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All About Herbs

Harvard University Herbaria

Henriette's Herbal Homepage

Herbal Sage

Herbs and aromas: uses, properties - Herbs and medicinal plants properties and uses. Description on how to prepare home made herbal remedies, capsules, perfumes, flavored oils and cosmetics. Wonderful information and links; well organized and download-friendly.

Herbs and Their Magical Properties - A discourse on herbs and how they are used. Also several different herb usages.

Herbal Touch

American Botanical Council/Directory

American Herbalists Guild


Herb Research News

Herbs and Spices


Herb Web Page

Howie Brounstein's Home Page

Linda's Herbal House

Richters Herbs

Spices and Herbs for the Home Garden

Air Fire Water Earth - Information in relation to herbs, magickal uses, elemental properties, preparations,planting guide, magickal intentions and moon planting guide.

Allexperts Herbs Q&A - Volunteer experts answer your detailed one-on-one questions about the uses of herbs for free!

Alternative Ways with Debbie Rye - Alternative medicines, using natural herbs and supplements, and Dowsing for allergies, health problems and Geopathic Stress.

American Herbalists Guild Website - AHG is a non-profit, educational organization to represent the goals and voices of herbalists.

Bioforce - Edu-commercial site with information and an online magazine in herbal medicine. Home Page - Highly informational/educational web site with links to articles, reference materials, conversion tables, and a word search engine for _A Modern Herbal_ by Mrs. M. Grieve, pub. 1931. Online surveys and petitions.

Database of Herbal Remedies - A listing of dozens of herbal remedies designed to help you explore the potential health benefits of herbs while steering clear of possible risks.

Elchai's Herbal Remedies & Lore - Regularly updated with articles on herbs, health issues, recipes, and ceremonies.

Essiac Information Site - All aspects of essiac information covered, including controversial issues, scams, marketer ethics, product prices and recipes.

Family Care Clinic - Offers home remedies and herbal beauty products.

Garden of the Moon - Information on diseases and disorders, along with a message board, herbs, and astrology.

Ginseng Potency - Information and recommendations on ginseng.

Guide to Supplemental Medicine - An edu-commercial guide to supplemental medicine, created by physicians.Includes reviews of herbs, vitamins, nutritional supplements, and other alternative medicine remedies.

Health and Nutrition - Information site on preventative health, herbal medicine, nutrition, alternative medicine.

Health Center for Better Living - Herbs and Better Living Formulas

Health Promotions International Pty Ltd - Ross Gardiner Medicines from Nature - herbal medicines and food supplements

Healthy Village | Custom Herbals - creates herbals you want in one convenient formula tailored to your needs

The Herb Index - An online guide for herbs and supplements, includes scientific names and contra-indications.

Herb Info Canada - Information about the cultivation, wildcrafting and the use of medicinal plants.

Herb Myths - From the Tufts University Health & Nutrition Letter. The United States Pharmacopeia (USP) is studying the effects of herbal remedies, and has some reports available online.

The Herb Network - The Herb Network is a membership organization founded in 1995 by Kathleen O'Mara for people interested in herbs.

Herbal AIDS cure - Read the testimony from an AIDS patient who was cured with herbal formulations.

The Herbal Bookworm - Herbal book reviews by Jonathan Treasure.

Herbal Hall - Home of The Professional Herbalists Discussion List and Online Herbal Library. Ad-free and non-commercial, site provide sources for approved herb/health products.

Herbal Information Bible - Non-profit site informing the public on the proper usage of herbs, learn how to choose proper herbs, create recipes, from teas to body creams and more

The Herbal Nexus - Herbs, their uses, folklore, some medical info, photos, and a bookstore.

HerbCraft Herbal Network - Links to information, growers and suppliers.

HerbNET - A list of Herbal Educational Links.

Herbs and Prayer - Combines herbology with prayer, spiritual intent, and Sacred Ceremony for healing.

Herbs For Health - Weekly features and extras, product and book reviews, free newsletter, chat and bulletin board.

Herbs Herbals - Good information on individual herbs and index to ailments. Useful and informative. - Community of herbal enthusiasts, beginners to experts, to share knowledge on herbs.

Hypericum & Depression - Welcome to the Hypericum (St. John's Wort)

Inner Self Magazine - Herbs and their Uses - A dictionary of herbs with their source, their content and their use. In alphabetical order from alfalfa to yucca. - online guide for herbs and supplements

Juniper & Sage - Informative site for the budding herbalist. Includes information on preparing and using herbs for medicinal and culinary purposes, organic growing and wildcrafting.

KavaRoot - Information about kava, including folklore, ceremony, geography, health studies, science, history, news, and preparation.

Kitchen Doctor - Ingrid Naiman's practical guidance for the use of foods, herbs, and spices in the treatment of common health problems.

Kombucha Home Page - Welcome to the Kombucha Center

The Kombucha Journal by Guenther W. Frank - Kombucha is a popular health promoting beverage and natural remedy made by fermenting tea. You can prepare it yourself for FREE. Guenther W. Frank is the author of the book Kombucha - Healthy beverage and Natural Remedy from the Far East. Extensive articles, links. Text available in 20 languages.

Laurie Lacey's Wild World of Plants - Traditional plant/tree medicines; Native medicines; herbal; nature therapy; folk medicine, and of interest to naturalists and those who enjoy outdoor activities.

Le Web - Ginseng - Sales, but also useful information on the history of ginseng and how to grow it yourself.

Medical Herbalism - An online journal for the clinical practitioner.

Medicinal plants - Noncommercial guide. Barley grass, alfalfa, reishi, astragalus, licorice, ginger, dandelion, artichoke, tamarinde, guarana, green tea, centella asiatica

Native American Healing - Free Herbal and Indian Medicine instruction from Native American tribal medicine contribution to today's health, i.e., echinacea (for the flu), St. John's wort (for depression), sweat lodges. Multimedia VidBook with streaming video.

Natural Health - Contains information on herbs and how to use them.

The Natural Health Registry - network of qualified natural health professionals, products and services

Natural Land - Edu-commercial site. Information on vitamins, antioxidants, food supplements, vegetarian formulas.

The Natural Pharmacist - Science-based natural health information on herbs, supplements and drug interactions

Natural Request - Information and sales of aloe vera juice, capsules, gels and formulas.

Nature Cure - Bee Caps BeeSeng -(Bee Caps with Ginseng)

Nature's Apothecary - Informative & interactive site on holistic health.

Navodhaya Siddha hospital - Offers opportunity to get major ailments treated and cured by rare herbal compounds of Indian medicines

The Pharmacology of Herbal and Natural Supplements - Notification for conference for advanced practice clinicians to be held in Providence, RI.

Phyto-Cure - Sales of a healing salve for skin problems and injuries.

Phytotherapy - Information, articles and glossaries on herbs.

Potpourri.Co.Za - Herbs in South Africa - Your gateway to growing, using and buying culinary, medicinal and cosmetic herbs in South Africa.

Salkhino - Information on the treatment of nonspecific inflammatory diseases using a vegetable preparation.

Sterol Power - Immune System Booster - new herbal product for HIV, AIDS, cancer, diabetes, arthritis and prostate cancer

Trickstar in the Herb Garden - Medicinal and edible plants--reviving the Old Ways of being with the Earth. Non-commercial site includes information on herbs, glossary, monographs, properties and phytochemicals, and email newsletter.

Unani Herbal Healing - Unani Herbal Healing, based upon 1,000 year old system of Avicenna. Diet, herbology, pulse diagnosis, cupping. Free alternative health education site.

Windy Ridge Herbs - Herbal teas from Windy Ridge Herbs

Algy's Herb Page - This says it is a bbs dedicated to herb information, but it appears to be a good message board instead.

Allexperts Herbs Q&A - Veteran gardeners answer all your one-on-one questions about growing herbs!

Backyard Gardener - - Herb Gardening - Finally a single source for the backyard gardener with information on herbs. Discusses the main herbs.

Breckland Nurseries - UK - Herbs, plug plants, mail order, camomile lawns, thyme, basil, mint, parsley. Family owned nurseries with wide selection of plants available.

Breyd's Oregon Garden - A site dedicated to gardening with Herb of the Week, quotes, gardening tips, womens interests, and more.

Canterbury Farms - An herb nursery that carries over 400 varieties of herb seeds and over 300 varieties of herb plants.

Caribbean Seeds - Hard to find seeds for herbs, fruits, vegetables,and flowering trees originating in Florida and the Caribbean Islands.

Cate's Herbs - Bulk botanicals organically grown or wild-crafted in the Northern Neck of Virginia. Also a site for recipes, crafts, homemade soaps, potpourri, Gardener's Balm and more -- all with herbs.

Directory of Herbs - Cultural and harvesting information for 53 herbs. Penn State University.

DLady's Herb Links - Concise directory to herb resources.

Elderflower Herb Farm - Some 50 varieties of culinary herbs are organically grown, hand-harvested, hand-cleaned and blended here at Elderflower Herb Farm

Gardens of the Ancients - Herb nursery in Texas growing herbs naturally.

Gardentalk - information and links about herbs - Cultivating sweet herbs a pleasure for both gardening and cooking enthusiasts. Many useful links to gardening sites.

Ginseng Seeds Roots Herbal Plants and herbs - We sell American Ginseng seeds and 2yr live roots.

Goodwin Creek Gardens - Over 1000 varieties of medicinal and culinary herb plants and seeds, lavenders, scented geraniums, butterfly and hummingbird plants. Bath products, books, gardening information. Ship nationwide.

Grow Ginseng for Profit with The Ginseng Journal - This site contains information about starting, maintaining and marketing a ginseng herb garden for profit and fun.

Gunning River Herbs - Herb nursery located in Barnegat, New Jersey.

Henriette's Herbal Homepage - It's the home of the medicinal and culinary herb faqs.

Herb Business Network - A group of herb associates who work together to promote and support, learn, and teach about the business of herbs.

Herbal Garden - Resourceful site covering many aspects of different herbs.

Herbal Inclinations, Inc. - Extensive aromatherapy educational center online, along with a newly and rapidly expanding herb and gardening section with tips, how-to's, recipes, and more.

Herban Gardener Net - Offering 360 degrees of Natural living: Herb Products, Gardens, & Classes. - Herban Gardener brings together an herbal lifestyle with essential oil & herb-based products, custom herbs gardens & landscaping services. Free Newsletter Herban Times!

Herbs and perennials from Mountain Valley Growers - The nations largest certified organic mail order supplier of herbs and perennials. Hundreds of plants plus photographs and extensive information. Ask any gardening question and have it answered by an expert.

Herbs Forum - A discussion area for those growing and using herbs.

Herbs....Uses and Effects! - A list of herbs and their uses.

Horsetail Haven - A home gardener gives tips for growing and using herbs. Monthly updates discuss what is happening in the garden, located in Austin, Texas

Into the Garden - Focuses on cooking and gardening with herbs and spices. Departments include Into the Garden, Herbs & Spices, The Recipe Box, and Our Foremothers.

Just Herbs - Garden nursery in the village of Fintry, Stirlingshire.

Kettleby Herb Farms Ltd. - KETTLEBY HERB FARMS is located on top of the Oak Ridges Moraine, just west of the town of Kettleby, approx. 20 minutes northwest of Toronto. It is a family run farm, owned and operated by Sue Britnell, a Chartered Herbalist and John Jacobs, culinary expert of the team.

Lavender Frog | The Lavender Experience - Speciality is growing lavender, lavender products, lavender cultivation and history

Lingle's Herbs - Offering the highest quality, organically-grown herb plants. Shipped throughout the US. Many rare culinary and medicinal herbs. Informative online catalog. Free herb newsletter.

Michigan Herbs Business Association - Offers information for herb growers, wholesalers and retailers.

A Modern Herbal Home Page - A Modern Herbal, first published in 1931, by Mrs. M. Grieve. An incredible source it contains medicinal, culinary, cosmetic and economic properties, cultivation and folk-lore of herbs.

The National Herb Centre - The aims of the Centre are to promote, research and develop the growing and processing of herbs

New Eden Herbals & Gardens - 400 varieties of herb plants; medicinal, culinary, ornamental, dyeplants, everlastings, rare and unusual plants for retail and wholesale.

Possum Creek Herb Farm - Our business offers a wide variety of greenhouse grown herbs and everlastings which is offered through our free mail order catalog.

Richters Herbs - Medicinal, Culinary, Aromatic - Plants & Seeds - Herbs -- over 800 varieties -- culinary, medicinal and aromatic. Plants, seeds, dried herbs, books, videos, software, seminars, workshops, conferences. For home gardeners and commercial growers. Shipped worldwide. - The Ginseng Journal: A Backyard Growers Guide is a complete manual for new ginseng gardeners.

Scutellaria Related Links - Links to Scutellaria species.

Sunnyboy Gardens Herbs and More - Unique Essentials for the gardening life. Online herb catalog with over 250 varieties of plants. Antique, heirloom and desirable cultivars. Suggestions for cooking, medicinal uses, drying, herblore, growth and habit, zone and much more.

Tea Herb Farm - Seeds For Home or Small Farm Market Gardens - Seeds For Herbs, Vegetables, Flowers, Fruits & Nuts, Trees

This Page Stinks: The Garlic Page - The original Garlic Web Page, with hundreds of great garlic recipes devoted to the stinking rose and an excellent resources for people who want to grow their own garlic.

Tintagel Herb Gardens - Offers organic herbs in Northern British Columbia, Canada.

Wedigherbs - Herbs- growing and using herbs, gardening, cooking and herb plant sales for the garden.

West Country Herbs - Home of Medicinal Herb seedlings: Echinacea angustifolia, Milk Thistle, St John's Wort, Valerian and more ...

Whole Herb (The) - Dedicated to all who are captivated by the world of herbs. Great information on growing and using herbs.

Wild Rose Herbals - Located in Glenwood WA, Wild Rose offers an organic herb garden, dried & fresh flower gardens, 1 1/2 acre vegetable garden and perennial beds. Gift shop, tours welcomes

Willow Pond Farm Herbs and Everlastings - Large selection of herbal jellies, vinegars, and honeys; also herbal-theme gift baskets and other products. Organically grown herb and perennial plants.

Wolf River Valley Farms - Perennials, herbs shipped to your door fresh and ready to plant in your own back yard tubs, garden or patio; USDA inspected, shipped with planting instructions and toll free support.

World Wide Seed - Amazing Herbs Seeds - The World Wide Seed Co. has an amazing collection of Herbs Must see to believe!