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Employment Search Engine

America's Job Bank The U.S. Department of Labor's service for job seekers contains a huge pool of active job opportunities.

Career City 125,000+ choice job listings in primarily technical fields.

Career City Newsgroup SearchCareer City Newsgroup Search

CareerPath search this collection of U.S. newspaper want ads, but it's free.

Career Mosaic Usenet SearchWelcome to our index of over 60,000 postings daily from the top USENET newsgroups

Coolware Classifieds Electronic Job Guide SF Bay Area techies search here for full- and part-time situations.

CareerWeb Job Match Locate your next job--and someone to replace you.

E-Span Employment Database This is a very large, and very thorough job search service includes job matching for registered members.

Job Center Search Not just a database of situations, Job Center Search is also a relevancy-ranked job-matching service

Monster Board One of the best-known job search sites on the Web boasts more than 10,000 current positions. job locations

Law Journal Listings Job postings from the National Law Journal and New York Law Journal.

Newsclassifieds Employment Search Collected job listings from over 90 Australian newspapers, updated daily.

NationJob Network No-nonsense job listings in many industries from the arts to technology.