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Disability Site's


Professional Diploma Diabetes Care

Braiden Enterprises Ltd


Disability Information Group: Integration through Technology Charitable Company

British Sign Language Interpreting Service

Toward Independent Living & Learning, Inc.

The Asylum Publications website is now online.

Provident Companies Website

The Foundation for Blind Children

Hoskinson Associates

Bridget's hostel for disabled students

WisEnt - Products for Personal Independence

Families of Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Archway Programs

V. I. Guide

The Voucher System/Behavior Management Program

Innovative Medical Incorporated

Level Games - Accessible Computer Games

Disability Tables: Data on work, employment, self-help, mental retardation, mobility, functional limitation, impairments, hearing, visual, disease, orthopedic, ADA, HIV, TBI, AIDS, and various other disability issues.

The 3 Day MS Personal Seminar (& other disability services by Lic. Psych.)

The Renal Gourmet cookbook


ADD on The Mining Co.

North Central Sight Services, Inc.

Macular Degeneration Foundation's Eyesight Informer

Video: AUTISM (From The Doctor Is In, syndicated TV series on health)

Facts for Families Pamphlets, from American Academy of child and Adolescent Psychiatry

Francesca Happe. Autism: An Introduction to Psychological Theory from Harvard University Press.

PRO-ED Publishing (publisher of a number of well-known books on Autism)

Plenum Publishing (publisher of a number of well-known books on Autism)

The World of the Autistic Child by Bryna Siegel.

Vision Audio Inc. EASe Disco Series 1 Audio CD

The Autism Society of North Carolina Bookstore

Log It software for logging Discrete Trial Training sessions

Real Life Storybooks

Special Kids Learning Videos


Autism videos from Fanlight Productions

The Ultimate Treasure Hunt by Adair Renning.

Family Resources Services, Inc. (mail-order sales, specializing in autism)

World Enabling Resources Unlimited (Software to assist in Behavior Modification Programs)

On-Line Asperger's Syndrome Information and Resources (O.A.S.I.S. a.k.a. Asperger's Syndrome Resources; Excellent page)

Asperger's Syndrome Support Network Homepage (Victoria, Australia)

Asperger's page of Family Village

Autism Society of America's package on Asperger's

Internet Resources page of The Center for the Study of Autism

Autism Resource Guide

Dave's Autism Info Page (Dave Kesall, UK)

Yahoo Index section on Autism

AskERIC InfoGuide on AUTISM from AskERIC

Ray's Autism Page (Ray Kopp)

Autism page of Family Village

On The Same Page

Page of Internet resources maintained by the American Hyperlexia Association (has a lot on Autism)

Autism Resources page from Federación Autismo España. Asociación Nuevo Horizonte.

Autism Page from Mental Health Net.

Autism Resources from CAN

Childhood Disorders: Autism page of Sympatico (includes reviews)

Autism from TAOEA

Autism Web Sites listed at The Family empowerment Network

autism section of Net Connections to Communication Disorders and Sciences


Ilja Ruben Witsel's Autistic Bookmarks

Overview of Autism from The Center for the Study of Autism

The Autism Society of America

What Is Autism? from The Nebraska Network for Children and Families

Autism Primer by The Autism Society of North Carolina at The Division TEACCH Home page

Autism - the invisible disability from The National Autistic Society (UK)

Autism Primer from CHADD

The Center for the Study of Autism (A "Must Visit" site)

Autism Society of America (A "Must Visit" site)

Society for the Autistically Handicapped

Autism-UK WWW Site

The Autism & Related Disorders Page

Autism Resource Guide Memo answering Frequently Asked Questions about Autism


Centre for Independent Living

Cafe Connect

Free No Bend Health, Stress, Foot Care Assistive Devices - Free

Foundation For The Retarded / Desert Valley Industries

United Cerebral Palsy - National Office

Debbie Schilling's Rett Syndrome Page

Welcome to ALA Family Caregiver Information Services

The Voucher System

Les Aigles de Meyrin

Safetybath - Walk in Bathtub

Foot Care - Limited Mobility - No Bend

Advocacy Services, Inc.

United Cerebral Palsy of Oklahoma

Disability Cool (Canada)

Jarcy's World

Laureate Learning Systems

Association for Spina Bifida and Hydrocephalus

Disabled Inventor Still "On His Feet"

Your Economic Vote: Influence Business and Politics.

Post Polio Syndrome Information

The National Home Of Your Own Alliance

World Association of Physically Disabled

Closed Captioning Web

Mobility Systems Distributors

Rehab Mobility Equipment


Ability OnLine Support NetworkAbility OnLine is an electronic bulletin board that connects young people with disabilities or chronic illness to disabled and non-disabled peers and mentors.This easy-to-use network gives "wings" to thousands of children and adolescents by remobing the social barriers that can come with having a disability and illness by providing opportunities to form friendships, build self-confidence, excgange information, and share hope and encouragement through email messages. CHILDREN Kids and Computers

The Instant Access Treasure Chest

ABLE-TOGETHER Serving Gay And Bisexual Men With Disabilities And Disability-Aware Abled Bisexual/Gay Men

Access Research Group at Yasumura Research Group

Altcare Home care

Americans with Disabilities Act Information ADA links to ADA and Disability related URL's

Alkimos Australia : Boron Phenols and Health : Clues to the Mysteries of ADD - Alzheimer's - Asthma Other conditions : allergies, autism, cancer, candida, Chronic Fatigue, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, dyslexia, .... .

ADA Information Center On-Line homepage thru the Kansas Commission on Disability Concerns

CTI Human Services Home Page

Disability Action Committee

Disability Information and Resource Centre useful informations

Disability Information & Resource Centre

Disability Collaboration Tool Disability Network

Disability Information Point in collaboration with: Regione Toscana (Italy)

Disability Resources

Doug Lathrop's Gimp Page

El Paso Home Health Home care

Francophone resources for Handicaped People

GENETHON Centre de Recherche sur le Génome Humain

Helping Handicapped in Indochina

Victoria's Network Disability Page

Western New York Disabilities Forum provides access to a wide variety of disabilty

Web sites on people with disabilities from (Florence) Italy

World Institute on Disabilities