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Kid's and Teens Biography African-American  

African American Artists - Profiles and examples of work by Bearden, Clark, Douglas, Hunter, Johnson, Lawrence, and Tanner.

African-American Contributors - This site was developed by middle school students and contains short biographies on African American musicians, composers, dancers, inventors, policians, artists, actors and entertainers, doctors, writer's, scientists, entrepreneurs, athletes, explorers, educators, military people.

African-American Contributors - Eighth graders at Donegal Middle School write short biographies of African-Americans who have made significant contributions to American culture.

African-Americans In The American Revolution - Short biographies of five African-Americans who took part in the War for Independence. Written by seventh graders.

Alexander Crummell - Black nationalist and minister who was instrumental in the 1897 founding of the American Negro Academy.

Angela Davis - UCLA teacher and Black Panther Party sympathizer who ended up on the FBI's most wanted list after guns registered to her were used in a courtroom shooting. Later arrested and aquitted.

Anita Hill - Law professor who came forward with sexual harassment charges against Judge Clarence Thomas during his Senate confirmation hearings for a U.S. Supreme Court appointment.

Black History Month - Sports Illustrated for Kids offers a tribute to black athletes who changed the world of sports.

Booker T. Washington - Born into slavery, Washington dedicated himself to education, became a teacher, then founded Tuskegee Normal and Industrial Institute in 1881.

Breaking Racial Barriers: African Americans in the Harmon Foundation Collection - One of the many white Americans who expressed interest in the achievements of black Americans during the Harlem Renaissance was real estate developer William E. Harmon. This collection of portraits and biographies is based on the works he amassed in the early part of the 20th century.

Charley Pride - The first African American superstar of country music.

Clarence Thomas - Conservative Supreme Court justice appointed in 1991.

CNN - Black History Month - CNN profiles men and women who have made lasting contributions, ranging from literature, music, and the arts to science and technology.

Colin L. Powell - Distinguished Desert Storm hero and first African-American chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Debbie Allen - Multifaceted performer who is known as an actress, dancer, singer, choreographer, director, and producer.

Eldrick "Tiger" Woods - Tells about the youngest golfer and only African American to ever win the U.S. Junior Amateur title.

The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences - Biographies of African Americans working in the science fields, ranging from geologists and astronomers to mathemeticians and inventors.

Famous African-Americans - Short biographies of inventors, musicians, educators, and others who have made a difference.

George Crockett, Jr. - First African American attorney in the U.S. Department of Justice. Also intensely involved in the civil rights struggle in the South during the 1960s.

Henry Aaron - Retired professional baseball player who holds a career record of 755 home runs in 23 years. Also a prominent business executive.

Henry Louis Gates Jr. - Scholar and education who heads Harvard's Afro-American Studies program.

James Weldon Johnson - Black intellectual and civil rights leader best known for his contributions to the world of literature.

Joe Clark - Prominent educator best known as the feisty, dedicated, baseball bat-wielding school principal portrayed in the film "Lean on Me."

Lauryn Hill - Musician, singer, and songwriter.

Marian Anderson - Singer who, at the peak of her career, was regarded as the world's greatest contralto.

Mary McLeod Bethune - African-American educator who founded Bethune-Cookman College.

Miles Davis - Trumpeter and bandleader who played a major role in the transition from the hard, aggressive stance of Bop to the softer, more subtle side of jazz.

Muhammad Ali - Three-time world heavyweight boxing champion who tossed an Olympic gold medal into a river because he was disgusted by racism in America.

Nat King Cole - Black vocalist who left a permanent mark on the world of jazz.

Oprah Winfrey - Award-winning daytime television host who overcame numerous obstacles to achieve her current fame.

Scott Joplin - Pianist and composer whose piano rags met with great success.

Serena Williams - Photo and short biography of one of the top-ranked female tennis professionals in the world.

Spike Lee - Filmmaker known for tackling the toughest issues that relate to the black community and basking in the controversy that surrounds his creations.

Stamps on Black History - Tells the stories of dozens of black men and women whose faces have appeared on U.S. postage stamps. Also includes interactive quiz, word puzzles, writing activities, crafts, and coloring pages.

Thurgood Marshall - The first African-American to hold the coveted position of Supreme Court Justice.

Violette Anderson - The first African-American woman to practice law in the U.S. District Court Eastern Division, as well as the first female city prosecutor in Chicago.

Wilma Rudolph - The only American woman runner ever to win three gold medals in the Olympic games.

Wynton Marsalis - Trumpeter and bandleader who became the first instrumentalist to win simultaneous Grammy awards as best jazz and classical soloist

The African American Journey - Tells the story of African Americans, detailing their journey from Africa to slavery, emancipation, and the struggle for civil rights. Includes biographies, a review of civil rights laws and legislation, and a look at the politics of protest. From World Book.

AFRO-Americ@: Black Resistance... Slavery in the U.S. - Online exhibit takes a look at slavery in the United States.

Black Baseball - Short feature from Sports Illustrated and CNN traces the history of black baseball.

Black History Month - A brief description of Black History Month and thumbnail sketches of famous African Americans.

Celebrate Black History Month - Profiles of prominent African-American personalities, ranging from Civil Rights Activist Malcolm X to Nobel Prize-winning author Toni Morrison.

Celebrating Black History Month at The Holiday Zone - Includes highlights from the lives of select African-American leaders, art projects for children, and discussion starters.

CNN - Black History Month - Includes a timeline, links to related news stories, and an interactive quiz.

CNN In-Depth Specials - Black History Month 1999 - Quiz, game, sites, stories, and timeline. Also features in-depth articles about Dr. King and his influence, and what it means to be African.

The Encyclopędia Britannica Guide to Black History - Multimedia site includes a timeline, overview of the eras in black history, links to biographical sketches of dozens of well-known African-Americans, and historic audio and video clips.

The Internet African American History - Interactive quizzes test visitors knowledge of African-American history. Site offers profiles of Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman and other prominent African Americans.

Stamps on Black History - Tells the stories of dozens of black men and women whose faces have appeared on U.S. postage stamps. Also includes interactive quiz, word puzzles, writing activities, crafts, and colouring pages.