sale.

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls - We offer a wide range of beautiful crystal bowls for healing, meditation and chakra work. These can be chosen by you in the UK or sent by order. We also run courses and workshops on the use of crystal bowls.

Quartz Source - Rocks, Gems, Minerals - Anesha, goddess of heavenly light. "Angel of fufillment and completion" carries an amethyst crystal for "healing and tranquility".

Rare Healing, Loving Pink Clear Quartz Crystals - Very rare healing loving pink clear quartz crystals from Minas Gerais Brazil. These crystals have surfaced now to bring healing, love, light into the world.

Rock-a-Chakra - The seven chakra energy points of the human body may be influenced by certain minerals for enhancement of emotional and physical well being.

Ron Coleman's Quartz Crystal Mines - Arkansas natural quartz crystals direct from the mine. Single points, clusters, metaphysical crystals and crystal balls all available in our online catalog. Quartz crystals make great gift ideas. Wholesale and retail pricing.

Seahorse Creations - Crystals, amethyst, apophyllite, rose quartz, gemstones, incense, incense burners, candles, candle holders, gift ideas. Also other unique Holistic and Metaphysical items.

Shaman Beads - Native American Made "Power Beads" and medicine bags. We can custom mix stones, add totem animals and charms. Real stones.

Stone Age - The Stone Age is a New Age/Metaphysical store specializing in crystals large & small, crystal jewelry, books and much more ...

Stone Age Crystals and Jewellery - formed to promote the practical use of crystals and gemstones for healing and transformation.

Talisman Trading Company - Creators/wholesalers of quartz and gemstone carvings & crystals in Brazil, including crystal skulls, hearts, angels, dolphins, spheres and much more!

Treasures from the Earth - source for the finest crystals and minerals, carefully hand selects all samples to assure the finest quality and natural beauty wherever they are placed.

Vibrational Crystal Elixirs - Vibrational Medicine using crystal elixirs to repattern (change) the cell's memory by releasing fear, denial, confusion, unworthiness.

The Wand Workshop - The wand workshop specialise in hand crafted selenite wands, light boxes, crystal mandelas, for healers, light workers, and energy workers

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