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Feline Breed Information


Western Abyssinian Cat Club maintained by
SABRE National Somali/Abyssinian Breed Rescue & Education



What is a Balinese?


KitznKatz Bengals Bengals breeder


Birman Home Page Links, descriptions, and FAQ about the Birman cat breed


Bombay FAQ



Chantilly FAQ


Chartreux FAQ

Colorpoint Shorthair

Colorpoint Shorthair Kyrandia Cats, breeders of Colorpoint Shorthairs and Cornish Rex.

Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex Kyrandia Cats, breeders of Colorpoint Shorthairs and Cornish Rex.
Vanrinkl Cornish Rex PageVanrinkl Cats, breeders of Cornish Rex Cats.

Exotic Shorthairs

Lady Godiva Cattery Persian, Himalayan and Exotic Shorthair Breeders in San Francisco.



Himisuluv Cat Page Himalayan breeder in Surrey, BC, Canada.

Japenese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail Page


What is a Javanese?



Korat FAQ


Maine Coon

Maine Coon FAQ
Ambar Cattery Maine Coon breeders in San Francisco
Cattery CoCooning All about Maine Coons
The Maine Reason Maine Coon Cattery and FAQ


Manx FAQ


Norwegian Forest Cat

Norwegian Forest Cat
Norwegian Forest Cat Fanciers Assoc.
Maineline Norwegian Forest Cats - Breeder



Ocicat FAQ

Oriental Longhair

What is an Oriental Longhair?

Oriental Shorthair

Algebra Cattery Breeders of Oriental Shorthairs & Siamese



Allure Cattery specialize in white, shaded silver and golden, and chinchilla Persians.
Bellas Persian Cattery in Gladbeck, Germany
LeBordo Persian Cattery Cattery specializing in Solids, smokes. and parti-colors in Kettering, OH.
Pojo's Persians



Ragdoll Connection Network Includes breed history, interactive bulletin board and Q&A, healthcare articles and nutritional tips, and true stories about life with a Ragdoll. Consult our Breeder Referral System for Qualified, dedicated, and committed breeders.
Ragdoll FAQ
Ragdoll Rescue
Homespun Ragdolls breeders of Ragdoll kittens


Behrfoot Cattery Breeding RagaMuffin cats


Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold FAQ


Selkirk FAQ written by Lorraine Shelton, President, Selkirk Rex Breed Club (CFA)


Traditional Siamese FAQ
Algebra Cattery Breeders of Oriental Shorthairs & Siamese


Somali FAQ
Somali Cat Page a 'meeting place' for Somali-lovers, owners and breeders
SABRE Somali/Abyssinian Breed Rescue & Education SABRE in Illinois


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Health & Maintenance
EMS and Veterinary Medicine
Artwork, learning and reference materials, Q & A with a Dr.: a full-compliment veterinary resource.

How to Toilet Train Your Cat
Informative and humorous

Feline Chronic Renal Failure Information Center
Medical information and support for owners of cats with CRF

Ks. State U. Pet Health Articles
Cool site with news updates

Sylvia's New Hope
13 year old silver tabby who is recovering from cancer surgery. Provides facts on Post Vaccination Fibrosarcomas, a cancer that is the direct result of vaccinations.


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Bad Kitty/Bad Human List
A list of phrases cat owners should get their naughty pets to write on a blackboard a la Bart Simpson

Kitty Lick 3
Humorous video game mockery (ala Doom) with lethargic cats

Stop Kitty Pron
This subversive hilarity is brought to you by The Corporation.

Stupid Pet Photos
This "gallery of the absurd" is getting HUGE


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The Cat Page
Featuring "carousels" of cat images

Litterpan Alley
Featuring the amazing live litterpan cam!

Lucky Black Cat's Home Turf
Pics, links, missing child info, and more.

Monday, the meditative cat
Photos, animations & celestial art


General Feline Information