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Alamak Chat - International web chat. Games, free home pages, mail accounts and heaps of other services are provided for all users.Internet Relay Chat, talk with people from all around the world . A variety of topics.

ChaTcIRCuiT WebZiNe - The first and only webzine for IRC and chat.

Color Team - Resources for using mIRC.

#ColorBook - We provides all the tools required to make and play colored text files, popups, and wav files on the IRC.

Confusion - Links, downloads, and IRC chat.

Doc's Chat Sounds - The favorite chat sounds site of IRC freaks everywhere. - Setting the standard for women online. Bringing IRC the vanity it needs to survive into the next century. Daily updates from priss and Venoma. Hear reviews on everything from music to movies.

IRC Help Ring & Top Award - We bring the answers to your irc questions in the form of a help ring. Let us help guide your way to becoming an expert IRC user. then feel free to submit your site for an award.

#IRCFun - Dedicated to IRC chat. Contains Mschat, Pirch and MIRC with a message board for questions and file requests.

IRCx Internet Communications - Register your IRC chat channel and allow people to access it via the web using IRCx.

The MIRC Workshop - Simple and detailed explainations, tutorials and advice for using mIRC and IRC chat. - Pirch chat programs, information, info about chat rooms, IRC software and help.

ReKoJ Land - This is the personal website of EvilRage, a DALnet IRC chat addict and supporter of GodLovesFags.ORG - IRC protections, chat, IRC scripts. Vietnam gallery, postcards, links, freewares and more.

You might be addicted to IRC if... - Some jokes about IRC addictions.

#AfrVolPret - Afrikaans chatroom on Zanet.

Ask Female Anything - Chat in Ask Female Anything, read our FAQ List, personal profiles, and humor section and play in our games section.

#banana-republic's Official Site - The official site of the #banana-republic of Come in and check it out. A very good Filipino site.

#canal-medieval-sca - Mainly in French, but there is also the Silver Channel, #SCA, in English.

#!Chat - A chat room on IRC, for people who are excited about chatting. JAVA based.

800 Chat - IRC chat rooms on the world wide web.

#Chatalot Homepage - A place where people from all over the world get together and chat.

ChatJunkie's Teen Chat - A fun place where teenagers can hangout with other teenagers.

ChatNet's #France channel - Gives introduction and French.

The Chatroom - The Best Chatroom on the net!

#ChatZone - A web interface for chat on #ChatZone.

#Coffeeshop : & - My home page dedicated to my own channel held on the and IRC servers.

#England - We are based on the CHATNET server. Here you will see the people behind the Channel and its roots on Chatnet. There are links available from the menu and files for protection.

#France @ ChatNet.Org - ChatNet's #France channel.

#Friendly - The friendliest irc chat channel on the net

GR IrcNet - Join in to channel #sfakia. Also, contains IRC downloads.

Gypsy IRC Links - Collection of IRC Channels to chat in.

Homepage of the dutch spoken IRCnet channel #Beastie . - #Beastie IRCnet homepage includes #Beastie mIRC irc script and Java Chat applet to login to our channel. Also includes other channel related subjects such as pictures and IRC command help.

#Hwachong @ Galaxynet - Home of the Galaxynet IRC channel #hwachong for students of Hwa Chong Junior College. Includes mass dance movements and MP3s.

International_EuroChat - Interactive site with calendar, e-cards, chat, meets, profiles and messages. Friends, fun, & chatting.

IRC Ring - Webring for IRC channels.

#50ish - Photos of the users and occasional visitors to the #50ish IRC channel.

#KidChat - A safe, friendly chat room for kids to find friends on the internet and have fun. - Home site of the multi-network IRC channel #26-40something. Containing channel related info plus IRC scripts and clients.

Liszt's IRC Chat Directory - A multi-network IRC search engine. Search for a chat forum across all the major IRC networks at once.

Moonbeam - South African IRC channel on ZAnet providing a friendly meeting place for South Africans, ex-pats and their friends from all over the world.

The Official #Furworld Website - IRC channel. Place where furries and scalies are always welcome.

The Official #Handal Site - Home page of #Handal on the Undernet and Webnet. Updates, pictures, message board.

40Plus Web Site - 40Plus had it's humble beginnings in 1996 and has evolved into one of the most popular channel in the Oz Org network. Today people from around the world from all walks of life gather in friendship and chat away to their hearts desire.

The Soul Kitchen - Chat room for the weird and wacky. Come in kick back, relax and have fun.

SpiritualPaths - #SpiritualPaths is a channel on dedicated to providing a place for all who wish to discuss anything of a spiritual or religious nature.

#TheSoulKitchen - A chatroom on Afternet where you can come in and chat about anything you please.