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Gulf War

Gulf war LINK - the official information service providing declassified documents with potential relevance to the illnesses affecting Gulf War Veterans.

Advanced Techniques For Overcoming CFS, FMS, and GWS - resources for people dealing with Chronic Fatigue, Gulf War, and Fibromyalgia Syndromes.

Burning Semen Syndrome - research for Gulf War Syndrome.

ChronicIllnet: Gulf War Syndrome - provides scientific and medical literature on the disorder.

Clinical Trials Gulf War Syndrome - information on two new VA and DoD sponsored clinical trials conducted in San Diego by the Naval Health Research Center.

Frontline: Last Battle of the Gulf War - an absorbing, close-up look at the history and politics behind 'Gulf War Syndrome,' examining the key scientific and medical issues and showing why scientists conclude stress is the most likely explanation.

Gulf War Syndrome and Treason - complete discussion of Gulf War Syndrome, including its symptoms, possible origins, and the U.S. Government's involvement in biological warfare.

Gulf War Syndrome Chronology

Gulf War Syndrome Skeptic's page - essays and links to sites critical of claims made by veterans and veteran groups.

Ally to Adversary - An Eyewitness Account of Iraq's Fall from Grace - Book on U.S.- Iraqi relations written by a Gulf war veteran and retired intelligence officer.

Army Research Lab - FTP directory of photos - An FTP Index ( of various images.

BBC News | Road To The Brink - An ongoing coverage of the Persian Gulf Crisis

The Big Sandbox - Desert Shield/Storm information page by a Desert Storm tank gunner.

Black Defenders of the Persian Gulf War Desert Shield-Desert Storm - By Robert Ewell Greene - Book offer.

Brief Overview of Persian Gulf War - Summary of events before during and after the war, from an Iraqi perspective. Described through various articles, pictures, audio and video samples.

'A' Co., 4th LSB/6th Motors, NSPS, Seattle -USMC | Persian Gulf War | Desert Storm - A personal account of the Persian Gulf War / Desert Storm from a Seattle based USMC Motor Transport unit. Emphasis on photos and related war links.

Desert Storm Etcetera - The experiences of Desert Kate in the Persian Gulf War with the US Army's 3d Armored Spearhead Division.

Desert Storm Gallery - Gumball Productions - Desert Storm Photo Gallery. - Thorough information about all aspects of the war.

FAS Military Analysis Network - Operation Desert Storm - Operation Desert Storm research and statistical information

Fog of War - In-depth analysis of Gulf War along with photos and videos. From the Washington Post.

Fratricide at Umm Hajul - A Desert Storm Friendly Fire Incident and Cover Up.

From Green Bay to the Persian Gulf - The official history of the 432nd Civil Affairs Company during the Gulf War including magazine articles, diaries, personal letters, & photos.

The Gulf War - A brief history of the Gulf War with animated maps, photos and links.

The Gulf War - Complete Gulf War Information.

Gulf War chronicles - Day by Day chronological account of war 1/91 - 3/91

The Gulf War Debriefing Book - Thorough, extensive Gulf War information (and book offer).

Gulf War: Excerpts from Alex & Mary's Diary - A chronology of the main events in Iraq's confrontation with the UN since 1991 Gulf War.

Gulf War Experiences - Personal Army homepage of a vet. Gulf War information.

Gulf War History Resources - Comprehensive Gulf War History Resources (Links)

Gulf War Timeline

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages - Comprehensive information in support of Persian Gulf War Veterans. Photo Gallery, Discussion Forums, Personal Accounts, Chat, Locator Database.

Gulf War Veterans of Wisconsin - An organization to inform and assist vets from Wisconsin.

The Gulf War Veterans Resource Links - A vast listing of related information on Desert Storm and Gulf War Illness.

Heroes of the Desert Remembered - Dedication page to all the US Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who gave their life during Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

The Hook Locker - Personal home page of Patrick Payne - US Navy Desert Storm Veteran

Modern Television - The Iraq Campaign 1991 - The Lighter Side of the war. A Humorous report on the irony of watching the war unfold on the evening news with corporate sponsorship.

MSU - Persian Gulf War/Operation Desert Storm - The Historical Text Archive from Mississippi State University including several war diaries.

Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm Association - Veteran & Family Issues. Provides an archival and support organization for the participants of the Gulf War.

Operation Desert Shield / Desert Storm Association On-Line - A non-profit organization providing assistance to Gulf War Veterans, their families, civilians, and Active Duty military members.

PBS Frontline: The Gulf War - An in-depth examination of the Gulf War. Includes interviews, maps, chronology, images, first hand accounts by pilots and soldiers, audio clips and transcripts.

Persian Gulf Veterans Coordinating Board - Fact Sheet - Established Jan 94 to work to resolve the health concerns of Persian Gulf veterans.

Persian Gulf War (1991) - - links collection by Canadian Forces College

Poli 378 - The Gulf War - Poli 378 - The Persian Gulf War - The US Army's 1st Brigade, 3rd Armored Division in Desert Storm.

Rec.Humor.Funny - Gulf War Jokebook - For those with a sense of humor. A Gulf War collection of jokes.

Robin J Lee's page - Data on the Desert Storm Air Campaign

Ronald A. Hoskinson's Gulf War Photo Gallery - Personal photos and diary from Desert Shield and Desert Storm.

Sandy's Army Page - Homepage of Sandy Bonchin who went to Desert Storm as part of the Ohio Army National Guard.

Saudimedic - The paramedic work of James Wengenroth in the Gulf War, Saudi Arabia, and the war in Afghanistan.

Stefan's Gulf War Page - Stefan Oestreicher's Gulf War Diary - USAF Aircraft Maintenance Officer

Task Force Papa Bear - Homepage with various Desert Storm info and links.

807th MASH (Mobile Army Surgical Hospital) - The Gulf War website of the US Army's 807th MASH - Paducah, Kentucky.

838th MP Company - The 838th Military Police Co. page (Ohio Army National Guard) - Youngstown, OH.

Tim's Desert Storm Photo Album - Personal Gulf War homepage - US Army, 1644th Transportation Company

Tribute to Desert Storm Vets - A brief overview of the duties each branch of the Armed Forces had.

War in the Persian Gulf - Desert Shield Blues - A personal home page and music offer.

Weasel's on Target - Weasel's site dedicated to the McDonnell Douglas F-4G Wild Weasel, the Persian Gulf War, and PERSCO (Personnel Support for Contingency Operations).

West Point Iraqi Invasion Map - Map of the invasion of Kuwait produced by the US Military Academy.

West Point Liberation of Kuwait Map - Operation Desert Storm shown in a map from the US Military Academy.

BBC: Texts and Transcripts - Clinton, Blair, and Kofi Annan's speeches. (December 17, 1998)

Transcript of Clinton Announcement of Military Strikes - From NPR (US). (December 16, 1998)

The Mistakes of the Gulf War - Article by Jim Marshel - 3/98. The Survival of a Regime. (March 13, 1998)

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists-The Gulf War: Not so clean. - Article by George Lopez - 9/91 (September, 1991)

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists-The Gulf War: Cleanly Fought - Article by Nicholas G. Fotion - 9/91 (September, 1991)

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists-...and the dirty little weapons - Article by Paul F. Walker with Eric Stambler - 5/91 (May, 1991)

AF Medic's Gulf War Homepage - The pages of a Gulf War Veteran that was on the ground during the War. Stationed with 1st Bde/3AD.

The Bedouin Papers - A site with an altenative point of view on the war in the Gulf. C co, 2/327 Inf. 101st Airborne (AASLT). No Slack!

Desert Storm 90/91 - Desert Storm pics and memories also a Salute to Veterans with a Special Salute to Fallen Marines of Desert Storm.

Desert Storm Etcetera - This site is about my experiences in the Persian Gulf War

Desert Storm Journal & Photo Gallery - This site contains: a Marine's G-Day Journal, Photos from the Desert, Online Buddy locator and links to other Persian Gulf War Sites.

The Desert Truckers' Homepage - It is dedicated to the Truck Drivers in Operations Desert Shield/Storm. It isn't solely focused on the Numerous Truck Drivers in the Kuwaiti Theatre of Operations.

Eric's Gulf War Gallery - Gulf War veterans information and Battlestar Galactica revival site.

The Fire Direction Center - A Marine's Gulf War Homepage

From Green Bay to the Persian Gulf - The official history of the 432nd Civil Affairs Company during the Gulf War.

Joe Miller's Gulf War Web Site - A Gulf War Veteran homepage. Links to resources and a neat poem ... Soldier

Joe's Garage and Homepage - Photographs of planes from the 4404TH WING (P) from Al Kharj AB, Saudi Araba during operation Desert Storm. Site has additional Air Force photos and images.

Sandy's Army Page - A National Guard Soldier's Desert Storm Experience.

The SaudiMedic Homepage - This web site deals with the overseas paramedic work of James Wengenroth. It will deal with the Gulf War, Jubail, Saudi Arabia, the war in Afghanistan and Freedom Medicine.

The V Man's Home Page - Personal web page of The V-Man, a marine veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm.