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Gay Lesbian Bisexual Activism

Amnesty International UK GLBT Network - A network within Amnesty International UK whose members share a particular interest in raising awareness of and campaigning against human rights violations based on sexual orientation.

Chris Morris - The unofficial site dedicated to the work of Chris Morris: gay rights activist and writer in the UK.

Equality Alliance - Alliance of LGBT campaigning groups in the UK

Equality Network - Scotland's national LGBT campaigns group. EN works through a campaign network of groups and individuals, to facilitate and catalyse equality campaigns.

Gay is Okay - An essay arguing for equality. Includes guestbook and chat room.

LAGER: Lesbian And Gay Employment Rights - A voluntary organisation advising lesbians and gay men with employment problems

Leicester lesbian and gay action - A site containing material on work for equality under criminal law, on work to make schools safe and supportive as well as local information, lots of links and resources for teachers and youth.

Outrage! - London-based direct action group fighting for queer emancipation.

Stonewall - London-based lobbying group working for lesbian and gay equality.

YouthSpeak - National campaigning group for young lesbians and gay men demanding equal rights.