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A Beginner's Guide to Effective Email I wrote this document to try to help people to write better email. This is not a document on the mechanics of sending email. (And please don't send me email asking how to do things like add nicknames in Eudora!) This instead focuses on the content of email: how to say what you need to say. These are my personal opinions, formed by using email for the past twenty years.

FIGletsare large letters created from ordinary text "ASCII Art" by using your ordinary keyboard characters

Ciol guide to free pop3 e-mail - Things you would want to know about free pop3 email account.

Free Email Address - Reviews on free web-based email accounts.

Free Email Guide - Lists free POP/SMTP/IMAP accounts

Free POP email directory - Over 200 different free email servers. Free POP email, free web based email and more.

Free POP Mail Services - Comprehensive list of free POP3 email providers

IMAP4 Mailbox Instructions - How to set up an IMAP4 account

IOPUS Top 5 List - Ranking of free email providers that offer both, POP3 and SMTP access

Lemonland Freebie Directory - Offers a directory with free POP, SMTP and IMAP email providers

POP3 Resources - Personal homepage with infos about POP3

AltaVista - This service from AltaVista is powered by Get a forwarding email address with a name like:,,,,,, ...

AmExMail - A email service specially for Amex card holders. - Free email forwarding address at or one of a dozen sub-domains. Also offers free URL forwarding service.

ApexMail - Apexmail is a web based Free email service, with features like Forwarding, Filtering, Auto-responding. Available in English and French - provides free E-mail forwarding and URL Redirecting services to the professional Soldiers, NCOs and Officers of armies around the globe. All email received at your permanent email address is automatically forwarded to your destination email address. - The official Beer of the Internet provides free forwarding e-mail via the Mug Club. Members get chances to win free cool stuff such as shirts and hats.

Berks County Connects, Free Email - Compliment your existing email address with an easy address to remember, Free to anyone with an existing email account anywhere in the world.

Bigfoot For Life - Bigfoot provides free forwarding, filtering, redirection, distribution, anti-spam and auto-responder features. The only feature that costs money is POP3 e-mail consolidation. - Combines free homepage and email address.

Callsign.Net - If you sign up for a forwarding email account at Callsign.Net your address wil be:

Eastm@il - English, Japanese and Chinese, free multi-language e-mail service for all.

Email Forwarding Service - Shorten your long email addresses such as to - Free email service from Snap provides web-based email and forwarding.

Free email aliases - Get a free email alias (email forwarding) and a POP3 account. - Free forwarding with the domain

FriendlyEmail - Web-based, pop3 and free forwarding. Comains include,, and 50 more domains to choose from

Internet Wizardry - Free e-mail hosting with both POP and Web Based (like HotMail) retreivable and SMTP access. - Free web-based email service with free forwarding. Many interesting email addresses to choose from.

MilMail - Receive a Permanent, Military-Type, Free Email Forwarding Address with the MilMail Email Forwarding and URL Redirection Service. - A address reflects your religious beliefs, is easy to remember and stays with you as you move or change Internet Service Providers. E-mail received at your permanent address is automatically forwarded to your current e-mail account. - Prevent Spam Email! - MyEZmail provides Internet users with email security. Our free email forwarding service prevents our users from receiving junk email. - Receive a free, permanent, email forwarding and URL redirection address with the email forwarding service. - E-mail forwarding and URL redirection

Personal Mail - Pop3 and Web based email service which comes with address book, auto reply and email Forwarding features. Free Email - Free email forwarding from local AZ band Tolerance. (Free) - Free email forwarding service from

E-Omninet - Free email with POP3 and Web-Based service. File manager, address book, bookmarks, solar and lunar calendars plus event reminder and web hosting are also included in the account. - Free Email account with POP3 and web-based access, mail forwarding, gathering of mail from existing email account, address book and auto reply.

Airmill - Get the email address you always wanted ie Many more domains available. - A community site providing racing links, information, and free Pop3 accounts.

Crosswinds - Offers free POP3 e-mail account with free web hosting.

Ematic - Free POP3 email account accessible via the web.

Free Friendly Email - Friendly Email has free POP3 accounts, free web based mail and free forwarding with over 50 cool domain addresses to choose from.

Free POP3 & web based email for lovers of Mother Nature - Offers free POP3 and web based (3MB) email for those who love Ecology.

Free POP Accounts for - those who like hemp, or just want another e-mail address.

Free Pop3 Email. - Orisis.Net provides Web Hosting Services, Free Pop3 Email, Mud Hosting, Private Shell Access, Custom Servers, Custom Solutions, and Anonymous/Private Services.

Free POP E-Mail Accounts - allows you to use your favorite mail program using your free POP account.

FreeGratis POP3 - Free Pop3 email service with 14 languages and 3 different domains.

@less - @less is the solution to too many e-mail addresses. @less allows e-mail without needing a full address. becomes JohnDoe. No matter what ISP or e-mail service, that's all you need anywhere.

Macedonian Free Mail Server - Free email service which allows user to use e-mail through POP3 software and web based interface.

MyRealBox - Free 5MB mailbox with web- or POP3/IMAP based access. It is ad-free and does not ask you for any personal information when you sign up.

NewMail - Free web-based email with pop3 and web based access. Multilingual service and 5mb storge.

NFMail - Free Mail for everybody - A basic mail service with pop3 and web based access. Currently in 2 languages, English and Italiano.

Personal Mail - Pop3 and Web based email service which comes with address book, auto reply and forwarding features.

SoftHome - General internet services provider which also provides free pop3 email service.

Subdimension - Offers free anonymous pop3/imap4 email boxes.

TheMail - TheMail gives you a free POP3 e-mail account and then pays you to use it. - Free email service that provides web based and POP3 access to your account. Has a generous 20MB storage limit.

Unbounded M@il - Free Email - Free private e-mail for your business ,family and friends at Unbounded M@il. Also offers web-based service. Note: They do not support SMTP.

Web Mail - Offers free POP3 email accounts anywhere in the World.

Zxmail - Virtual Desktop - Free email service with 10 meg storage and free autoresponder. Other features includes virtual C: drive, virtual bookmark and chatroom