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Macintosh Shareware

AdDressMan - Address Book - AdDressMan is a small address book, for PowerPC machines ONLY.

AliasCrony - Part of The Yellowsoft Web Site by Rocco Moliterno. Software and more

Alien Assault - This is the latest version of Alien Assault, a popular side-motion arcade game from Matthew Formica Productions. It features addictive arcade action, cool graphics, and devilish aliens. This version fixes several bugs, and improves overall game play. Don't be fooled by the small size of the compressed version; it's a great game

Alien Invaders - Alien Invaders, a popular fast-action macintosh arcade game from Matthew Formica Productions It features addictive arcade action, cool graphics, and devilish aliens. How long can you last against the space invasion? - Primarily, an Info-Mac mirror, but with file descriptions listed inline with the file links in a smaller category set.

Black Cat Systems - Mac shareware, specializing in amateur/shortwave radio, scientific, and health and nutrition software.

Buena Software - Inexpensive audio and video shareware and freeware products for the Macintosh.

Cache Killer - The industry standard for web browser cache management since 1996, Cache Killer is the fast and easy way to save hard disk space and improve browser stability.

chezmark's MacPicks - Your weekly guide to the newest and best Macintosh shareware and freeware!

Constant BusinessMan - Office shareware for the Macintosh. Addresses, correspondence, mailings, invoicing, word processing all in one.

ConvertUnits Pro - ConvertUnits Pro is a measurements unit conversions calculator containing hundreds of metric, imperial, and U.S. units in its database, most to 14 digits. New units can be added. Converts ft/in/fractions, currencies, and many physical constants. Extensive on-line info on the history and development of measurement systems. ConvertUnits Pro 'Lite' is the shareware version with an initial 25 conversions with access to the full database. After this, a reduced data set will remain operational.

DB Presents - Presentation Software - DB Presents is a Presentation Software package that views PICT, Quicktime compressed PICTs (Animation, Cinepak, Component Video, Graphics, Motion JPEG A, Motion JPEG B, Photo - JPEG, Planar RGB, and Video types of compression) and Quicktime Movies.

Desktop Resetter - Develops programs like Desktop Resetter which remembers and resets icon and window positions on your desktop so you can quickly revert back to your organized desktop.

Diamond Jim Development - Authors of Macintosh shareware. You can download BookCovers, a bookreaders book collection database, and VideoClips Pro, a videophiles video collection database.

Digital Diary - project activity organizer - Digital Diary is a project activity organizer and decision tracker which gives you fingertip access to the current status of any of your projects, giving you the ability to go back to see all activities on any project or on any day you choose. On a complex project, there could be a dozen or more separate issues being dealt with at the same time, each of which has its own distinct status and decision process. Notes entered into the diary can be gathered and reports generated based on various criteria, such as activity type or project status, giving a valuable overview of your projects.

Eat-o's - New from MF Software, comes Eat-o's 1.0, a new fast-action arcade game for the Macintosh This game features a cool soundtrack, smooth wrapping graphics, a full-featured level editor, relentless monsters and hours of fun Move around the grid, munching food and gaining powerups. Watch out for the piranas, and make sure you eat the pizza Eat all the food to advance to the next high-adrenalin level. You may find this game very addictive. Download it today for an experience you won't want to miss

Elsware Ltd. Software - Cool Macintosh shareware.

Fabrizio Oddone - CDIconKiller, ChunkJoiner, Disk Charmer, Folder Icon Cleaner, Forward Delete, QuickestMirror, and more.

FitBody Lite Nutrition Software - FitBody Lite is a shareware health, fitness, and nutrition tracking software package for Apple Macintosh computers.

Food Chain - The strategy-board game where cartoon creatures eat each other to survive.

Gardening Layout Software - MakeItGrow2.3DEMO.sit is a garden layout package for your Macintosh. It will allow you to lay out a garden up to 200' x 200', using 96 of the most common types of vegetables, herbs, and fruits, plus 52 common flowers. Each icon is drawn in the correct s cale for the spacing required for the plant. The program also supports line drawing in eight colors, for garden boundaries, etc, plus a wide selection of fill patterns and the ability to draw circles, rectangles, and rounded rectangles, as well as text en try (with support for font, size, and style selection), in either the vertical or horizontal mode. The grid is fixed at 6' per square, or 15 cm, allowing for a 200'x200', or about a 65x65 meter plot.

Gratisware - Educational freeware by educators for elementary school children.

Gypsy King Software - MAC games, play poker dice, tempt the fates and Madame Murghi, or put yourself in the president's hotseat. The choice is yours, games to come include RPGs.

Hang2000 - Hang2000 is a Macintosh word game that is colorful, soundful, non-violent, and secretly educational. It features dozens of built-in categories of words, thousands of words and unlimited custom word lists.

Images of the World - Photographics Image CD-ROM and Macintosh and Windows QT Float QuickTime Screen Saver and other Macintosh file exchange tools (XTND Translators, Contextual Menu Manager plugins, etc).

JKK Software Web Page - A place for people to download JKK's shareware programs and plug-ins and get personalized web pages and e-mail.

LandShark - LandShark1.6DEMO.sit : kill the LandShark, don't get killed. This is not as easy as it sounds. The LandShark wins if it either destroys all of your military units (which means that eventually all your civilian ones will be destroyed), or by destroying all your civilian targets. You win if you destroy the LandShark. You also have the option of playing the LandShark and wreaking havoc upon the unsuspecting humans. In this case, to win, you must destroy both the military and civilian targets.

MaBaSoft - Shareware for the Macintosh - This page describes MaBaSoft products: PowerCalc (a multi-function RPN calculator), Quit CSM (a control strip module enabling you to quit applications without having to make them active) and World Clock CSM (a multi-time clock for the Control Strip). The latest news from MaBaSoft and registration information is also provided.

Mac Multimedia Software w/ ProView - Quickly and easily create professional looking Macintosh or Windows portfolios, catalogs, albums and more from your MAC. Combine pictures, sound, text, movies and QTVR. NO programming necessary.

The Mac OS Zone - Great source for premiere Macintosh software, shareware, freeware, and demos, updated weekly.

MacAlive TM - MacAlive TM is a web site designed to showcase innovative LIVE Multimedia software products for the Macintosh.

- Reminds you to take breaks when you're working hard on projects and forget about lunch, etc...

MacHeliodon - MacHeliodon will quickly calculate and illustrate the shading effects for an overhang of a user's design, for any time, day, and location on earth. It also calculates and displays sun path diagrams. MacHeliodon allows architects and designers to evaluate many overhang designs in a matter of minutes with much more convenience and accuracy than conventional sun path diagrams. MacHeliodon has more than 50 cities in its database and new locations can be easily added.

Macintosh Freeware and Shareware - Panda Systems' programs include, PandoCalendar, PandoFrame, PandoStickers, and more.

MacLotto - MacLotto is a (surprise ) number generation program which supports multiple lotteries. Support for other lotteries will be added just as fast as I can find information on them. - is the _ultimate_ source for Macintosh freeware and shareware. Weekly features and news updates make this site a candidate for bookmarking by all Macintosh enthusiasts.

MacTuner - The Internet Global Media receiver that brings a world of live radio and television to your Macintosh. MacTuner 2.0 combines RealAudio and RealVideo with a database of over 1500 radio and TV sites to allow you to instanly tune in to broadcasts from around the world.

MacUpdate - The largest Macintosh-only software and games download site on the internet. Browse the software titles by category or use the powerful search feature to quickly find what you're looking for. This site is updated 5+ times a day, so you'll always get the latest releases and news.

MacUpdate: Business Software - Search, browse, and download all of the latest Macintosh business software.

MacZ Software - Software for Macintosh computers. Try our main product, OptimaHTML.

MacZ software - Our main product is EasyChat, new-age simple Communicating system, which anyone can use. Also many other cool software available for download.

MPj Astro - Planetarium Astronomy Program - MPj Astro is an easy to use planetarium type astronomy programme for Macintosh computers. It will display the positions of the stars, planets, comets, Sun and Moon for any location on earth from 2000 BC to the year 6000. Use MPj Astro to locate and identify objects in the sky, learn the constellations, track comets, plot eclipses and print star maps.

MR Stuff Shareware - Shareware for everyday use: address book, calculator, Bible, etc.

Nick's Site-Shareware & Freeware - This is a cool Macintosh shareware and freeware web site. It has some other stuff, but is mostly dedicated to providing interesting and original shareware and freeware that is well done.

NorthSoft Mac OS Division - Dedicated to creating low-cost solutions for consumers, business users, and educational users alike.

The Official Home Page of Note - Note is a powerful collaboration and communication system for Apple Macintosh computers on an AppleTalk network.

RSX Solutions - Develops software such as AMPCaster, which allows you to track MP3 songs over the internet and OmniBot, which is a Hotline bot.

SmalltalkFactory - Shareware written in Smalltalk. -ScribblingWorks is a notes management system. -WordCoach help learning languages

SmartVideo - A video capture program optomized to capture short video segments with the ability to trigger on events from live video.

Stuffit Expander - Compression software.

Substitute - Part of The Yellowsoft Web Site by Rocco Moliterno. Software and more

Text Finder - Powerful and accurate tool to search and replace text inside entire disks or folders.

TiCalendar - Daily Calendar with notes - TiCalendar is a small calendar program with notes by day. A one trick pony, but small and cute

ValueFax - ValueFax is the first shareware fax program for the Macintosh. This is a commercial quality, full function product with QuickFax, fax driver, full reception and conversion of the fax in background, installer, and an online manual. Versions of this product have been shipping commercially under different names for several years. The basic product has been thoroughly tested in a variety of Mac configurations using a variety of Class 1 and Class 2 modems (this product will not work with Apple's express modems or with Apple's Geoport modems).

WeatherTracker TM - World-wide weather LIVE on the Mac!

Webroot Software, Inc. - Offers security, privacy, and enhancement software designed for the home or office environment.

WebWoste3 - Libre Service - A shareware and freeware zone on WebWoste3. Home of Woste98 shareware font, available for the Macintosh as for Wintel machines. This handy TrueType™ font mimics handwriting and is perfectly suited eihter for writing letters or for designing 3D titles.

YENCO.COM - Makers of the popular disk catalog shareware - Archive for Mac, and the award-winning money management shareware Finance for Mac.