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Lorin's Left-handedness Site    - Extensive collection of information about left-handedness, by a psychologist. Topics include prevalence and genetics of left-handedness, famous left-handers, myths and trivia, shops for lefthanders, and left-handedness links.

Alt.lefthanders Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - What does being "left-handed" or "ambidextrous" mean? Is lefthandedness inherited? Are lefthanders naturally clumsy? Do Lefties make better athletes? Etc.

European Lefthanders' Page - English translation of Deutsch site: information of particular interest to European left-handers. Extensive lists of sources for left-handed products in Europe and on the Internet.

For Southpaws Only! - Facts and myths about lefthandedness, links to lefthander organizations and stores for left-handed products, information on handgun products designed for left-handed use.

Gauche! Left-Handers in Society - A resource guide & forum. Left-handers speak to parents, teachers, employers, physicians, et al.

Irish Left-handers Club - Short newsletter, links, and other features.

Left Hand Publishing--Information For and About Left-Handed People - Valuable information for left-handers and for parents and teachers of left-handed children. Book reviews, newsletter, questionnaire, survey, product info, links, and more.

Left-handedness - A modern Islamic perspective on being left-handed.

Left-Handers - Site's goal is to provide information and make right-handed people aware of the difficulties encountered by left-handed people in a world made by and for those who are right-handed. Famous left-handers and other information. Site is also available in French.

LEFTovers - List of Lefthanded Canadians. Also: left-handed stores in Canada and other information.

Living in the Mirror: A Left-Handed Home Page - Comments and essays about living as a left-hander, plus links to other left-handedness-related sites, including a large selection of scientific material.

Primate Handedness and Brain Lateralization Research - At University of Iowa (M.K. Holder, Ph.D.). You can participate in the study by filling out an online questionnaire. Site also has links to information (both serious and fun) of interest to left-handers.

Rosemary West's Left-Handed Page - Left-handed people, organizations, information, resources, research, facts, fun, art, shopping, and humor relating to left-handedness.

Training the Left-Handed Shooter - Article on special concerns for left-handers using firearms designed for right-handed people.

Study finds left-handers don't die earlier - from the Associated Press (May 28, 1998)

Lefties: The Science of Handedness - "Science Friday" program in RealAudio. Links to other Internet resources on handedness. (August 8, 1997)

University of Buffalo geographer sees small link between longevity and handedness - research contradicts earlier studies that found "righties" live 9 years longer than "lefties" (February 17, 1994)

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