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Holistic Medicine

Massage Therapy

The Medical Acupuncture Home Page

Medicinal Herb FAQ

Medicinal Herb Garden

Mother Nature's General Store

Mystical Alternative Medicines

Mystic Gateway

Natural Choice Directory

Natural Medicine, Complementary Health Care and Alternative Therapies

Natural Medicine for Health Crisis

Nature's Field

New Techniques in Hypnosis

Open Center  Offers information about the courses offered in holistic learning and culture.

Oxygen & Ozone Therapies

Planetary Rhythms

The Polarity Therapy Web Pages

Real Media  Information on health, alternative medicine, and its relationship to politics and the media.

Reiki Information such as an introduction to Reiki, the history and ethical principles, using Reiki for healing

Reiki Healing Energy

The Share Guide: Holistic Health Journal & Directory

Shiatsu: Therapeutic Art of Japan

The State of Alternative and Complementary Therapy Research

Swedish Society of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Synergistic Health Center

Hypnosis & Meditation

TouchPoint: Wholistic Health Newsletter

Veterinary Acupuncture

Veterinary Herbal Medicine

Vitamins Network

What in the World is Homeopathy?