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Affordable Comfort - for a non-profit corporation sponsoring an annual conference on energy efficient, environmentally sensitive development. It focuses on housing development in low-income communities.

Accommodations Unlimited, Inc. - Temporary housing and relocation service with condominiums and townhousing for the public. World-wide. Licened real estate brokerage.

Counterpoint Publishing - Americans With Disabilities Library on CD-ROM.contains all the statutes, regulations, and requirements for complying with the ADA, Fair Housing Amendments Act, Rehabilitation Act, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, and Architectural Barriers Act.

Apartments for Students WorldwideThe complete internet guide to student rental housing. You can now preview and pre-lease apartments without leaving your home.

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Bill Marx - A presentation of residential housing and relocation infromation commonly requested including, available real estate, local schools, shopping, weather, maps, attraction/entertainment, etc.

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Bauen fur Behinderte

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PDX HUD Multifamily Web (foot) - Contains hundreds of resources related to housing, community development, real estate, planning, architecture, and homelessness.

Converting a Home for the Needs of the Disabled Generally speaking

Daiwa House Industry, Co., Ltd. - Manufacturing of prefabricated housing; commercial building; urban development; general construction; resort hotel management; and DIY stores.

Doyle Wilson Home Builders, Inc. National Housing Quality Award winner shows floorplans, homes for sale, available neighborhoods, and financing options.

East Bay Habitat for Humanity [Oakland, CA] - builds affordable housing with volunteer labor for homeowners

GURUKUL - The Teacher's Family - nonprofit organization working for literacy and housing. Gurukul is specifically concerned with the promotion of rural education efforts in India (and in the third world in general).

Government:Agencies:Executive Branch:Department of Housing and Urban Development

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Department of Housing and Urban Development Gopher

Housing and Household Economics Division - The Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division is the official source for most demographic statistics concerning housing, income, and poverty.

Habitat for Humanity - An ecumenical housing ministry whose goal is to eliminate poverty housing throughout the world.

Home Renovation Advisory Program provides free home inspection and renovation advice

Home & Design Online - the global information resource and communication network for teh housing industry

Internet Resources for non-profits - listing of online resources for non-profits in housing, health and human service areas

National Residence Hall Association Internet Index - an index of Residence Hall Associations (RHA) and university housing offices on the Interne

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Think Twice Foundation - Raises money, volunteer support and awareness in a collaborative effort to provide access to urgently needed affordable housing.

Inter-Rent -relocation service for residential and corporate housing, showcasing virtual tours of properties, offering prospective residents full color pictures with printable floorplans and amenities

WWW Apartment Locators - Locate an apartment using this free service to find housing locators in the area where you want move.

Woodbridge ISDN Housing Development - Each house will be built from the ground up to support modern networking.