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Welcome To Ability

Ability's Aim's 

The Ability Project aim is to show that quality of life is related to how free a person is to make their own choices and for a significant number of disabled people computer technology and the Internet holds the keys to those choices.

To demonstrate to employers and the public that IT and the Internet are tools for equality in the workplace.

Too many valuable skills are overlooked and wasted, employers and the public should "see the ability not the disability".

To work with the computer industry to show them that everyone can benefit when access for people with disabilities is considered in product design.

To identify shortfalls in the general provision of computer equipment, software and services on the information super highway for people with disabilities and then initiate projects to correct and overcome such situations.

To encourage the active involvement of people with disabilities in the workings of Ability, and seek their feedback and support so that they can have a direct input into decisions which affect them.

Ability understands that, despite the daunting task many disabled persons and disabled groups etc. face when using the Internet as a means of obtaining information or down loading related software, it is still the preferred place to find information.