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Homework Helpers

Homework Help    - Homework Help. Our goal is to answer questions within 24 hours.

My Virtual Reference Desk    - My Virtual Reference Desk: a one-stop site for all things Internet: news, weather, sports, reference, encyclopedia (50 areas), facts on file, FAQs, tutorials, search engines, Win95, free stuff, games

abcteach - This site is for kids, parents and teachers. Free activities, research and report help, project and writing ideas. Dioarama themes to print. Rain Forest, Butterflies, and other interesting topics.

Academic Assistance Access - Help with homework or assignments in almost any field from junior high to college. Most questions will get a response by email within twenty-four hours.

Alice's Virtual Restaurant - A Little Food for Thought - Family-friendly site brimming with substantive and sometimes unusual links to a broad range of resources for students, teachers and writers.

Answer Ace: Math Problem Solver - Enter arithmetic and basic algebra problems and get step-by-step help; like having your own math tutor. Free trial. - feed your curiosity.Find an answer. Ask a question.

Ask Jeeves for Kids! - Ask Jeeves for Kids(tm) is the fastest and easiest way to find answers to questions.

Ask Professor - Ask Professor about educational software, homework help, reviews, games, contests - in fact, ask ANY question - Ask Professor covers it all.

Ask The Wise Owl - Need help finding resources for your next homework project? Just "Ask the Wise Owl." Within 24 hours, he'll provide the right information.

Best Information on the Net - A guide to high-quality information resources on the net, appropriate for college students, faculty and administration, chosen by a librarian/information specialist.

B.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper - Homework resources created by a 9-year-old and his father. If you can't find it here, then you just can't find it! - Download educational packets designed for students who need additional support to catch up, keep up, or be challenged. Excellent resource for home-schooled students and gifted students.

Brainshovel - A learning portal providing teenagers and college students help with homework.

CCMS Media Center Research Links Page - This is a site designed to help with research of specific topics related to middle school curriculum. - Cliff Notes, Barron's Book Notes, and other study aids for secure online purchase.

Citation Style for Research Papers - Ask each of your teachers which style they want you to use. If they have no preference, you can use any or follow these guidelines

Clues To Good Reading - A program to teach parents how to help their children learn to read. Produced by an elementary teacher. - Calculate and convert with! Includes measurement conversion calculator, lots of interesting calculators, time zone clocks, exchange rates, more.

Cool and Useful Student Resources - Interesting, understandable, and informative resource sites throughout the World Wide Web. Designed for high school students who are trying to use the web to do research for school projects.

The Coursework Site - Welcome to one of the few sites that has course work specially for the English school system. This site has exam-like questions, and lots of coursework for people to download.

CyberEdit - Harvard-educated writers edit your term paper, research paper, thesis, or essay. Term paper tips and samples. Quality Editing.

CyberSleuth Kids - A comprehensive educational search engine, directory and homework helper for the K-12 student. A virtual library and reference tool providing easy access to thousands of safe subject-specific sites.

Derrand Education Website - Resources for students, teachers, parents and tutors; free online worksheets, books, pen pals column, club memberships, other educational freebies.

Easy Start Algebra - Award winning tutorials, tips and advice on algebra.

Economics Homework Help/High School - This site helps students in high school economics. Includes info on scarcity, economic systems, business organizations, market structures, opportunity cost, fixed cost, variable cost, Federal Reserve System.

Education for Kids - This site is chock filled with different types of drill games. These games allow kids of all ages to develop and enhance their basic skills without banner ads or on-line advertising directed at them. The site is free, and the games are as hard as you want to make them.

EduROCK - Reliable Online Curricular Knowledge - An education related and family oriented search engine. The Public Broadcasting Information Services seal of approval is awarded to sites that are exceptional in the area of education through a partnership with a local PBS station.

EdView SmartZone - You can search for sites by elementary, middle school, or high school grade levels.

Elementary School Internet Challenge and QuiZ
- Informative activities and quizzes on a variety of subjects. For grades 3-6.

Eliana's Homework Helpers and Research Links for all Students - Educational reference site for the family, favorite homework helpers with terrific links by subject, family fun, send greeting cards, kids can cook, holiday celebrations, crafts.

Essays with GradeSaver - High quality editing provided for term papers, research essays and research reports. Other sections include essay writing tips and ClassicNotes.

Excel at Ellis - Middle school student homework/research links - prepared for Ellis Middle School (TN) students.

EZSchool - Make learning fun for kids with interactive tutorials, individual and group assignments and games. We focus on improving students' grades, with easy assessment, communication, and accountability.

Free Arithmetic Worksheets - Print out free math worksheets with answer keys to practice solving 52 levels of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division problems.

Great sites for Great Kids - The links here correspond to the subject matter of many third grade students.

700+ Great Sites for Kids! - Directory of web sites compiled by the Children and Technology Committee of the American Library Assocation in five categories: Arts and Entertainment, Literature and Language, People Past and Present, Planet Earth and Beyond, and Science and Technology.

Greek Mythology Today - Terrific information on Greek mythology, including Homework Help by the Myth Man!

Help! My Kid Can't (or Won't) Do Homework - A homework help site giving background on learning styles and study skills. Includes specific ways to get homework done and actually learn from it. "How to Confront the Teacher" page gives Dos and Don'ts for good parent/teacher relations.

Helpful Homework Resources - Homework links in every subject from K-12 and through college. Many different categories.

High Point Public Library Favorite Links for Children - Homework help links by subject, search engines, projects, fun and games.

High School Hub - Academic resources for high school students. Includes an extensive reference desk plus Featured Sites such as Today in U.S. History, Daily SAT Question, NY Times News Quiz, more.

Homework Central - Over 65,000 scholar-screened links on over 8500 subjects. Free Web Hosting and Ask the Experts service. "Best Homework/Research Site" rated by Yahoo! Internet Life 1999.

HomeWork Elephant - Using the internet to help complete your homework assignments was a chore - until HomeWork Elephant came along. Subject based help across the board.

Homework Help - Weekly features on ways to improve study habits, links to the best on the net in a wide range of subject areas, moderated chat room.

Homework Help - Excellent collection of links on a multitude of subjects, high school and up. Index of web, gopher, and telnet sites all over the world to help you surf to an A! Languages, the Sciences, History, plus a handy reference desk.

Homework Help and Fun for Kids - Webster's dictionary, Britannica Encyclopedia, Hoot Toon center, games for kids, Mama Media, Parent Soup, Cyber Patrol and books. Plenty to see and have fun doing.

Homework Help at Math Goodies - Math lessons with a problem-solving approach. Includes a homework help message board for help with specific problems.

Homework Help By Topic - History, art, science, government and lots more--a great source for homework help

Homework Help Center - Provides links to sites offering help with various school subjects.

Homework Help Grades K-8 - If you are in grades K-8 and need help with homework, email me from this site and I will do my best to help you. Includes links to other homework help sites in case I can't answer your questions.

Homework Help Online - Links to selected sites to help you do your homework. Includes educational websites for kids, parents, and ESL students; English, math, science, and Japanese homework help.

Homework Help- Startribune.Com - Answers to homework questions within 24 hours for every subject area.

Homework Helper - A page of homework help in all subjects from K-12. This page includes the best search engines, encyclopedias, enrichment sites and links to Canadian content links. Pre-school and college student age pages are available as well.

Homework Hero - Homework assignments posted online. Free to all teachers and schools!

Homework Online - Teachers post homework on the Internet easily; students and parents can then fetch their homework as needed. And it's completely free! - Comprehensive curriculum-based lessons and practice tests in math, English, chemistry, physics, and biology. The site hosts the Internet's largest collection of interactive multimedia exercises and animations especially created for middle and high school students.

How Do I Say It In German? - Based in Brighton, England, provides a free service aimed at people who want to learn or are learning German and need help.

HSC Tutoring for High School in the Home - Just doing the same thing as you've always done won't change anything! You've been learning at school and doing OK, but you're not satisfied with that level of success. We offer tutors to help you go to a higher level.

In Home Tutoring for your Child - Tutoring for K-12. Licensed teachers come to your home at your convenience. Affordable and Convenient. Give your child the gift of understanding while they learn!

Info Zone Research Skills Area - Exploration of the research process and links to related sites.

Infoplease Homework Center - Homework facts, search tips, answers to previously asked questions, reference tools, plus homework help on English, math, history, geography, science, and social studies.

Infoplease Kids-Your Ultimate Fact Finder! - Find facts fast with the infoplease encyclopedia, dictionary, almanacs, and Homework Helper.

Interactive Learning Network - For high school students: study tips, reference tools, homework solvers, interactive math lessons, SAT prep, online tools.

Internet Databases for Education and Research - Thematically integrated, interactive data sets for educational instruction at grades 7-12 and college levels, for academic research, and for independent scholars.

Internet Public Library Youth Division - Fun and educational stuff to see and do. You can play math games, take a tour around the world, or do some fun science experiments. You could also learn some new jokes to try out on your friends or read some stories.

Internet Search Engines for Kids - Kids can search the major search engines from one page. There are links to web directories designed for kids.

Jiskha Homework Help - The Best School Help on the Net! - all the regular help topics plus Industrial Arts, Home Economics, and more

Kids Connect- Ask KC - An on-line question answering and referral service staffed by volunteer librarians and teachers. Also includes: KidsConnect Favorite Web Sites for K-12 Students and KidsConnect FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions by K-12 Students.

KidsClick! Web Search - Kids-only search service developed by librarians and the Ramapo Catskill Library System. - A comprehensive educational search engine, directory and homework helper for the K-12 student. Search from thousands of carefully selected subject-specific Internet sites.

Learning Kids Interactive - Featuring free educational software games and experiments for kids K-12.

LibrarySpot Homework Help - LibrarySpot Homework Help simplifies the search for the best online libraries, dictionaries, maps, encyclopedias, newspapers and much more. Lists both general resources and resources by subject, for help with research and homework.

Literature Summaries - Help with homework. Includes literature summaries, biographies, how to write an essay, and SAT words.

Live Online Tutoring - K-12 tutors via the internet in Math, Science, SAT Prep and GED.

Lycos Zone - Colorful site for kids kindergarten through eighth grade. Homework help, over 550 free games, plus a kids reference section featuring an encyclopedia, a dictionary, and atlas.

LycosZone Homework - Kids Almanac - Find a fact; Encyclopedia - Research it; Dictionary - Find a word; Atlas - Find a place;Animals - Find an animal

Maddy Mayhem's Homework Headquarters - Everything you need to get your homework done: encyclopedia, dictionary, translation dictionary, thesaurus, atlas, etexts, and more.

Math Homework Helper Hyperlinks - Terrific math resources for kids, parents and educators. - The world of math online. Students, teachers, parents, and everyone can find solutions to their math problems. Includes homework help, formulas and tables, references, tutoring.

McCann's PooR Farm - Great source of K-12 links includes schools' websites, help with homework, disaster information, fire safety tips, resources to develop pen pal exchanges.

The Middle School Cybrary and Homework Helper - This site is designed for the busy student who does not have time for a full search of the web

Ms. Smith's English Page - This enrichment/resource page features student authors and sections on biography, writing, literature, plus many other fun and interesting sites for young people to explore.

Multnomah County Library Homework Center - Links to web sites and pages that concentrate on K-12 homework-related subjects. Web resources included are reviewed by librarians from Multnomah County Library, Portland, Oregon.

MysticalKnowledge: Homework Help - College students will answer homework questions via email; almost any subject, K-12. This service is absolutely free!

New York State High School Regents Exam Prep Center - A free online learning center for high school students preparing for comprehensive math, earth science, biology, chemistry, and history exams.

Online Homework Helpers - A treasure-trove of homework help ideas, search engines, and links to encyclopedias and reference tools.

Our First Grade Backpack - Sites appropriate for first grade students. The areas covered are reading, math, science, geography, more. - Largest collection of Literature Notes on the web, with Online Textbooks, Digital Library and other study resources.

Print and Learn for Kids - Print out a page from this site to learn or practice math concepts on paper. A fun way for elementary students to get extra math at home. Brought to you by Yvette Brobst of Brobst Systems.

Qanna Nanny Network - Homework and research help in every major subject from art, music, language arts, foreign languages, science, math, reading, social science to map-making, nutrition, and astrology.

Research Process Helper - This site offers a framework to help students work through a research project. Its goals are information literacy, information problem-solving, and the research process.

Research-It - Research a wide variety of subjects with this comprehensive reference desk.

School Help - Resources to help with homework and school, from the FamilyEducation Network.

School Projects - Teacher/parent shares ideas about school projects, including science fair projects, with resources and links to help complete projects successfully.

Schoolwork Ugh! - Homework help and links for the desperate; geared toward older students, grades 7 and up.

Sean's Homework Help Page - Get pre-algebra, math K-8 help, as well as proofreading help. Visit for details.

The Shakespearean Homework Helper - Find answers to your Shakespearean questions!

Speed Drill Math - An electronic alternative to flashcards helps build basic math skills. For classroom or homeschool use.

The Study Guides - This part of the site is a categorized list of sites to help you study!

Study-Help - Give or receive help on five free Internet discussion forums in math, science, language arts, social studies, and other subjects.

StudyWeb - Created to provide fast and easy access to a wide variety of research-quality information via the Internet, categorized by grade level and rated for visual content.

Taking College Courses - Reading a textbook, the purpose of homework and methods for dealing with it, how the mind is affected by homework, asking questions and getting help, tests and grades.

TekMom's Search Tools for Students - An easy-to-use, one-page reference desk for students. Includes kids' search engines, encyclopedias, biographies, images, dictionaries, maps, more.

Term Paper Help - A step-by-step reference guide to writing high school term (research) papers. All terms are defined in context and the examples are taken from the Simpsons. As Homer says, "Every time I learn something new, it forces some of the old stuff out."

4th and 5th Grade Student Research Resources - Age appropriate resources for homework and research are here

Tutoring For Success - One to one tutoring in your home in the Washington, DC, area including Virginia and Maryland.

Wildcat Research Assistant - The Wildcat Research Assistant is a categorized, annotated list of over 500 sites which have been selected by a Teacher Librarian to help students with their Internet research.

Zoobooks - The Encyclopedia of Animals - Tons of reliable animal information and resources, plus links to other homework sites.

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