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Ghosts and Monsters


Bob's Ghost Museum - A paranormal site loaded with ghost photos and compelling evidence of their existence. Author's book, Real Ghosts of South Florida is discussed.

Buge's Ghosts - Ghost photos, stories, links and many more supernatural and unexplained stuff.

Buggsy and Muggsy's Ghost Patrol - A fun and informative site to all things ghost -ie. Ghost stories, ghost photos, paranormal information and more.

Caro's Angel Corner - Angels, Earth Changes, Disaster Preparedness, Poetry, Prophecy and more ....

Central Ohio Paranormal Research - Research and investigations on haunted places in Ohio and around the U.S. ghost photos, tales ghostly links.

Emhaunts Paranormal Consulting - We are a paranormal Dear Abby/question answerer.We also have a True Ghost Stories? section.

Face in the Mirror: Bloody Mary... - A comprehensive look at the origin and legends of Bloody Mary (aka Mary Worth, etc.), the ghost or witch who shows up in the mirror when you call her name.

Faces in the night - A source of ghost photos and information on ghost hunting. Also contains The ROOM for the dead with lots of fun links and the Shrines to horror movies.

Finnish Poltergeists - 50 famous Finnish poltergeists are described. The time span of the incidents goes back to the year 1764.

Ghost Links from World Famous Links - Ghost links and ghost animations. Paranormal strange hauntings funny ghost animations Haunted castles places to see ghosts and more from World Famous Links..

Ghost Master - Ghost photo gallery, information ghosts and orbs.

Ghost Tours - Do you believe in ghosts? Join Jack Sim on a bus or walking tour, participate in a haunted sleep over, or organise a haunted dinner. Based in Brisbane, Australia.

Ghosts and Hauntings - Information on ghosts, apparations, ghost ships and vehicles, poltergeists, and other info.

Ghosts and Other Haunts - Featuring NZ and Australia ghosts, British ghosts, Irish ghosts and photographs and ghost stories.

Ghosts of Key West - The Ghost Tours & The Ghosts Book - Great new illustrated book from the leading authority on the haunted happenings on the island of bones. Also nightly Ghost Tours of the locations in the book. Book tells the story of the 13 most infamous non-living residents of Key West. The macabre side of the Southernmost Point revealed.

Ghosts of N. Portland - Favorite and famous hauntings of N. Portland, OR.

GhostSeeker - Dedicated to REAL ghosts, includes photo's, true stories and much more. - A portal site featuring paranormal research, stories, and evidence. Haunted locations, people, and places are researched and presented in detail.

Ghosts Of The Prairie: American Ghosts And Hauntings - Explore the haunted history of America with author Troy Taylor and the American Ghost Society.