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Antiques/Collectibles - A home page with links to other collector's home pages.

Art, Antiques, and Preservation West - Monthly magazine contains articles on antiques and related topics. For curious novices and professionals. Events calendar by location.

Chinese Antique Porcelain - An Expert's Advice

Machine Age: 20th Century Design


Scientific and Medical Antique Collecting System - An extensive online database, references, and communication system for issues relating to history of science and medicine through preservation and collection of antiquities

Amateur Radio

HamRadio IRC Channel

5-Band-N0ABA Award- is sent absolutely free to any amateur radio operator who can complete two-way communications with N0ABA on 5 HF bands.

Amateur and Other Radio Hobbyist Links - Links to popular Amateur Radio, Shortwave, and other sources of radio information.

Amateur Radio & Funny Stories - Amateur Radio & Funny Stories - Funny adventures in Ham radio plus travel info. and links to the Indianapolis Area.

Amateur Radio [Don Irving]

Amateur Radio []

Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio [] - A full featured Amateur Radio server, with an online Repeater Database (which you can add repeaters to), Newsline News in html format, Real time satellite pass predictions and more!

Amateur Radio []

Amateur Radio Elmers Resource Directory - A list of mentors, experts, and gurus for amateur radio, who either maintain Internet info sources or will answer E-mail questions.

Amateur Radio in Arizona

Amateur Radio in Utah County - Utah County has one of the most active ARES groups in the country. Drop in and see what is going on.

Amateur Radio Operator-Online Magazine - featuring news and information from the entire Amateur Radio World.On-Line Internet Hamfest On-Line Classifieds for Amateur Radio

Amateur Radio Slow Scan TV

Amateur Radio station NL7J page - Information on SSTV and DX'ing links. Some hard to find SSTV software. Amateur Radio Clubs on internet in Alaska by NL7J

Amateur Radio World - Local, regional, state, country, and global amateur radio information.

Amateur Satellite

American Radio Relay LeagueAMSAT - Radio Amateur Satellite Corporationnot-for-profit corporation.

AmSoft - World of Ham Radio CD-ROM

Bay Area DXers Amateur Radio Page

Bookworm Amateur Radio Page

CQWW Contest - CQWW Contest news and useful data


Ham Homepage

Ham Radio

Ham Radio and More

Ham Radio On The Internet

HAM-Server - HAM-server is an email file-server for amateur radio operators not having direct internet access. There is approximately 60-MB of stuff currently online for DOS, Windows, OS/2, and Mac.

HF, VHF, and UHF Propagation

HR Showcase

KB5VQI (local DFW,Texas) Amateur Radio Information

Linux Amateur Radio Software List

Listing of Ham Radio, Computer, and Electronics Swap Meets

Low Profile Amateur Radio - Devoted to low profile radio operation

Mailing Lists and Newsgroups

N0ARY/BBS - a full service amateur radio packet bbs that also provides a bidirectional gateway to internet.

NF2G Scannist Pages - Contains regional frequency updates, links to other scanner sites, recorded traffic in .WAV format

No Spam...Ham! - a link devoted to resources for people interested in Ham Radio.

Ottawa-Area Amateur Radio

Quarter Century Wireless Association, Inc. (QCWA) - non-profit association of amateur radio operators.

Radio Communications Monitoring Association - RCMA - national and international organization of monitor radio (scanner) listeners.

Ravenna Amateur Radio Page - The page content has some useful appointment for italian HAM.

Rocky Mountain Radio Association - provides Amateur Repeater Service for all Utah Amateurs and their Families

Saint Lawrence Valley Repeater Association - is responsible for coordinating frequencies in the amateur radio bands in Eastern Ontario, Western Quebec and Northern New York.

Shuttle Amateur Radio Experiment - SAREX

Signal Radio - details and info on the company, programmes, presenters and much much more

Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers

WIMU 96 Info Page - The upcoming amateur Radio WIMU96 convention and hamfest to be held in Park City, Utah. - The Grand Master- helping you learn to surf ham radio amateur radio games no sex

YS1ZKR Satellite DXpedition

FAQ - Radio


Aggie Raptor Rehabilitation- Concentrates on the rehabilitation and release of birds of prey.

American Bald Eagles - Breath-taking low-res and high-res photos.

Bird Telephotos - Supertelephoto bird portraits


Birds at Selected Parks [ICE]

Birds of Fermilab, The

Birdwatching Info and Pages

Bluebird Page

Chokecherry Hollow Productions, Inc. - Wally and Shirley Harstad present their award winning videos on North American migratory and non-migratory birds.

Chux Birding/Birdfeeding Page

Eagle Page - from Rocky Mountain High. `I am the eagle, I live in high places' (John Denver)


Exotic Birds - with Cody the Cockatoo.

Flateau's Cockatiels - Meet the Flateau's wacky handraised cockatiels, see pictures, download sounds. Learn about cockatiels in general. Link to more bird sites.

Haparanda Sandskär Birdringing Station

Homer the parakeet - A parakeet with his own Web page! Has pics, a bio, and other bird links.

interBirdNet - Birding information service for bird watchers and twitchers comprising of a magazine and UK rarity news updated several times daily

Kakapo Place


Les oiseaux de l'autoroute électronique: - a birding home page in French.

Louis Agassiz Fuertes - Bird collection includes letters (some illustrated with sketches), student notes, notebooks, sketchbooks, diaries, articles, expedition journals and field notes, and photographs.

Magpie Summer: Growing Up Loud - Rescued as a fluffball and hand-raised, Screech the magpie regains his freedom.

Ornithology [Culterty Field Station]

Pepperberg's, The - Congo African Grey, Alex, can count, identify objects, shapes, colors and materials, knows the concepts of same and different and can boss around lab assistants in order to modify his environment!

Pet Bird Page, The - Descriptions, pictures, and list of owners of pet parrots.

Photographs Of Birds

Racing Pigeons - A service giving the principles of the sport of Racing Pigeons in the U.K.

Raptor Center, The - provides information about birds of prey, endangered/threatened birds, and related environmental issues. This Web has a wide range of material, appropriate for k-12 students & veterinary medical professionals.

Rec.Pets.Birds Homepage

Ruby-throated Hummingbirds - request for sightings of color-marked Ruby-throated Hummingbirds.'

Shorebird Migration Page - updates the status of the current shorebird migration in the lower 48 states by assimilating the information reported on the local Rare Bird Alerts.

South Carolina Ducks Unlimited - South Carolina Ducks Unlimited Home

Tweeters - An archive of daily email digests; A gallery of bird photos; Links to other regional, national and international Sites

Online Information for Bird Basics!,US FWS - Migratory Birds and Waterfowl

Virtual Birding in Tokyo - photographs of birds, birding guide in Tokyo, books on birds of Japan

Virtual Emu - Information on Australian Birding, threatened birds, and the Royal Australasian Ornithologists Union (RAOU).

FAQ - Optics for Birding

FAQ - rec.pets.birds

Index - Bird Watching and Related Information on Birds [gorp]

Index - NetVet - Bird

Usenet - rec.pets.birds - The culture and care of indoor birds

Celebrity Register,Inc. - Star Mailing Addresses Leading seller of address guides of famous stars of Hollywood movies, TV, music, & sports. Included are popular celebrity mailing addresses for fans and autograph collectors.

Ceramica Online

CraftWEB Project- Online community to help promote quality crafts in basketry, ceramics, fabric arts, glass work, jewelry, metal arts, painting, paper art, and wood work.

Mar's Restoration Page- Ceramic restoration is an old and exacting craft. In this page find links to ceramics factories, museums, and dealers.

Potter's Page, The

Tiles On The Web - Provides a focus for web resources to further appreciation of ceramic tiles as artistic media, historical artifacts, and architectural elements.


Barbie Collector - Information on collecting our favourite plastic princess.

Blake's Toy Page - This page is for toy or action figure collectors

Brian Baldwin's WWW Page

Chatty Deb Dolls N More - devoted to doll collectors barbie chatty cathy other dolls

Collectible Trader - Ads for buying selling and trading collectible toys and stuff (action figures, trains, dolls, hot wheels, matchbox cars, etc...)

Estate of Abe Shames - A fancier of stamps, coins, and hand crafted collectables.

Glass Insulators - The complete site for the collector of Glass Insulators. Reference material, photographs, and lots more.

Jerome's Softdrink Can Collection - Contains some pictures of the collection too.

Kenner Starting Lineup Figurines - Recently published articles about SLUs. Copied from publications, with permission, of course.

Marble Collectors Corner - An area for all collectors of antique and collectible playing marbles.

Moxie Home Page - A history of Moxie, Americas first mass marketed soft drink founded in the late 1800's.

Online Bottle Collector, The - Collectors of bottles can buy, trade, sell and learn about bottles.

Other People's Money - Images of paper money from around the world!

Research Page for Collectors of Lee-Enfield Rifles

Roberto's Candy Bar Wrapper Collection

Starting Lineup Cyberspace Site - A site dedicated to collectors of Kenner Starting Lineup sportcollectible figures. New Information added constantly.

Therion's arms and armor images - This is a web page full of images of medieval weapons and armor

Video Arcade Preservation Society

Yossie's Handcuff Collection - handcuff and restraint collection, including numerous antique handcuffs, leg irons, and other restraint devices.

Index - Collecting - WWW Virtual Library

Index - The Collectors Index - A white pages type of index listing collectors from around the world

Autumn Garden

Counted Cross Stitch, Needlework and Stitchery Page

Embroidery Directory - Directory listing of embroiderers, digitizers and suppliers to the commercial embroidery industry.

Eppie Archuleta's Wool Mill - A spinning mill run by the much awarded weaver, Eppie Archuleta

Laura's Crafts Page

Margrit's Beehive- A Resource for Sewing and Textiles Information

NeedleNet - is a world wide web location dedicated to the computerized embroidery industry and stock designs.

Online Knitting Magazine - Contains a great deal of information for knitters (and some for spinners): lists of stores and suppliers all over the US and in Canada, Australia, the UK, and Ireland; pointers to computer-based resources; lists of knitting books, and more.

StitchPoint - offers sewing information with an emphasis on using computers and computerized sewing machines.

Textiles Page - Information on knitting, crochet, embroidery, etc

Trystan's Costume/GBACG - Greater Bay Area Costumer's Guild Home Page. Info. about the Guild & SF Bay Area costuming, plus costume, clothing, living history related web links.

Wonderful Stitches - A web resource for needlework enthusiasts, the Needlework Gazette's

FAQ - Underwire and Bras

Index - The Costume Page - A list of online resources of interest to science fiction/fantasy and historical costumers

Bob's Rock Shop - Bob's Rock Shop features mineral specimen images and information on mineral and rock collecting.

Irving Family: Rock Collecting

Ken's Fluorescent Minerals - Thumbnail photos under UV light of minerals from my collection, with info about the specimens.

Rockhounds Information - for gem and mineral enthusiasts.

Topaz Mountain Rockhounding

American Horticultural Society - a world resource for the most comprehensive information on gardening and arboreta. Located at River Farm, the former residence of George Washington, the AHS brings the world of gardening to your door each month with its spectacular and informative monthly publication, American Horticulturist.

Arboricultural Stuff - a brief guide to proper tree pruning.

Asclepiad Page - The resource for succulent milkweeds/carrion flowers and the International Asclepiad Society.

Books That Work Garden Encyclopedia

Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall

Garden Gate on Prairienet

Garden Patch- The Virtual Mirror's Page for Gardeners

Gardening Archive - emphasis on plants for a temperate or cold temperate climate

Gardening in the Cabbage Patch in Fairbanks, Alaska



Growing Hardy Palms - How to grow palm trees in *almost* any climate. Links to palm resources.

La Napoule Gardening Survey - Research project by Columbia MBA students for a non-profit art foundation.

Master Gardener

Orchid Picture Gallery- Images and descriptions of some orchids that may be grown on windowsills or under fluorescent lights

Penn State Horticulture Variety Trial Garden- Flower and vegetable variety testing results

Strawberry Facts - from recipes, to horticultural information.

Succulent Plant Page - Resources and images.

SUFA's Tree Care Center - SUFA's Tree Care Center provides information on tree planting, pruning, and general care, and explains how professional tree appraisals can help you in insurance, real estate, and legal proceedings.

Time Life Complete Gardener Encyclopedia

Tree Doctor, The - the one place on the Internet to find everything you need to know about tree care. Environmentally friendly tree care products.

Virtual Garden - Time Warner's source for horticulture!

Wichita County Master Gardener's Association Newsletter - in cooperation with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service and the Wichita County Landscape and Garden Committee.

FAQ - Plants By Mail - Advice on mail order plants

FAQ - The Rose

Australian Kite Association

Crowell Kite Gallery - focused on kites, sky art, and the people that are involved


Dave Christenson's NW Kiting Corner - Newsletters of the Washington Kitefliers Association, and pictures of some of the local fliers and their creations.

Dave Lords Kite Page - Technical resource for kites and kite buggying

Jason's Kite Site

Jean Gabriel Kite's Page - Photographs of flying kites at an altitude of 2950m at Crans-Montana, Switzerland

Kai's Kite Site

Kevin's Kite Page - provides a nice front end to the rec.kites graphics archives, as well as links to some other kite pages.

Kite Aerial Photography - Visit this site for information on the equipment and techniques required for taking photographs from kites. A gallery of aerial images is included.

Kite Education

Kite Flier's Site

Kites & Computers (

Kites (

Kites and Skymatter - A studio visit to kitemaker Winslow Colwell. Unusual, sometimes downright odd. Ancient Japanese kites forms are brought into the present day. He means well.

Kites FTP Archive (

Peter's Kite Site

South West Sport Kite Conference - an on line news letter about kiting within the South West Sport Kite Conference.

Usenet - rec.kites

Areotech - Complete line of radio control model aircraft, including the Anabat line of slope soaring gliders.

Control Line Model Airplanes

Hand Launch Glider - An analysis of the Ideal High-Performance Hand Launch Glider

KittyHawk Software, Inc.

Ornithopters - aircraft which derive their chief support and sole propulsion from flapping wings

Paper AirplanesR/C Central - Remote Control Airplanes with Want Ads - Tip of the Week and much more!

R/C Helicopters - Helibuf's World of r/c helicopters

Radio Control Airplanes - Static and in-flight scale model photos

Radio Controlled Airplanes - A page which contains links and information concerning remote control planes.

Thytur - an Icelandic Aeromodellers Club

World War I Modeling Mailing List- Home page for World War I Modeling Mailing list archive. Also contains informational files for WWI modelers and on-line images of WWI modeling subjects.

Viking Navy - dedicated to building and sailing Viking Ships

Bridge Line Historical Society - Historical Society for the Delaware & Hudson Railroad. Site includes a listing for up comming events, past articles from the monthly news letter, the Bulletin, and photographs.


Dave Frary Trackside Model Railroads

Hotbox, journal of model railroading - the official voice of the North Central Region of the National Model Railroaders Association. Our area covers all of Michigan, northern Ohio and northeastern Indiana. And like the dictionary definition, we are a journal of model railroading.

Live Steaming - a clearing house for the Live Steam and Model Engineering hobby around the world.

Model Railroad Resources

Märklin Mailinglist Pages

National Model Railroad Association (NMRA)- devoted to the development, promotion, and enjoyment of the hobby of model railroading.

Sam the Train Man!- a must see for all Toy Train enthusiasts, as well as for those people who may have found some old toy trains lying around the house.

UK Railway and Model Railway Information

Webville and Hypertext Railroad Company - This site is for the archiving of historical and informational documents and binaries concerning Railroads, Railfanning and Model Railroading.

FAQ - rec.models.railroad

Usenet - rec.models.railroad - Model railroads of all scales.

Internet Magic Tricks - Site contains two self-playing magic tricks, where the computer is the magician, and you are the audience.

internet Society of Austin Magicians - The connection to the going-on's of Austinites interested in the area of Magic.Includes information on IBM and SAM

Magic Chad

Magic Show

The All Magic Guide- Guide to web pages dealing with magic, magicians, illusion.

Usenet - alt.magic- For discussion about stage magic

GRAFICA Obscura- evolving computer graphics notebook, includes paper folding project

Jim Plank's Origami (modular)

Origami Daniel Cohen

Origami Edward Crankshaw

Origami Fred Curtis

Origami Joseph Wu

Origami Yusri Johan

Origami Mailing List- unmoderated mailing list for discussion of all facets of origami


PHOTOGRAPHICAL BOOKS & EQUIPMENTOnline Shopping for the Photographer Hundreds of Books & Photographic Items Inventories updated weekly!

Usenet - rec.arts.puppetry

CTU Railway Page- Index of European Railway Resources

Cyberspace World Railroad - The World of Railroading at your fingertips!

Cyberspace World Railroad Page

French railway research - SNCF.

Illinois Railway Museum

MERCURIO - The European Railway Server

NJ Transit Commuter Train Schedules - Unofficial New Jersey Transit commuter train schedules. Also includes PATH, Hoboken Ferry, and Airlink schedules.

Pierce Haviland's NJ, NY & CT Railroad Page - Information about freight and passenger railroads in the New York City metropolitan area. Photographs and numerous railroad related links.

RailOnline and Model Rails Online

Railroad Images and Links - Train images and links, with information on Steamtown in N. E. Pennsylvania and surrounding area.

Railroad Page - Info on the Illinois Railway Museum, Drawings and pictures of Santa Fe steam and diesel locomotives and much more.

Railroad Timetables on the Internet

Railroad-related Internet Resources - This WWW server provides pointers to interesting and important railroad-related information sources on the Internet. Some model-railroading information is also included.

Railroading items of interest

Railway page for Norway

RIP Track - Information on the Illinois Railway Museum, a collection of steam locomotive images from the 1930s and 1940s, and other railroad-related goodies.

Royal Hudson Steam Excursion - this is the most up to date info on the excursion.

Southern California Railroad Resources - Passenger Train Schedules for Southern California

Subway Navigator - search for routes in subway systems of various cities around the world

TGV Pages - Information and images of the French high speed trains and Eurostar; links to other high speed train resources.

Train Hopping - collection of stuff that is of interest to freight train hoppers

Treno Alta Velocita'

UK Railway and Model Railway Information

Urban's Swedish railways- Text, maps and photos of Swedish railway subjects.

Webville and Hypertext Railroad Company - This site is for the archiving of historical and informational documents and binaries concerning Railroads, Railfanning and Model Railroading.

Dangerous Dave's Handmade Composite - Reinforced plastic rocket components. Links to low and high power rocketry organizations and NASA. Photos and links to the Roswell Incedent and UFO's.

Irving Family: Model and High Power Rocketry

Paul Gray's Model Rocketry For Beginners

Rocket Works - Model and high power rocketry photos, launch reports, and launch announcements in the central U.S.

Tad's Model & High Power Rocketry Page - Pulls together rocketry related info from all over the Net.

United States Army Missile Command - MICOM

Usenet - rec.models.rockets - Model rockets for hobbyists

Science Fiction Modeler Magazine- Webzine solely devoted to the modeling of science fiction and fantasy models.

Science fiction models - Science fiction model kit retailer, as well as Science Fiction Model Builders' Association. Convention and show information also available on this web page.

Star Trek

- Voyager - The new Mission for the Voyager is described, Starfleet Personnel records are available for the members of the Voyager crew, and the Technology of Voyager describes the major crew areas of the ship.

- Star Trek: The Next Generation - Episode guide, cast info, trivia, Star Trek science. Vote on your favorite episode.

- SunSite Star Trek Sounds - A nice size folder of sounds, bits of dialog and sound effects. If you have a helper application for your graphical browser, you can just click on the sounds to hear them.

- Star Trek Art - Joshua Bell's Web Site specializes in Star Trek ASCII art, including all the star ships, series logos, and GIF conversions of the cast.

- Final Frontiers - A low bandwidth Virtual Reality game. Requires telnet capability. Instructions are given on the Web page this link will take you to.

- Star Trek - Has info on STNG, DS9, Voyager, and a picture archive with about 8 megs.

- Star Trek FAQ - This is a 6 part Web based FAQ, fully illustrated with ASCII Art pics.

- Paramount Star Trek Site - With links to the Voyager and Generations pages.

- Star Trek - Lots of links to many Star Trek sites.

Bob Shuster's Origami Page.