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Meditation - Awaken Your Spirit    - Spiritual enlightenment, inner peace, and natural balance though Sahaja Yoga meditation. Experience a breakthrough in higher awareness right in front of your screen - online experience.

Meditation Station    - Meditation Society of America's web site. Dedicated to sharing meditation techniques and concepts from all traditions. Offering dozens of methods to reach truth, consciousness, and bliss.

The Abyss - Meditation instructions to improve well being, hopes, dreams, and self improvement.

The Divine Life Society - Books and discourses (published online) on meditation, yoga, mysticism, spiritual practice, metaphysical philosophy, cosmological poetry, Hindu scriptural texts, Bhagavadgita, Upanishads, and Vedanta.

The Eureka Society - Sound current and light meditation program by a non-profit organization.

HolisticOnLine: Meditation - Guide to meditation from HolisticOnLine, a promoter of alternative health care and related sales.

Human Alchemy Productions - Created by Paul Taylor and Nick Kemp working in personal development, NLP and the highest forms of meditation.

InnerSelf Magazine: Meditation - Various authors share viewpoints, modalities, suggestions concerning meditation and its effects on health of mind, body, and spirit. (InnerSelf Magazine)

Insight Meditation Washington DC Tara Brach - Mindfulness Meditation Washington DC. Tara Brach teaches meditation classes and meditation retreats. Sharon Salzberg visits Sept 1999.

Love From The Waiting Room Healing Meditations - Information on healing meditations for fear, chronic pain and for relieving accumulated stress and stress symptoms.

Meditate Now - Explore an individualized methodology in meditation.

Meditation: The Fine Art of Shutting Up - A humorous approach with helpful tips for those who find a "sitting still" meditation difficult. I offer tips to make meditation easier, plus info on Meditation Sharing Circles.

Meditation - Where Do I Start? A Downloadable Guide - Tools for Daily Living - Introduction. Meditation. Sections with articles on health and body as well.

Meditation Handbook - Essay on the practice of meditation.

Meditation, health, peace - Facilities for interpersonal peace by healthy individuals: Bioprofilation by dialogue, abstracts, 'classical' meditation schools, case stories, FAQ on common sense and meditation, INTERSYMP in Baden-Baden.

Meditation Information Network - Supporting critical examination of the programs associated with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction - Useful information that can reduce stress and connect you with resources around the world.

Moksha Journal Online - Moksha Journal is the Journal of Knowledge, Spirituality and Freedom. This journal reflects a multiplicity of perspectives, including works pertaining to Yoga, various schools of Buddhism, Sufism, Eastern and Western philosophy, meditation, mystical Christianity, etc.

Music Healing Tips - 11 helpful free tips show how to listen to music for transformation and healing from Sound Feelings.

The National Meditation Center - Jacksonville, TX - The NMC is the national center for training and certification of Meditation instructors and practioners. We also certify and register instructors in Tai Chi, Chi kung, judo, and jui jitsu. We need sponsors for research in Asian studies and sponsors for our youth program.

Prayer and Meditation Gems Online - Direct links to prayer and meditation pages on the Web.

Spontaneous Spiritual Emergence - A meditation experience - a profound transformative experience: article by Peter Lascombe as published in the Knowledge of Reality journal

The Summum Transcending Meditations - "Where your attention is, is where you are, for you are your attention."

Synchronicity Contemporary Meditation

The Temple - Step by step guidance on a variety of meditation techniques and practices for the beginner.

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