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Hair Care

African American Hairstyles - Hairstyles for all hair lengths and textures, short hair to long hair, curly hair to straight hair, braids, afros, dred locks, relaxed, pressed, blowdried or natural hair.

The Black Haircare Network - This site is devoted to providing women of color with information about issues concerning black hair care. An ongoing discussion forum is available to share infomation among visitors.

Dreadlocks dreads instructions for starting dreadlocks at Dread Head HQ - Dreadlocks Dreads Full step by step instructions for starting growing and maintaining dreadlocks !

Ebene Naturals - A line of 100% natural hair care products for black hair and skin care products ideal for everyone.

Head Shaver's Information and FAQ - Dedicated to those that aspire to hairlessness. Want to shave your head? This is one place for information and suggestions on ways to become bald by choice.

The Long Hair Site - Tips on taking care of long hair, and styles. 

Allexperts Hair Styling Q&A - Volunteer experts answer your detailed one-on-one questions about hair styling and hair care for free.

Ask the Hair Guru - Ask the Hair Guru; is an easy to use free service of

Hair 911 - Quick and easy answers for hair problems and hair emergencies.

Hair News Com - Easy to use reference site serving consumers and professionals with free, reliable, information.

Hair problems - Get help to your daily hair problems and have your hair tested.

Hair Stylist Resource Center - A resource and reference site for hair stlists and other cosmetology professionals.

HairDos - Searchable database of hair styles. - Locate hair salons, beauty salons and hair stylists. Hair styles, hair style tips, photos including black hair styles, women's and men's hair styles. 

Snip Magazine - Snip is an international magazine dedicated to Hairstylists, hair salon clients and new hair salon owners. We offer advice on hair styles, education and finance and more.

Taming Our Black Hair - An informative personal perspective on hair care for the African-American woman. Free hair care tips & advice for a beautiful and healthy head of hair.

Trichorrhexis - Medical condition in which the hair tends to break and split.

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