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Emergency Medicine

Common Simple Emergencies This site has extensive material that covers common medical emergencies of the following types: Neurologic, Ophthalmologic, Ear Nose Throat, Oral/Dental, Pulmonary/Thoracic, Gastrointestinal, Urologic, Gynecologic, Musculoskeletal, Soft Tissue, and Skin.We feel that computer technology can best serve physicians by providing rapid and inexpensive communications as well as easy, centralized access to large volumes of information and resources. While the cumulative knowledge and experience of emergency and primary care physicians is vast, this tremendous resource unfortunately remains largely untapped. Until now, it was impossible to do so. The technology is now here, however, and we feel that it's time for us to join together.By getting our pages on the WWW, we feel that we can serve our fellow physicians by providing useful collections of relevant clinical photographs, radiographs, EKG's, lectures and job opportunities in addition to timely, clinical information in a way that is very accessible and easy to update. We would also like to point to the more useful and relevant other sites on the Web.

The Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Home Page by EMBBS This is simply a must see site for anyone involved in Medicine. Contains hundreds of images. There are Clinical Reviews In Depth with excellent, detailed reviews of clinical topics form the emergency care physician.

Emergency Nursing World Welcome to what is intended to be the world's first comprehensive practice-based resource for "Emergency Nursing" and to the allied professions with which it works. I have long noticed that among the vast medical WWW resources, and the growing number of nursing and EMS resources, that there was NONE specifically identified or dedicated to the interests of an extraordinarily challenging nursing specialty.

Snakebite Emergency First-Aid Information This site provides basic information on what to do for a venomous snake bite.

Trauma BankA great collection of trauma topics. Read up on Injury Prevention, Prehospital Care, Trauma Resuscitation, Organ Specific Injury, Multiple Injury, Radiology, Trauma Anesthesia & Intensive Care and Trauma Scoring Systems.

Trauma Research Center University of Texas Houston Health Science Center

The Trauma Research Center at the University of Texas Medical School in Houston is a multi-institutional, multidisciplinary research unit supported by the NIGMS of the NIH. It is in its seventh year of operation, and currently involves the research efforts of basic and clinical scientists at the University of Texas Medical Schools in Houston and Dallas, and the University of Texas-MD Anderson Cancer Institute in Houston. The Center's major focus is to elucidate the role of the gut in the pathogenesis of multisystem organ failure.

VUMC Emergency Medicine This site can be used as a great teaching tool. Included is a Monthly X-Ray Series where you view the x-ray to make a diagnosis and then check your answer. There is also a Monthly Photographic Challenge that works in the same fashion. If you have problems with memorizing stuff be sure to check out the helpful Mnemonics section.

TRAUMA.ORG - Promotes and disseminates the knowledge and practice of injury prevention and trauma care throughout the world. Provide accurate, current information in the field of trauma, and present an interactive forum for trauma care providers throughout the globe.

Big Sky Paramedics - Big Sky Paramedics is Montanas premier Advanced Life Support provider featuring Critical Care Transport and highly trained Paramedic response. Extreme EMS photos and employment opportunity, based in Great Falls, Montana.

Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors (CORD) - The Council of Emergency Medicine Residency Directors (CORD), is a scientific and educational organization, whose main purpose is to establish and maintain high standards of excellence in emergency medicine training programs.

Emergency Medicine and Primary Care - Emergency medicine information, photo and radiology libraries, EKG library and patient simulators.

Emergency Medicine in the University of Manitoba - The Emergency Medicine residency program for the Faculty of Medicine.

Emergency Medicine Residents Association (EMRA) - EMRA is a professional society for residents (and students) in training for emergency medicine. It serves over 4500 residents and students, and is affialiated with the American College of Emergency Medicine.

Emergency Medicine Resources On The Web - Collection of medical resources for emergency medicine, primary care, and acute care. Medical search engines. Clinical and administrative tools. Medical calculators, clinical scores, tables, references, nomograms, medical journals, and medical textbooks.

Emergency Medicine Ultrasound - The principals teach noninvasive, time and cost saving ultrasound techniques for treating patients in the emergency department. Courses can be taught at your facility and are for emergency medicine and primary care physicians, and trauma surgeons. Teaching Files - Emergency medicine teaching files including case reviews, clinical pictures, questions, algorithms, a emergency medicine related discussion board, and emergency medicine related links. This site is brought to you by Carolina Care and The Palmetto Richland Memorial Hospital Emergency Medicine Program.

Fair Lawn Medical attention Center - FLMAC is an urgent care clinic serving the families of bergen and passaic counties NJ. Se habla espanol

Maritime Health, Telemedicine and Medical Advice - GMS operates 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to provide physician consultations to vessels at sea and remote locations worldwide.

National Association of EMS Physicians (NAEMSP) - The National Association of EMS Physicians(NAEMSP) represents physicians responsible for EMS programs as well as non-physicians dedicated to out-of-hospital emergency medical care.

New Hampshire Chapter, American College of Emergency Physicians - New Hampshire Chapter, American College of Emergency Physicians Emergency Medicine, Medical CME, Emergency Department news, EMS news, Emergency Nurses, Emergency Physician jobs

Patient Instruction Generator - PAIGE (Patient Instruction Generator)is a computer program which generates patient educational material and instructions for treatment and follow up. It is primarily for use in Emergency Departments. The Primary Care Database expands the use of PAIGE to outpatient settings. By Bruce Argyle, M.D. of Mad Scientist Software and Bernard M. Sklar, M.D. (Ed. note: These are smart folks and good programers. See how customization affects medical care.)

Rehoboth McKinley Emergency Department Favorite Sites - Comprehensive site for Emergency Physician and Nursing education including great links, reference material, teaching ECG's and Emergency Medical cases.

Society for Academic Emergency Medicine - The Society for Academic Emergency Medicine's (SAEM) mission is to foster emergency medicine's academic environment in research, education, and health policy.