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Kids Recipes Guide to Mexican Food - Mexican recipes for school projects. Back-To-School Treats - These back-to-school recipes are sure cures for kids's back-to-school blues! Dreamsickle Cookies, Neecie's PBJ Bars ,Bodacious Brownies, and others.

Apple Juice - Kids can get two recipes using apple juice here.

Aunt Libbey's Kitchen for Kids - Recipes from Aunt Libbey for kids to try.

Camp Cooking - Scouting recipes for kids, and a downloadable scout cookbook.

ChildFun's Christmas Recipes - Fun holiday recipes for kids.

Cooking with Tara - Music and fun on 9 year old Tara's guide to the best sites to see for kids recipes, along with her review of each one plus some of her own favorite recipes.

Dole 5 A Day - This site invites kids to learn about the importance of eating five fruits and vegetables every day. Recipes for kids to try.

Easy Recipes for Kids - A few simple kids recipes.

The eGG's Back to School Family Handbook - Recipes for older kids.

Extraterrestrial and Bizzare Recipes -  recipes that kids will enjoy to make!

Girls' Place - A place for older girls to find a recipe or two and nutritional advice.

The Healthy Refrigerator - Recipes for chicken nuggets, french toast, and pizza.

Ice Cream Making for Kids - Recipes for making ice cream without an ice cream machine.

The Idea Box - Some easy, fun recipes for kids to try.

Kids' Cooking Fun - From Kraft. Easy recipes for kids.

Kellogg's Kitchen - Ten family friendly snack recipes.!

Kid Kitchen for cooking and recipes. - Lots of kid-friendly recipes for your children.

Kidz Korner - Simple recipes for treats and snacks that kids can prepare themselves.

Peppered Leopard - Fun recipes for kids with the Peppered Leopard.

Recipes for Kids - A collection of craft, fun food, holiday, & bath recipes for kids of all ages, and their parents. From

Scout Cooking - Great scout recipes for things like Swamp Slime and Dirty Delight.

USA Pears - Easy fun recipes for young children.


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