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Egyptian Mythology

Mythology GalleryMy goal is to give a basic view of Ancient Egyptian Mythology. 

Summaries of Notable Egyptian Gods

Social Science Data Lab: Egyptian Gods Theme

Ancient Egypt: The Mythology - Features over forty gods and goddesses, thirty symbols, and complete myths. Also featured are articles about Egyptian culture and history.

Walk Like An Egyptian - A modern guide to the religion and philosophy of Ancient Egypt.

Egyptian Creation Myths - The Great Creators - stories of Atum and Khepri.

Encyclopedia Mythica: Egyptian Mythology - The index file for the area on Egyptian mythology.

Guardian's Egypt - Mythology and Religion - Links to sites about ancient Egyptian mythology and religion including the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt.

House of Aten

Mythology Gallery Directory - Photographs and paintings of ancient egyptian art, archeology, mythology and dynastic history. Good mythology section.

Rediscover Ancient Egypt - Religion - Central to ancient Egyptian's complete understanding of the universe, was the knowledge that man was made in the image of God, and as such, man represented the created image of all creation.

The Religion of Ancient Egypt - Robert H. Dyson, Jr. Overview of aspects of Egyptian mythology.

Aker - The Egyptian double-headed lion god of the horizon.

All Things Sekhmet - Historical and on-going contact information about the Goddess Sekhmet. Thought provoking and shows a modern approach to studies of Egyptian Mythology.

Amen and Amen-Ra - Among the gods who were known to the Egyptians in very early times were Amen and his consort Ament. Detailed article on their worship and characteristics.

Ammut - The Ancient Egyptian Goddess. Those souls who were found unworthy to dwell in the Afterlife were devoured by her.

Amon - The Theban king of the gods and 'that which is hidden'.

Anqet - The Egyptian water goddess of Elephantine.

Anubis - The Egyptian jackel-god of mummification and embalming.

Apep - The Egyptian serpent who daily tried to destroy the sun.

Aten - The disk of the Sun, called 'the creator of man'.

Atum - The god of the setting sun and a form of Re.

Bast - Short article on Bast the Egyptian Goddess with the derivation of her name, meanings, description.

Bast Depictions - Article on Bast, with notes, by Rev. Stephanie Cass.

Bastet - The Ancient Egyptian lioness Goddess, and was the goddess of fire, cats, of the home, and pregnant women.

Bes - The Egyptian god of music and dance, the god of war and slaughter, and a destroying force of nature.

Buto - The Egyptian cobra-goddess who was a prominent protectress of all of Lower Egypt.

Cippi of Horus - In connection with the god Horus and his forms as the god of the rising sun and the symbol and personification of Light must be mentioned a comparatively numerous class of small rounded stelae on convex bases, on front of which are sculptured in relief figures of the god Horus standing upon two crocodiles.

Directory of Ancient Egyptian Gods - Dictionary type format with a comprehensive list of the Gods and Goddesses, by Anthony C. DiPaolo.

The Domain of Bast - Essay on the historical Bast (Bastet), the ancient Egyptian (Kemetic) goddess (Netjert), mistress of Bubastis and Eye of Her Father, Ra.

Dream's Egyptian Mythology - Sections on Isis, Osiris and Ra.

Duamutef - One of the four sons of Horus, portrayed as a mummified jackel.

Egyptian God and Goddesses - Useful descriptions, some in detail of the Gods and Goddesses of Egypt.

Egyptian Gods - Short introduction by Jake Madison.

Egyptian Gods - The Great Nine - The Great Ennead, the great nine gods of Heliopolitan cosmology, consisting of Ra, the creator god, and all descendants to his great grandchildren. Within these gods is contained all the important features of Egyptian life; i.e., the sun, the atmosphere, the earth and sky, and the underworld. These gods form not only the nucleus of power, but also a court in which is judged the trials of gods.

Egyptian Gods and Religion - Illustrated introduction from the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Egyptian Gods Description - At-a-glance table of Egyptian Gods.

Egyptian Gods: Summaries - Descriptions of the Gods in dictionary type format.

Egyptian Mythology - Overview of the main Egyptian Gods.

Egyptian Mythology - Osiris Cult - Osiris played a very important role in ancient Egypt and this carried over into the rituals and beliefs of Egyptians much later, as well. It was because of the legend of Osiris that Egyptians believed they had the right to be transformed and to live in the afterlife.

Egyptian Mythology FAQ - Information about Egyptian mythology compiled by Shawn C. Knight.

Geb - The Egyptian god of the earth.

Gods of Ancient Egypt - Fast-loading and informative, this is a good, short intro to Egyptian Mythology.

Gods of Ancient Egypt - This brief overview is meant only to explain some of the basic concepts and to introduce some of the gods - from the Egyptian Tourist authority.

Hapi - The Egyptian god of the Nile.

Hapy - One of the four sons of Horus, portrayed as a mummy with the head of a baboon.

Hathor - The horned cow-goddess of love, happiness, dance and music, and a protector of women.

Hor - Book about ancient Egypt published online. The sun-god, Re, journeys through the Underworld towards the dawn.

Horus - Falcon-headed god associated with the kings of Egypt.

Imhotep - Egyptian Patron of scribes.

Imsety - One of the four sons of Horus, portrayed as a mummified human.

Isis - The beneficial goddess and mother whose love encompassed every living creature.

Isis - Isis, though worshipped all over Egypt, was specially venerated in certain cities.

Khensu - A moon-god, and the son of Amen-Ra and Mut.

Khepera - The Egyptian god of the rising sun.

Khnemu - A principle Egyptian creator deity.

Ma'at - The Egyptian goddess of order, law, and truth.

Meretseger - The Egyptian goddess of the Valley of the Kings.

Min - A Egyptian fertility god who was believed to bestow sexual powers to all men.

Montu - The Egyptian falcon-headed god of war.

Mut - The great Egyptian world mother, and mother of the pharaohs.

Nefertem - An ancient Egyptian sun-god of Lower Egypt.

Neith - One of the oldest Egyptian goddesses.

Nekhebet - A protective Egyptian deity of the south.

Nephthys - Egyptian goddess who was the sister, and wife of Seth.

Nun - Egyptian god, portrayed as a bearded man with a blue or green body, symbolizing water and fertility.

Nut - The Egyptian goddess of the daytime sky, and wife of Geb.

Osiris - Description, history, and worship of Osiris in ancient and modern times.

Osiris - From the hieroglyphic texts of all periods of the dynastic history of Egypt we learn that the god of the dead, par excellence, was the god, whom the Egyptians called by a name which was commonly known to us as Osiris.

Osiris - The Egyptian god of the earth, and vegetation, who symbolized the cycle of drought, and flooding of the Nile.

Ptah - The chief Egyptian god of the ancient city of Memphis, and a creator god.

Qebehsenuef - One of the four sons of Horus, portrayed as a mummified falcon.

Qetesh - A goddess of Semetic origin who was regarded in Egypt as a form of Hathor, and as a Moon-goddess.

Re - The Ancient Egyptian Sun god of Annu.

Religions of the Ancient Near East: Myths and Gods - In this session you are to explore the names, characteristics, and deeds of the main gods of Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Canaan.

Satet - The Egyptian goddess of the yearly flooding of the Nile, and of fertility.

Sekhmet - The Egyptian lioness-headed goddess of war and destruction.

Selket - The Egyptian goddess of scorpions and magic.

Serapis - The Hellenistic god of the sun and the afterlife.

Seshet - The Egyptian goddess of writing and measurement, patroness of mathmatics, architecture, and record-keeping.

Seth - The Egyptian god associated with the desert and storms.

Shu - The Egyptian god of the space and light between the sky and the earth.

Sobek - The Egyptian crocodile-god, who was worshipped to placate his sacred animals (the crocodiles).

Tauret - The Egyptian hippopotamus-goddess of pregnant women and childbirth.

Tefnut - The Egyptian goddess of moisture and rain.

Temple of Isis - Information in the Goddess Isis including the Isis Knot, graphics, and prayers.

Thoth - The Egyptian ibis-headed god of wisdom and learning.

Two Approaches to an Egyptian Pantheon - This outline addresses only the first and second of the official cults of Egypt. From time to time and place to place in Egypt, one or the other of the gods or aspects of god might be advanced as the High God. The Memphite Theology predominated before about 2700 BCE, while the Heliopolitan perception predominated intermittently thereafter, by Michael Poe.