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Education Site's

Association of Assessment Inspectors and Advisers - The association for all those with a professional interest in assessment, recording and reporting. Site includes information on setting targets particularly for the end of key stages 2 & 4 and a checklist about using assessment information for school improvement.

BBC Online - Education - Adult, schools, and college education. Discover science, literature, health, and history. Get exam revision help and have fun with Shockwave and Flash websites.

CareerWorld UK - Career World provides free university advice, job vacancies and careers guidance for students in the UK. Including course and college search facilities, gap year choices and advice on higher education.

The Department of Education and Employment - The official site for the government concerned with education in the UK.

Lifelong Learning Network - UK's official Web site for the encouragement, promotion and development of lifelong learning. Supported by the Individual Learning Division of the Department for Education and Employment.

National Confederation of Parent Teacher Associations

Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education - Independent body. Reviews the performance of UK universities and colleges of higher education. Audit reports available online.

Schoolsnet - Illustrated guide to every school in the United Kingdom, library of over 20,000 books, educational news, university guide and educational resources.

Springboard Student Services - Springboard provide advice and information to school-leavers and those considering further education.

British Educational Communications and Technology Agency - BECTA is a Non-Departmental Public Body (NDPB) with a remit to ensure that technology supports the DfEE's drive to raise educational standards. Site includes an on-line bookstore.

Central Government National Training Organisation - National Training Organisation for UK Central Government, established to develop and maintain a corporate training and development strategy for the UK Home Civil Service.

DfEE Parents' Site - Government site giving information about education in the UK. Covers curriculum, admissions, bullying, homework, choosing a school (including a school website search), performance tables, and Ofsted reports.

The DfEE Web Site - The UK government's Department for Education and Employment.

Early Years NTO - The Early Years National Training Organisation is a strategic body that represents everyone, including paid staff and volunteers, who works in the UK with children between the ages of 0 - 8. Responsible for training strategy for the UK Early Years Sector and, while it does not itself provide training, it advises on all issues of training and qualifications.

EASEA Project - This is project is piloting a web-based delivery system for getting DfEE documents to school or Local Education Authority staff.

Employment Appeals Tribunal - The Superior Court of Record dealing with appeals from the decisions of the Employment Tribunals and Certification Officer.

The Employment Service - Included on the ES web site are a small selection of job adverts and details on the location of the UK's job centres.

General Teaching Council - Site providing details on the Register of Teachers. It includes a questionnaire which forms part of the current GTC consultation exercise.

NGFL - The National Grid for Learning site brings together a collection of resources to help raise standards in education and to support lifelong learning.

The Office for Standards in Education - OFSTED is the Office of Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Schools in England. The site includes a searchable database of OFSTED reports which can then be downloaded.

Student Loans Company Ltd - Provides details of the Student Loans system which is part of the Government's financial support package for students.

Teacher Training Agency - The TTA site provides details on becoming a teacher as well as advice for those who are newly qualified. It also has pages devoted to a number of teaching subjects including IT and Special Needs.

Alice King Wine School - Wine tasting school offering fun, informative and down to earth introduction to wine tasting. Variety of one day and weekly courses for the amateur or expert alike.

Artcourses - UK-based directory of arts and crafts classes, workshops and painting holidays in Britain and Europe.

CRAC - Careers Research and Advisory Centre - This site provides information and advice on further education and lifelong career development.

CTE - Residential Retired Adult Further Education - Sets out to provide residential adult education for retired people, created by retired people in warm climates in winter including Italy and Spain.

David Charlesworth - Fine furniture making courses in Bideford, Devon.

Meet The Press - PR Training - Runs more than 40 Public Relation training courses a year.

Steel Partnership Training - Providing training and re-training for steelworkers in regeneration zones around the UK