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Columbus Man and Myth

Vitus Bering - People of Alaska

James Cook: Voyage of the Endeavor

The Voyage of Francis Drake

Col. John C. Fremont

Isaac Graham, A California Mountain Man

Henry Hudson

Activated Map of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Lewis and Clark

Lewis and Clark Expedition

Dr. Livingstone: Man of Africa

Marco Polo

History of Magellan

Captain John Smith

Amerigo Vespucci

A Brief History of Taos: Introduction

Canadian Explorers

Comanche History-Part One

European Explorers

The Oregon Trail

Maritime Exploration 1497 - 1599

The Mexican War

Mountain Men and the Fur Trade

Norse Expansion into North America

Norwegian Explorers

Notable Oceanographic Expeditions

Paths of Exploration

The Search for Vinland

St. Louis Fur Trade

Library of Western Fur Trade Historical Source Documents

South Pole Exploration

A History of South Pole Exploration

The Race to the South Pole.