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Fathers' Rights Guide to Fathers' Rights - Links to site on fathers' rights and the mens' movement.

Alabama Father's Rights Association (AFR.A) - resource for divorced non-custodial parents and fathers in Alabama

Alliance for Non-Custodial Parents Rights (ANCPR) - dedicated to the promotion and preservation of the civil and human rights of non-custodial parents and their families. ANCPR promotes the reform of Family Law and supports shared parenting.

The American Coalition for Fathers and Children (ACFC) - dedicated to the creation of a family law system, legislative system, and public awareness which promotes equal rights for all parties affected by divorce.

American Coalition for Fathers and Children Missouri Coalition - dedicated to helping its members achieve the best outcome in divorce, as well as to organize our members to stand up for the rights of men to participate in the family.

Center for Children's Justice - Dedicated to protecting and preserving the inalienable rights of children to access to both parents after divorce or separation. Advocates parental responsibility in divorce or separation, the end of child custody, the end of judicial corruption and the destruction of families by family law judges.

Children and Divorce - Children need both parents - Annotated links and articles about the importance of Fathers to children and unfairness of present system of divorce in U.S.

Children Fathers Together - Children Fathers Together offers fathers rights resources and links. We believe fathers should have rights too.

Children need their Dad too - Even with joint custody for four years, it was like I had no chance in court when my ex decided to get remarried and move away with our son.

Children's Rights Council (CRC) - a national non-profit organization based in Washington, DC that works to assure children meaningful and continuing contact with both their parents and extended family regardless of the parents' marital status.

Citizens for Fathers' Rights (CFR) - advocating the rights of fathers in today's society

DAD of Tennessee, Inc. - information and research for fathers who live without their children

Dada: Father Lives - promotes active collaboration and sharing among fathers, for the children's benefit.

Dads & Divorce - This site provides an overview of the best and most useful Internet resources for divorced and divorcing fathers. Sites reviewed here are divided into one of six major categories for easy reference.

DADS Against Discrimination - National Home Office - Created by divorced, separated, and unwed fathers for the benefit of all fathers

DADS Against Discrimination - Washington State - State of Washington group, holding monthly meetings on fathers' rights issues.

DADS Canada - provides political and legal support for non-custodial parents in Canada

Dads NOW - Dads NOW is the focal point for organizing national boycotts and public protest against antifamily business and governmental practices.

Divorce Reform and the Fathers' Movement - Congressional Testimony of Ronald K. Henry, Esq. "The divorce reform movement is founded on the unshakeable belief in a simple principle: children are born with, want, love, and need two parents."

Divorced Dads Page - for divorced fathers who have encountered grave injustice in the Family Law issues due to the blindness of the Canadian Justice System.

The Domestic Rights Coalition - Protecting Mens and Fathers Rights - The Domestic Rights Coalition has been helping men and fathers protect their rights with

Ex-fathers - a group of people concerned about and active in correcting the abuse of fathers in marital separation

The Family Forever Project - Really pretty site with very little content.

Fatherhood Initiative - Initiative sponsored by the US Department of Health and Human Services.

F.A.T.H.E.R.S. - Fixing the Custody and Child Support Systems - Petitions, proposals, legislative language and letters for the reform of the family law system, including divorce, child support, custody and (false) abuse filings.

Fathers Are Capable Too (FACT) - Canadian fathers' and children's rights organization dealing with custody and access which supports children's right to have a relationship with both parent.

Fathers Are Parents Too (FAPT) - Georgia-based non-profit coalition of fathers, mothers, grandparents and others, working to ensure the rights of children to have a loving, nurturing relationship with both of their parents and their families.

Fathers Battling Injustice in Canada - A political action group in the Southern Ontario area.

The Fathers Group, Inc. - Mission Statement: To promote policies and educate the public about child welfare, the benefits of shared parenting, and the importance of the father-child relationship.

Fathers' Rights and Equality Exchange - a member-supported, not-for-profit organization dedicated to the premise that parenting is a 50/50 proposition.

Fathers Rights Association of NYS - The offical web site of the Fathers Rights Association of New York State. Working to keep fathers and their children togeather.

Fathers Rights Helpline - A national organization dedicated to helping fathers who have been falsely accused, and whose staff is proficient in handling difficult child and spousal abuse cases

Fathers' Rights Info - Divorce, custody and unmarried parents' rights laws summarized. Divorce, custody and other forms exclusively available at our site. Document preparation available online.

Father's Rights Network - Extensive links to Father's Rights resources.

Fathers' Rights Newsline - Serving divorced and separated fathers, their second families and their parents.

A Father's Voice - Equal Rights for Non-Custodial Parents -It's time for change in Family Law, Help spread the word of the continuing abuses of the Family Court System - A system that is creating deadbeat dads

F.R.A.L.I. - A specific divorce web site providing information for people facing and experiencing divorce or separation.

Guidelines for separating parents - Introduction For the great majority of children there is no doubt that their interests will be best served by efforts to sustain links with their natural families. Contact, in the sense of personal visits and meetings will generally be the most common and, for both parent and child, the most satisfactory way of maintaining their relationship.

Kids Need Dads Too - Dedicated to a son lost to hatred. One father's story.

Men, Fathers, and Children International - a coalition in which the many movements, previously working alone, can now conjoin to actively challenge and change a system that has become responsible for the destruction of the family, the alienation of parent from child and has sought to undermine the social and economic balance between men and women.

Men's Divorce Help Center - publishes Men's Divorce Survival Guides which contain tactics and strategies on child custody assessments, assistance in finding and managing your lawyer, how to protect your assets, interest and save you lots of money in legal fees.

Men's Educational Support Association (MESA) - a registered charitable organization whose main objective is to help families, fathers and children caught in the turmoil of domestic crisis.

The National Association For Fathers

The National Fatherhood Initiative - The mission of the NFI is to improve the well-being of children by increasing the number of children growing up with loving, committed and responsible fathers.

Non-custodial Parent and Grandparent Organization - Non-custodial parenting group supporting the best interest of the child as having joint legal and physical custody. Numerous documents and links.

The Official Fathers' Manifesto Web Site

Papa' Separati - Italian Association for the protection of children in separation and divorce.

Parental Rights - A Story - Story of my divorce, custody and child support.

Paul Robertson's Web Page - personal site about the family court in New Zealand and ar, personal experiences with the system in relation to access, custody, and adoption issues.

Philadelphia Chapter of FACE - services provided for non-custodial parents and extended families in Pennsylvania and New Jersey

Promoting Responsible Fatherhood - VeV Hotlist - A very good site about fatherhood and many links to other good places to go

Shared Parenting Forum - Shared Parenting Forum Welcomes You To The Virtual Conference on Parenting Arrangements After Parental Separation

The Single and Custodial Father's Network (SCFN) - member supported non-profit organization, dedicated to fathers who meet the challenge of custodial parenthood.

SoS Papa Net - Large association of fathers in France for Rights of Fathers and Children

Stu's Fathers' Rights Page - A page offering support, legal research and Pro Se assistance and many links for and to fathers.

Susan Buchert's Home Page - A resource center for caring, divorced parents and the children they love.

Texas Fathers for Equal Rights - provides assistance for members in resolution of their pre and post divorce problems.

United Fathers Forum - "Our mission is to live with integrity and make a difference in the lifes of our children and all fellow beings"

United Fathers of America - UFA assists fathers with custody issues associated with defacto relationships.

United Fathers of the Southern Tier - United Fathers of the Southern Tier help fathers become better fathers. We help in court, custody, and parenting issues.

Women For Fatherhood - WFF is a grassroots women’s organization dedicated to fighting for the rights of non-custodial parents and their second families.

World-Wide Divorced Parents Website

Yahoo Club - dadsinfamilycourt - Pro-active fathers and allied women, seeking to address the legal, ethical, and sociological problems in Family Law.

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