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Magazines and E-zines Zines  

The Fray    - "...The Fray is a place for people who believe the web is about personal expression and a new kind of art..."

Acid Logic - Acid Logic is primarily humorous, but also focuses on odd, unusual and slightly stream of consciousness writing. Any number of subjects may be covered, from politics, to culture, to television, to music. Perhaps considered "edgy" by some, it is the end result of breeding Mad magazine, Doonesbury and Saturday Night Live together in a test tube and then consuming the afterbirth.

alt.zines DMZ: FAQ - A FAQ for the alt.zines newsgroup. Also other information about zines and the alt.zines group.

Amarillo Bay - Something good to read. The online literary magazine containing the finest modern literature. - moeities from an anonymous man. home of (1) pith..., an ezine of poetry and prose (2) The Gist of It, a ever-growing collection of darkly wise quotations and aphorisms (3) What Goes On, a forum for rants and other incidentals (4) the not-books, thought content in search of a form.

ArtPage Images - The magazine of art, poetry, the cats and the kitchen sink

The BOB Review - Original creative writing and reviews.

The Book of Zines - This comprehensive and regularly updated site includes extensive references, information, interviews, articles and links about zines and e-zines., a modest parade of writings - an irregular sort of zine publishing mostlt alternative writings presenting truth, fiction, insight, and outsight via stories, commentary, and reverie

Ceilbe Times - Admittedly we have a somewhat, to say the least, unique staff that publishes the Ceilbe Times. Be informed and visit the Ezine for the bizarre and written by the ludicrous design staff the "Ceilbe Times" - a welcome home for the distraught.

Chumps On Parade - An independent student run newspaper from Grand Rapids, MI.

Conjunctions: The Web Forum of Innovative Writing - "Conjunctions is a leading publisher of new fiction, poetry, art and interviews. Sample the best of our past issues and writing available only online."

( deep underground ) - Alternative poetry e-zine. Below the mainstream, somewhere harder.

Eclectic Magazine - An online magazine for teens and young adults, featuring articles, essays, poetry, fiction, reviews, quotes, jokes and more.

the GATE - Dedicated to music, movies, and writing. Areas include publishing links, creative writing, music links from all over, and movie news & reviews.

Inkpot's Zine Scene - Collection of online newspapers, newsletters, periodicals, zines, magazines and publications that are updated with the slightest modicum of regularity.

m a c h e t e - Directory and reviews of online zines by women-of-color. Also features a "start-a-zine" section, WEBRING, and submit an award page.

melange | A Journal of the Written Arts - A quarterly print/online literary publication featuring original works of poetry, prose, and art by authors and artists from the U.S. and abroad.

Mind's Eye Fiction - Short stories and novels by professional authors. You can read the first part of each story for free, then you can either read ads or pay a small amount with e-commerce to see the ending.

OnCue Magazine - OnCue is an online literary magazine publishing poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and book reviews of all styles, genres and lengths. First issue premiers April 12 1999. We are now accepting submissions (no reading fee).

Pif Magazine - Online collection of zines.

Quantum Muse - Posting the finest in sci-fi, fantasy and alternative writing and artwork. For free. In our sober moments...

16 Renford Road - A paper-based publication accepting submission of new writers.

Salt for Slugs Magazine - Salt for Slugs is literary verite; it's about your life, our life, and everybody's life. Aside from covering anything from Kung-Fu to live music to bizarre counter culture, SFS investigates the realm of music, fiction, mayhem, multiple personalities, drunken revelry, and musty clothes. We've exposed lives filled with interesting sounds, quirky people, local color, "How-To" tips, "Best-Of" polls, action sports, and other miscellaneous bullshit that has no discernible purpose.

Samsara - Samsara - run by John Bourassa-Dutton, a Montreal television director. Samsara is both a gallery and a magazine. It contains photos, digital artwork, paintings, stories, novel extracts, poetry, plays, and combinations of all of the above.

Stirring : A Literary Collection - An online collection showcasing the brightest of the web's burgeoning poets. We accept poetry, prose, and plays.

svelte - Essays on the Los Angeles art scene, on-line shrine called "Buddhas and Babies", mail art, homage to Thomas Pynchon, and other weirdness.

Tabloid - TABLOID is cyber journalism, fun, flashy and online. Lots to read at the site. Good thing the site is easy to navigate and searchable. The zine comes out twice a week and can be subscribed to at the web page.

Tag Magazine - Tag is a magazine for people who want to make their mark. It is about having something unique to say, the pleasure of finding someone who agrees with your perspective and the thrill of finding someone who doesn't. Tag has an downtown urban vibe--written by young people making their own way outside of the mainstream. But we don't presume to have the market cornered on cool. We are a community of people who are feeling our way through life and want to share our thoughts and experiences.

uXu - Underground eXperts United, Est. 1991; Sweden's oldest electronic underground magazine

Weekender - Weekender is a weekly newsletter that brings you motivational quotations, inspirational readings, and resources to help you change your life.

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