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International Radio Broadcasters

BBC World Service    - International broadcast service of the British Broadcasting Co. Programs transmitted over shortwave, satellite and other distribution. Connection to live Real Audio BBC stream.

Radio Netherlands    - Home Page for external service. News, features and information about Radio Netherlands. Also Media Network website.

ABC-Radio Australia - Radio Australia online in RealAudio and Windows Media formats, with multiple language shortwave schedules, and instructions for receiving Australian satellite radio and TV (AusTV).

Adventist World Radio - AWR is the international radio broadcast service of the Seventh-day Adventist Church. AWR is devoted to spreading the Gospel, particularly in countries where other means of evangelism are not possible.

All India Radio (AIR) - The official AIR web site with live audio, programs and schedules.

The Association for International Broadcasting - The AIB is the professional body for the whole international broadcasting industry

Bayrak Radio Television - The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus broadcasts on mediumwave, shortwave, FM, TV, and satellite frequencies.

CARACOL Colombia - CARACOL is one of several Colombian broadcasting networks which uses mainly AM and FM frequencies. However, it may be heard worldwide on 5076 kHz in the 60 meter band.

CBC -- Radio Canada International - Canadian Broadcasting Corporation's Shortwave Service: Program listings, technical schedule, History, RealAudio feeds. Site has content in English, French, Spanish, Arabic, Russian and Ukranian.

Central Broadcast System (CBS) -- Republic of China (Taiwan) - CBS produces programs focusing on news reports, culture, education, entertainment, and other information from local and international perspectives.

CFN/RFC Europe - The Canadian Forces Network, the only Canadian station in Europe, keeps Canadians in touch in Germany, Belgium, and the Netherlands. In addition to its own programs, CFN relays programs of Radio Canada International.

CFRB - Newstalk Radio - Toronto's premier radio station broadcasts news and talk to Ontario on 1010 kHz, and to the world on 6070 kHz.

Channel Africa - A multi-lingual source of reliable information about Africa, - with news, music and sport, free of subliminal agendas or foreign interpretations.

China Radio International - The People's Republic of China External Service broadcasts featured programs, commentary and news via FM and shortwave to most of the world's regions using English, German and Spanish.

Croatian Radiotelevision - RealAudio feeds and schedules for Croatian Radio Network HR1, HR2 and HR3, Radio Zadar, Radio Split and others.

Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation (CyBC) - The Cyprus satellite channel is broadcast via SIRIUS II satellite 5 East.

Deutsche Welle Radio - Germany's International Broadcasting Station with links to numerous pages in multiple languages containing program schedules, and live audio feeds.

Far East Broadcasting (FEBC) - A radio ministry organization founded in 1945. Together with Feba Radio, it transmits programs in 150 languages to Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

HCJB World Radio - The Voice of The Andes - HCJB World Radio is an evangelical, interdenominational faith mission involved primarily in radio broadcasting. Together with our partners worldwide, we have ministries in more than 90 countries and broadcast the gospel in over 100 languages. missionaries, national employees and volunteers.

High Adventure Ministries, The Vopice of Hope - Lebanon - The Voice of Hope Middle East Network consists of five stations (AM, FM and Shortwave) and serves the entire Middle East, Northern Africa, Eastern Europe and Russia.

In Touch Ministries - Broadcasts Bible teachings in 15 languages to all world regions on local media such as mediumwave, TV and FM, via international shortwave radio and Internet radio and TV.

InfoRadio - Broadcasts for people from the eastern part of the Dutch province of Noord-Brabant who are on holiday in Europe, every week half an hour via shortwave in the summer of 2000.

Internet Press - A directory of internet radio broadcasters including some International Shortwave Broadcasters.

Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting - Broadcasts national and international programs locally and to all world regions in over 30 languages on mediumwave FM, TV, RealAudio/TV and on shortwave.

Jordan Radio and TV (JRTV) - The official radio station of The Jordan Radio and TV Service, broadcasting 24 and 21 respective hours daily in Arabic and English.

Kol Israel - Israel Broadcasting Authority guide to the IBA radio networks known in Hebrew as Kol Israel - the Voice of Israel.

Liberia Communications Network - Broadcasts news, information, education, and entertainment in English, French, and other African Languages 24 hours daily.

Lithuanian Radio - Radio Vilnius broadcasts two daily half hour programs in Lithuanian and English on shortwave.

Lithuanian Radio and Television - Broadcasts to Western Europe on AM/FM and shortwave 9710 kHz, to Russia on shortwave on 9555 kHz, and to North America on shortwave on 9855 kHz.

National Association of Shortwave Broadcasters - A national organization representing the interests of FCC licensed broadcasters in the private sector of the U.S International Shortwave Broadcast community.

NRK Radio Norway International - Airs broadcasts to all world regions in the Norwegian language.

ORF - Radio Austria International - The radio voice of the Government of Austria

Radio 101 international - Info about Radio 101, free-radio, shortwave, pirates and more (free advertisements on our homepage, info about Pagers, private homepages etc.

Radio Amanecer Internacional - A Spanish-speaking gospel station operating in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, this station broadcasts on 610 and 1570 kHz, as well as, on 6025 kHz.

Radio Bahrain - Round the clock, Radio Bahrain broadcasts on 96.5 and 101 mHz FM Stereo, 1584 kHz mediumwave, and 6010 kHz shortwave.

Radio Budapest - Hungarian Radio - Radio Budapest is the external service of Hungarian Radio Company Limited, the public service broadcasting organisation.

Radio Cairo, Egypt - News, commentary, broadcast schedule, and modern and classical Egyption music audio feeds.

Radio Corporation of Singapore - Operates Singapore's largest radio network with 11 FM stations and 3 shortwave stations providing sound entertainment and up-to-the-minute news and information locally and internationally.

Radio da Amazônia - An arm of the Brazilian Broadcasting Authority, RADIOBRÁS, Radio da Amazônia programs penetrate over 50% of Brazil's land mass via shortwave transmitters on 11.780 mHz and 6.180 mHz.

Radio Denmark - Information about the activities of the Danish Broadcasting Corporation including news from Denmark and schedules relating to specific radio and television programmes.

Radio Exterior de Espańa - Emits daily 24 hour shortwave radio broadcast from Spain and targets international listeners who wish to find out about Spain and also Spaniards living abroad, who wish to keep abreast of news at home.

Radio for Peace International - A shortwave station in Costa Rica, promoting international human rights issues.

Radio Free Asia - Radio Free Asia (RFA) is a private, non-profit corporation broadcasting news and information in 9 languages to listeners in Asia.

Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty - Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty is an international news and broadcast organization serving Central and Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia, Russia, the Middle East and Balkan countries.

Radio Habana Cuba (RHC) - Official site of RHC with links to Arnie Coro's DXers Untlimited.

Radio Japan - NHK - Combining General Service broadcasts in English and Japanese, and Regional Service broadcasts in local languages, Radio Japan airs programs in 22 languages for a daily total of 65 hours.

Radio Jugoslavia - Yugoslavia's only external broadcast shortwave station; it broadcasts to all world regions in eleven languages.

Radio Korea International - RKI (Radio Korea International), an international broadcast service. Info and connection to live Real Audio broadcasts. RKi brings 10 languages news, Korean songs, ...

Radio Kuwait - Mediumwave, satellite and shortwave schedules and programming information of broadcasts to all world regions in Arabic and English.

Radio Luz y Sonido - A Catholic broadcaster operating from Huanuco, Peru, on AM and FM, can often be heard much farther afield on 3235 kHz in the 90 meter band.

Radio Minsk - Belarus - English and German daily broadcast schedules of The Foreign Radio Service of the Republic of Belarus.

Radio Monte Carlo - Broadcasts from Montevideo, Uruguay, on 930 kHz mediumwave and on 9595 kHz shortwave as well in RealAudio.

Radio Mosoj Chaski - Broadcasts Christian mission programs from studios in Cochabamba, Bolivia, on the 90 meter band at 3.310 mHz.

Radio Nepal - Radio Nepal airs broadcasts on mediumwave, shortwave and FM frequencies and news bulletins and music on the Internet via RealAudio.

Radio NZ International - New Zealand's only shortwave broadcaster, broadcasting to the nations of the South Pacific

Radio Pakistan - Broadcast 300 hours of programming a day through the facilities of 23 transmitters in the domestic and external services.

Radio Prague - The international service of Czech Radio offers a broad, unbiased, and up-to-the-minute picture of life in the Czech Republic.

Radio Reloj - Costa Rica - Operating on AM 730 kHz 24 hours daily, and on 4832/6006 kHz in the shortwave bands, Radio Reloj may be heard broadcasting in Spanish, worldwide.

Radio Romania International - Broadcasts over 47 hours daily on short and medium waves. Conducts a DX Club for SWLs and DXers.

Radio Singapore International - Radio Singapore International is a shortwave radio station run by the Radio Corporation of Singapore (RCS). It broadcasts in English, Mandarin, Malay and Bahasa Indonesia.

Radio Slovakia International - Broadcasts 30 and 60 minute shortwave programs in English, German, French, Russian and Slovak languages 17 times a day and to most world regions.

Radio Tacna - Peru - Operating from the city that gives it its name, this station broadcasts on AM, FM and on shortwave at 9,505 kHz.

Radio Veritas Asia - A Catholic shortwave broadcaster in Quezon City, Philipines which transmits programs to Asia in 16 languages.

Radio Vlaanderen International - Current program schedules, RealAudio feeds, and listening tips from Belgian Public Radio which broadcasts worldwide in Dutch, German, French and English.

Radiodiffusion Télévision Sénégalaise - RTS transmits local programs on mediumwave, FM and television, and international and national broadcasts via shortwave.

RAI - The official broadcasting agency of the Italian government.

Rádio Nacional de Angola - Provides broadcast times, frequencies and power of the network emissions. Airs mediumwave, FM, shortwave and RealAudio broadcasts.

RDP - Internacional - Radiodifusao Portuguesa may be heard via satellite in Europe, North Africa, and the Mediterranean, via shortwave in seven world regions, and via RealAudio live feeds.

RFI - Radio France International - The official world wide voice of the Government of France

RTSH - Online - Radio Tirana and Albanian Television (RTSH) broadcasts local news, music, and entertainment programs via FM, TV and mediumwave and international programs in 7 languages by shortwave radio.

RUV - The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service - Formally owned by the Icelandic state, RUV has been broadcasting as an independent public service since 1930.

Super Power KTBN Shortwave Radio - Much of the programming mirrors the Trinity Broadcasting Network television schedule.

Swiss Radio International - An online database of Swiss Radio International shortwave and satellite frequencies and schedules which may be searched by language, target country and/or region.

TRT - Voice of Turkey - Bulletins, news updates, program reviews, frequency charts and target regions from Turkish Radio Television, which broadcasts to six regions in over 18 languages.

Vatican Radio - Vatican City Radio - 400 hours of weekly programming on short wave, medium wave, FM, satellite and the Internet in 37 languages.

Voice of America - The international broadcast voice of the United States. News and commentary from around the world, now broadcast to the internet in 32 languages.

The Voice of Greece - ERA-5, the Fifth Program of Greek Radio, is The Voice of Greece. It broadcasts on short-wave for 31 hours a day (the 7 additional hours being relayed simultaneously from another studio) to 14 geographical regions around the world, both in Greek and in 15 other languages.

The Voice Of Mongolia - Transmitting from Khonkhor located about 25 km east of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia's capital, VoM broadcasts are beamed to East Asia and in English to Australia. It welcomes all reception reports from DXers.

The Voice of Russia - VOR broadcasts daily in 32 languages via shortwave to all world regions.

The Voice of Vietnam - A Vietnamese government organization which serves home and overseas listeners, including overseas Vietnamese, through television, mediumwave and shortwave broadcasts.

WBCQ - The Planet - A licensed 50,000 watt shortwave radio station that serves North America, the Caribbean and most of South America on 7,415 kHz. Operated by Allan H. Weiner formerly of Radio New York International.

WEWN Shortwave Radio - Lists the programs and schedules of Global Catholic Radio WEWN, which operates 24 hours daily on WEWN shortwave, via satellite and live audio streams, and also on many AM/FM stations in U.S.A.

World Radio Network - Dozens of live and on-demand audio feeds from worldwide broadcasters. Radio Austria International, The Voice of Russia, Polish Radio, and more.

WRMI Radio - A privately-owned commercial shortwave radio station broadcasting to the Caribbean, North, Central and South America in English, Spanish, Portuguese and other languages.

WWCR - Worldwide Christian Radio - WWCR has uses four 100 Kw transmitters on 10 broadcasting channels to transmit over 400 religious and talk programs from Nashville, Tennessee to a global audience.

WYFR - Worlwide Family Radio - Station listings, program guides, and The Worldwide WYFR Shortwave Ministry with RealAudio feeds in 8 languages.

YLE - Radio Finland - YLE Radio Finland is the international external radio service of the Finnish Broadcasting Co, YLE. Available worldwide via satellite, shortwave/medium wave and on the internet YLE Radio Finland provides expert coverage of Finland and its vicinity for an international audience.

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