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Geography - Geography - Weekly articles and quizzes about geography, annotated links to hundreds of sites, a free email newsletter, a chat room and forum devoted to geography, and much more.

Ancient Geography - Brief introduction to the origins of Geography.

Cultural Profiles Project - In-depth information about the cultures in different countries, from Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Cyber-Geography Research - A WWW resource list given pointers to a wide range of information on the geographies of the Internet, WWW and cyberspace

3D Atlas Online - You'll find the best research links for every country, timely world news, the coolest free downloads, and a Geographic Glossary.

Dale Lightfoot's Virtual Cultural Geography Lesson - a gallery of pictures covering many aspects of cultural geography.

The Degree Confluence Project - The Degree Confluence Project contains photographs of the intersections of integer latitude and longitude degree lines.

E-Conflict World Encyclopedia - Cultural infomation on each country in the world.

E-scapes home page - Electronic Resources for the Study of Ancient Landscapes

Directions Magazine - An online publication devoted to extensive coverage of the geodemographic and GIS industry.

Alambina GIS and Remote Sensing Links - Another resource of GIS sites.

Department of Cartography - Institute of Geography, Polish Academy of Sciences.

The Geographer's Craft Project - Global positioning system Overview, written by Peter H. Dana.

Geomatics In Canada - Directory of various GIS companies in Canada, in addition to a job board.

Geoplace - Website of multiple GIS and business related publications.

GIS Cafe - A resource for GIS professionals.

GIS FAQ - Frequently asked questions answered by the U.S. Census Bureau.

The GIS Notebook - Bill Thoen, a longtime contributor to Geo World (formerly known as GIS World) has put together a very complete list of GIS sites.

GIS Portal - A GIS resource with about 650 links. - 1,700 links of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) websites. Web site provides a large list of job, resume and data resources, in addition to recent GIS news.

Harvard GIS Users Group - Provides a lecture series, meetings, training workshops, and discussions on the gis@harvard server. Good list of links.

Internet Parcel Look Up System (iPLUS) - The iPLUS allows visitors to locate parcel data for a number of municipalities in VA and NC, using a web-based GIS to query smart maps and data tables.

Map Facts - Mapping resources and FAQs about GIS.

MapDawg's GIS - Links to maps, spatial data, and other items related to geography

USGS - Introduction to GIS, by U.S. Geological Survey.

Geo-Globe Interactive Geography - Test your geographic knowledge on this online game and quiz site. Contians geographic web resources that allow you to explore world geography in greater detail.

Geographic Learning Site - Geography site with maps, geographic news, country information, flags, geography facts, and more. - Learn about world geography, climate, countries, people, maps, flags and much more. Intended for elementary through junior high school students.

Geography Links - Web directory of general geography links provided by the University of Northern Iowa.

Geography Resource Center - Internet Resources for Geographers

Geography Resources on the Internet - An ever expanding list of links to geography resources on the Web.

Geography World - A massive collection of links on all aspects of geography.

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names - Compiled by the Getty Research Institue, TGN is a structured vocabulary developed primarily for the field of art history, but can be used in any in many other applications. The thesaurus contains nearly 1 million place names representing approximately 900,000 places.

GIS and Mapping Links - Links to Geography, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and Mapping sites on the internet. All links are verified every month.

Information Please: Geography Resource - Geographic facts, lists, and statistics, including highest mountains, longest rivers, latitudes and longitudes, and explorations and expeditions.

Map Quiz - Map and Geography Trivia - Map and Geography trivia game. Questions include countries, U.S. States, capitals and flags.

Megamaps-Walk through the Continents! - FREE-print out maps of various sizes, up to 7 feet across, on an ordinary PC printer. World or US maps can be printed. They can be used to learn mountains and rivers, to trace historic journeys, to draw, make or color as you learn about the US or the world.

Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport - Mr. Dowling's Electronic Passport is an online geography class where students journey through time and space. Discover different people and cultures and further your study by following links.

National Imagery and Mapping Agency (NIMA) - A combat support agency of the Department of Defense. Established by the National Imagery and Mapping Agency Act of 1996, NIMA has a global mission and unique responsibilities to manage and provide imagery and geospatial information to national policy makers and military forces.

The START Natural Language Question Answering System - Come check out our demos and ask our systems questions in English! The MIT InfoLab Group develops intelligent interactive software systems that help people access information and solve problems on human terms.

Traveleye - General information from around the world.

US Census Bureau Geography - Mapping products and services, as well as geography resources used to compile the US Census.

US State Department - Dependencies and Areas of Special Sovereignty - Listing of nations recognized by the US government.

US State Department - Independent States of the World - Independent states with diplomatic relations with U.S. and member of UN. Country capitals, names, and more.

The Web of Culture - About cross-cultural communication. Also provides eneral geographic and social education on foreign nations and cultures, for preparation for visits from foreign countries.

Where? - An online geography games and quiz site.

World Geography by Regions - Internet resources for geography education.

World Wide Web Virtual Library - Geography - Web directory of resources in Geography, including educational links.

Xpeditions @ - Explore a virtual museum and a wealth of teaching resources.

Your own language and country - Information and links about all countries: tourism, dictionaries, search engines, life and religion.