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Flower Essences  

Flower Essences: World Wide Essence Society    - Flower essences, as well as fruit, gem, environmental, and light essences; education opportunities; resource list; articles; links; and more ...

New Bach Flower Therapies    - Non-commercial, well-organized site in several languages. Articles, body maps, production information, literature, biography of Dr. Edward Bach, links.

Aloha Flower Essences - The original developers of native Hawaiian flower essences- over 70 botanical species. Also Myst Essences, book, consultations, seminars, and more.

Bach First Aid Remedies for Domestic Pets - by Sally Hamilton. Introduction to using Bach remedies for pets, which to use and what to watch out for.

Bach Flower Essences : Alicia Sirkin - Internationally certified Bach Flower Essence Practitioner, Author & Lecturer, Alicia Sirkin guides you to the appropriate selection of flower essence combinations based upon your needs for a multidimensional healing approach.

Bach flower remedies - A completely new look at Dr Bach's work in the use of flower remedies for healing with Anna Jeoffroy

Bach Flower Remedies and FES Flower Essences: A Resource Guide - Bach Flower Remedies and FES Flower Essences are for emotional healing and personal empowerment. Flower Essence Consultations. Articles about Bach Flower Remedies and FES Flower Essences.

Cipora Rekrut - offers authentic partnership in cooperation with the ancient ways - past, present and future. psychic/healer/flower remedies - practioner - clairvoyant consultations

Dr. Edward Bach Centre - Mount Vernon, England - The Bach Centre home page: huge amounts of information about Dr. Edward Bach and the Bach Flower Remedies, including educational opportunities and publications.

Flower Essence Society - Flower essence research, education, publications and member networking. Founded in 1979 to promote plant research and empirical clinical research on the therapeutic effects of flower essences.

Flower Essences - Flower Essences tips, books and websites.

Flower Essences - Very good introduction to what flower essences are all about and the main types available.

Flower Essences - Flower Essences: Medicine For the 21st Century by Ricardo Milberg (An InnerSelf Magazine article) Judgment play a big part in our lives, so much that we are not even aware most of the time that we are judging.

Flower Essences for Cats, Dogs, and Other Animals - In our flower essence consultation practice we've often been asked to recommend flower essences for people's companion animals. The principles involved are similar as those involved in recommending flower essences for humans

Flower Essences, Gem Elixirs and Vibrational Healing - Describes the healing properties of specific flowers and gems

Flower Essences: Nature's Healing Soul - These simple and nontoxic therapies restore inner harmony By Ziporah Hildebrandt. Article from Nutrition Science News Feb 1998

Flower Essences Pharmacy - Information on flower essence as well as essences from more than 60 international flower essence developers.

Flower Essences: What are they? - Flower Essences are a fascinating and powerful way to work with plants for healing. Working with herbs themselves, as extracts of various kinds or as food sources, uses the chemical components of the herbs as well as their vital energies

Jenny B's Flower & Crystal Essences Info Page - Objective and unbiassed information about flower and crystal essences and vibrational healing, regularly updated with various essence companies featured, includes many links, both essence related and spiritual

Sunflower's Cafe - Information about nutrition and flower essences, particularly their effects on emotions.

Vibration Magazine: The Journal of Vibrational/Flower Essences - A publication of the World Wide Essence Society.