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Games Search Engines

Shareware Com

A software library of over 210,000 files that covers shareware, freeware, demos, games, drivers, and updates for most computing platform.

Games Domain

They say if you can't find it here, you haven't looked hard enough. Includes gaming hints, cheats, patches, contests, and an extensive system of links for game developing, downloads, and info on favorites from Doom to Duck-Duck-Goose.

Computer Gaming World

This popular PC gaming magaizine includes news, reviews, and shareware. Search this archive of back issues for the scoop on your favorite pastime.


The gateway to two gaming mags were you will find tricks and tips on both video and computer games for today's screenager. Search through their site or selected other gaming authorities.

Happy Puppy Games

It is said that people who know gaming know about Happy Puppy. Browse their downloads, reviews, hints, and cheats on your own or send their search puppy fetching.

Funhouse Index

A collected of Web games here for that immediate gaming fix as well as downloadable fun for all.

GamePenOne of the preferred gaming sites on the Net featureing an assortment of "yet-to-be-released" video game demos, game cheats, and one of the cleanest searches yet! 

Spoiler CentreLook here for the key to getting your initials enshrined in the gaming hall of fame and gaming solutions for those of you still trying to make it to the next level. 

Game CabinetA Net source for family and strategy games info, reviews, and rules.