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Holistic and Integrated Medicine  

Holistic Medicine Web Page    - Extensive documentation on holistic medicine, alternative medicine, nutrition, and many other subjects. Links to related sites, conference and retreat listings, medical news items, USENET groups listings, alternative medicine practitioner directories, and more.

Advice on Ear, Nose, and Throat Problems - Dr. Grossan, an ENT specialist and author gives advice on ear, nose, throat, and SCUBA diving problems with emphasis on treatment without drugs. Special advice is offered for AIDS and CF problems.

Altarian Perspective - A collection of favorite web sites that include topics on traditional health, alternative / holistic health, child care, and infant massage. Sites are appropriate for the professional and layperson.

The Alternative Approach - Helping to promote better health through alternatives to traditional medicine.

Alternative Medicine Newsletter Free - Bi-weekly, emailed newsletter. Health information. Research-based alternative medicine. Find out what works and what doesn't.

ART - Centre of Natural Treatments - Homeopathy, Yumeiho, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Bach Flower, Medical consultations. Based in Poland. Site is viewable in several languages including Polish.

Arthritis Alternative Treatments - Information and resources for mind-body treatments, exercise, diet and relaxation techniques to treat arthritis.

Biological Terrain Assessment - An in-vitro diagnostic technique used by holistic medicine practitioners to address underlying causes of disease.

Body - Mind - Spirit - Articles and links in the fields of alternative medicine, holistic approaches to healing, wellness, longevity, spiritual wholeness, and exposure of coverups!

Chinese Medicine - Acupuncture - Herbs - Homeopathy - Aromatherapy - Providing information about a variety of conditions and the treatments available using Alternative Medicine. Question and answers and discussion groups. Informative site, clinic located in Plantation, FL.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Resources, news, information and related links.

Goddess Health @ Tides Of Life - Information about alternative, drug-free therapies that work at combating PMS and menopause symptoms for many women. Provides referrals to local physicians using natural medicine.

Healing Tele-Resource Center - Alternative health consulting and research services for health care professionals and consumers to integrate holistic principles into their practices.

Health Education Alliance for Life and Longevity - Information sources to help consumers make wise choices on topics such as alternative medicine, Y2K, vitamins, herbs and natural products.

1 Healthy Universe - Your gateway to holistic medicine. Interviews, self-care clinic, practitioner directory, newsletter, more.

Holistic Healthcare Online - Directory of alternative health practitioners searchable by state, city, country, or specialty. Stop-smoking, weight loss, relaxation and motivation self-hypnosis tapes also available.

Holistic Internet Resources - Articles and book reviews, events and other internet resources, and guide to practitioners and schools. If you are a holistic practitioner you can list your holistic products or services on holistic internet resources.

Holistic M.D. - Dr. Ronald Hoffman's informative webpage. Dr. Hoffman is the host of the syndicated radio program "Health Talk."

Holistic - The American Directory of Holistic Practitioners provides visitors with an in depth directory of holistic practitioners in your area.

Holistic physician referral resource - Guide to alternative therapies and list of practitioners in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware

A Holistic Resource - A alternative holistic resource from the Hawaiian Islands, promoting self healing and understanding to our physical and spiritual bodies. Lists of publications, magazines, professional organizations.

Holistic Wellness Advice - Advice on balance and wellness for a healthy life.

HolisticNurse - is a free resource to those seeking information on alternative and complementary healing modalities. You will find books, links, and other resources to assist you in your quest for knowledge.

How To Get Well - One in a million people are 'truly well'. Take this self-test to see how you measure up on the 'true wellness' scale. On line wellness consultations.

How To Live Pain Free - Personal page relating experience in recovering from chronic pain and how others may do the same by reading two (summarized) books.

IndiaMart Alternative Health Directory - Informative guide to alternative therapies, including reiki, homeopathy, acupunture, ayurveda & biofeedback.

Innerself Magazine - Healing The Whole Being - Articles on holistic health, herbal & vitamin guide, holistic health glossary, and emotional health.

Lilipoh Wellness Journal - Journal dedicated to informed choice in healthcare, offering an insightful and easy-to-follow path to the best of modern natural medicine.

Mystic Gateway Holistic Center - Information on alternative medicine, holistic health, healing, personal growth, nutrition, reflexology, and reiki. Classes, over 70 online articles, resources, and links. Located in New Jersey.

Natural Cure for Eye Diseases - Treatment for exophthalmos (bulging eyeballs) in Graves disease through naturopathy, supported by acupuncture, acupressure and magnetic treatment in addition to eye exercises.

Natural Med - Site makes available reports on many aspects of alternative medicine, specific treatments for illnesses, free info on drug interactions and finding a doctor, free medical alerts.

NIH National Center For Complementary and Alternative Medicine - Conducts and supports basic and applied research and training and disseminates information on complementary and alternative medicine to practitioners and the public.

Oakwood Complementary and Alternative Medicine Center - The purpose of this site to provide healthcare professionals with news and reports of research in the field of complementary and alternative medicine. This information is intended to assist the reader in improving patient care.

The Oasis - A world of personal growth and healing. An emphasis on promoting optimum health, through nutrition and other natural methods. Updated regularly with natural remedies, nutritional advice, inspirational extracts, guidance on meditation and healthy recipes.

Pain Alliance - Information on Pain Management for Chronic Pain and Fibromyalgia. Water Therapy, Exercise, Pools, Spas, Magnets, Nutrition, Relaxation, Motivation, Workshops and various alternative products.

Peaceful Mind - Alternative methods, resources on therapies, and products for healing mind, body, spirit.

Quantum Hologram Bio-Cybernetics - The therapy of the interactive, analogical bio-information. A corrector of the errors in the psychosomatic system. A qualitative leap forward in the understanding of the existence of individuals and their health.

Therapy Online - Complementary Therapies and Alternative Medicines.

Tuberose - Site offers extensive information on holistic natural healing, herbal medicine, kinesiology. The authors' books are available for sale.

Well Being Journal - Bimonthly publication dedicated to publishing quality information on natural, alternative and complementary medicine.

Wholelife Expositions and Conferences - Resources on speakers, locations and topics on upcoming conferences and expositons. Alternative medicine, holistic health, spirituality, stress management, meditation, and dieting are some of the subjects reviewed. - Online holistic health magazine: alternative and traditional care, fitness/wellness, health care ethics, personal growth, and spirituality.