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Kids Hobbies

The Blais Family R/C Website - Off road radio controlled racing cars, trucks, tracks, and links in Southern California.

Grand Central Railway Station of Cyberspace - If you have an interest in railroads, real or models, this is a good starting point in your journey.

Hobbyworld - An extensive listing of online hobbies and websites.

Jack's Harmonica Page - Fun kid's songs with harmonica notation. Midi.

Kids' and Teens Hobbies and Interests - Everything for your favorite hobby. There are weekly features, netlinks library and more.

Remco the Railrunner - Train adventures in Luxemburg and the Netherlands of a young boy, includes photo gallery.

Simple Magik - Simple magic tricks such as Indian water cleaning trick, how to pull coins out of thin air, and so forth.

1st Moneyreagh Brownie Guides Awesome Homepage - Homepage by a Brownie pack in Ireland.

Sundials - A collaborative internet project on designing sundials by school children from UK and India with concepts of sundial, images of sun, poetry on sun, etc.

The Wonderful World Of Calli And Graphy - Calli and graphy create beautiful letters called calligraphy. Visit their home, go to school, take a trip through history or walk through calligraphy gallery.

Cameron's Matchbox Car Page - A web site for kids who like to collect matchbox cars.

Claire Hand's Rubber Ducky Collection - Claire Hand has been collecting rubber duckies for most of her ten years. Recently, 33 of them sat for portraits, presented here for your enjoyment.

Coin World Online - For those interested in coin collecting.

Toy School Bus - A site dedicated to those who like collecting toy school buses.

The Dustball Express - Love model trains, but tight on space? Some helpful hints on setting up your railroad.

Michael Harding's Homepage - Michael's site about model trains.

Ninfinger Productions - Scale Models - A resource for model spacecraft, rockets, missiles, and planes.