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Japanese Tea Ceremony

Bamboo Masterworks: Bamboo Baskets and the Tea Ceremony - History, styles and examples from an Asia Society exhibition. Illustrated.

Cha-no-yu - Information and detailed (sometimes literally step-by-step) instructions for guests and hosts.

The Japanese Tea Ceremony (Chaji) - Detailed information.

Japanese Tetsubin - Care instructions and brief history of Japanese cast-iron tea kettles (tetsubin).

Kanematsu Tea Co. - Japan Tea - Online tea shop offering gourmet-quality Japanese green teas, plus a virtual tour of the tea gardens, descriptions of how tea is produced, health and Japanese green tea, a history of tea in Japan, as well as the latest tea news. from Japan.

Nambu Ironware - Short history of metalwork in Nambu, where iron kettles for the tea ceremony are still made in the traditional way.

Ocha Sado Chanoyu - Explanation of the tea ceremony, with illustrations of typical utensils used to perform it.

Ogasawara Sencha Service School - Essay on the history and appreciation of tea by this school's headmaster.

The Origin of Japanese Tea - Short discussion based on historical texts.

Rules of Etiquette for Guests at a Japanese Tea Ceremony

Traditional Arts - Tea Ceremony - Short history of the ceremony, and of its effects on other art forms and on the Japanese culture of today.

The Urasenke Konnichian Web Site - Short bios of the successive masters of the tea school established by the great 16th century tea master, Rikyu.