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Divorce and Stepfamilies

National Stepfamily Association UK Provides information on the myths of stepfamily life, special challenges stepfamilies face, and the latest research on stepfamilies.

When a Child Wants a Divorce An informative article about the aspects of children pursuing a divorce from their parents. Other topics include child abuse and legal issues.

Canadian Stepfamily Association An association devoted to providing a support group for members of stepfamilies. Features newsletters, e-mail support groups, workshops, and seminars.

Demographics and Family Composition A great source of statistical information on marriages, divorces, unmarried births, pregnancy, abortion, single-parent families, housing conditions for children, and families with children. Also contains international comparisons for most of these topics.

Divorce Central A service and support center for people who are divorced or in the process of divorcing. Contains a newsletter, a resource guide, and message boards with topics like finances, parenting, legal issues, etc.

Divorce, Nontraditional Families, and its Consequences for Children An article and other information by Rhona Mahony from Stanford University. Only text, but very informative.

The Divorce Page A great source of information on divorce. Addresses topics such as recovery, legalities, children, and also contains a support center.

Divorce Source A state by state information guide that provides general information on divorce.

DivorceNet Contains several interactive bulletin boards, a resource library, and a state-by state resource center.

Don't Get Married This site records the issues one man faced through a divorce and provides a good idea about what the divorce process is really like.

Stepfamily Association of Illinois, Inc. The site addresses the issue of the high re-divorce rate for stepfamilies, challenges for stepfamilies, and more. Full of information.

Stepfather 2000 This site contains information on a research project about the roles of stepfathers, as well as a chance to participate.

Straight Spouse Support Network A support group for spouses formerly or currently married to someone gay, lesbian, or bisexual.