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Macintosh Shareware Education Kids 

Al Bunny's Typing Class - Improve your typing skills

Alex - Help your children recognize numbers, sounds, colors shapes and more

AlphaBet Game Show - Compete for prizes by guessing the correct letters

Alphabet Zoo - Let the animals guide you in learning to identify and create letters

Alphabonk Farm - Study science, pronunciation, and animal sounds

Alphie - Teach the ABCs through a fun and variable environment

Be Fruitful and Multiply - Learn multiplication with the aid of pictures

Big Friendly Calculator - Install this basic calculator for children

Big Thinkers Kindergarten - Explore the Big Thinkers educational backyard

Blues Clues: Healthy Snack Game - Have fun with this children's game about fruits and vegetables

Casper's Flip Book - Mix and match sentences in this word game

C.D. Caterpillar - Read a book about bedtime

Checkers' Playroom - Learn about shapes, numbers, and letters with Checkers' help

Crayola Make A Masterpiece - Create beautiful works of art with these wacky tools

Creepin Critter Math - Learn math skills

Dr. Seuss's ABC - Discover the ABCs of reading through the eyes of Dr. Seuss

Elroy Goes Bugzerk - Use your head to help Elroy outsmart the bully

Elroy Hits the Pavement - Use basic scientific principles to help Elroy

Frankenstein's Helper - Learn math skills and have fun at the same time

Infinity City Demo (Mac) - Learn math with the Gigglebone Gang

iSpell - Learn to read, spell, and pronounce words

Iz and Auggie: Escape from Dimension Q - Solve a variety of spy-type games and rescue missing agents

Kids Animation Maker iEdition - Create animations with this iMac-inspired program for kids

KinderGrid - Download a crossword puzzle generator for young children

Little Red Wagon - Teach your preschooler all about numbers, letters, and shapes

Logical Journey of the Zoombinis: Mudball Wall - Develop logic skills while saving the Zoombini

Madeline Preschool & Kindergarten Deluxe - Experience Paris with Madeline while learning about colors, letters, math and more.

Madeline: 1st & 2nd Grade Deluxe - Play this spelling game with Madeline

Math Market - Help your child develop basic math skills

Neighborhood MapMachine - Create maps and learn geography skills

Number Aquarium - Count and draw numbers with animals from the sea

Oxford Reading Tree Talking Stories - Learn to read with lively storytelling, animation, and sound effects

Peekaboo - Play the classic game of hangman (for young children)

Perplexity - Tease your brain with memory and logic puzzles

PreSchool Playtime - Learn basic recognition of letters, numbers, shapes, and colors

Ridiculous Rhymes - Enjoy a wickedly funny, animated poem for children

Schoolhouse Rock: 3rd-4th Grade Essentials - Learn elementary school essentials to the beat of <i>Schoolhouse Rock</i>

Schoolhouse Rock: 1st&#150;4th Grade Math Essentials - Learn math to the beat of <i>Schoolhouse Rock</i>

Secret Agent - Practice math while pretending to be a secret agent

The Secret Squirrel Decoder - Code and decode top secret messages

Slam Dunk Typing - Play virtual basketball and learn to type at the same time

Spell - Teach kids to spell

SpellRight - Learn to spell by playing games

Sun & Moon - Learn visual discrimination skills while having fun matching pictures

Tomato Head - Dress up a funny-looking tomato

TykeWriter - Get kids started writing with this word processor

Type & Speak - Download a talkative typing tutor

Valentine Time - Make a valentine card and play a game

VSE Kids Animation Maker - Create animations with this graphics studio for kids

What Time Is It - Have fun while practicing telling time

Who Spilled the Tubby Custard - Go on a fun journey with the Teletubbies and learn words and sounds

Wilbur Worm - Practice counting skills while helping Wilbur find the apple orchard

Zurk's Alaskan Trek for Mac Demo - Learn math and science skills through nature simulations

Zurk's Learning Safari for Mac Demo - Explore Africa and learn science, numbers, and letters

Zurk's Rainforest Lab for Mac Demo - Explore a rainforest to discover science, math, and writing