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Antietam Families - Antietam Families is a genealogical research site dedicated to researching those families that had homestead on or near the Battle of Antietam.

Cyndi's List - Canada Military - General resource sites.

Cyndi's List - Canadian Military - General Resource Sites.

Cyndi's List - Military Resources Worldwide - General Resource Sites.

Cyndi's List - U.K. Military - General Resource Sites.

Cyndi's List - U.S. Military - Category Index: General Resource Sites, Historical Military Conflicts, Events or Wars, Libraries, Archives & Museums, Mailing Lists, Newsgroups & Chat, Maps, Gazetteers & Geographical Information, Medals, Awards & Tributes, Military History Resources, Professional Researchers, Volunteers & Other Research Services, Publications, Software & Supplies, Records: Military, Pension, Burial, and Societies & Groups.

Cyndi's List - U.S. Civil War / War for Southern Independence - General Resource Sites.

Military - Military sites worldwide, including genealogical and historical resources.

Military History Sites - Very slow loading.

Pennsylvania Volunteers of the Civil War - Searchable Eastern Pennsylvania rosters and histories with hints to find Civil War ancestors.

USCT Ring - A web ring dedicated to descendants, historians, and reenactors of the United States Colored Troops.

USIGS Military Collection - Information that is found in this collection is copyrighted material and has been contributed to the USIGS Research Library. It may not be quoted or retransmitted without a full citation to the author, and may not be put into print -- in whole or part -- without the individual author's express permission. USIGS Provides Free Access to all collections. -

USIGS Military Collection - Links - Military records often contain significant genealogical information. This page is an effort to gather together the indexes and transcriptions that exist on the Internet of those military records. -

VA National Cemeteries - Address and Phone Numbers of VA National Cemeteries.

Armoured Fighting Vehicle School - The AFV CIS (Communications and Information Systems) School provides training to elements of the armed forces. Site details the school's role and lists course details.

The British Army - Official website of the British Army. Includes information on careers, the equipment and role of the Army, current operations and regimental histories.

The British Army Picture Library - Site has over 5,0000 images of the Army, also crests, logos and recent news pictures. Download images or order prints online.

The Black Watch - A famous Scottish regiment which today recruits all its men from Perthshire, Angus and Fife.

Blues and Royals - The Blues and Royals (one of the Household Cavalry regiments) were formed in 1969 from an amalgamation of The Royal Horse Guards (The Blues) and The Royal Dragoons (The Royals).

29 Commando Regiment Royal Artillery

Devon & Dorset Regiment

The Duke of Wellington's Regiment

The Green Howards - The Green Howards - North Yorkshire and Teesside's own Armoured infantry Regiment.

The Grenadier Guards - One of the British Army's oldest Regiments, and the only one to have gained its title directly from the part it played in action.

The Irish Guards

The King's Own Royal Border Regiment - The King's Own Royal Border Regiment are the only Infantry Regiment in the British Army that recruits exclusively from North Lancashire and Cumbria. Many generations of local men have served in the small close-knit teams that make up both the full-time and part-time Battalions of the KORBR.

The King's Own Scottish Borderers

The King's Regiment - The City Regiment of Manchester and Liverpool

King's Royal Hussars - The King's Royal Hussars is an armoured regiment equipped with Challenger Main Battle Tanks. The regiment recruits from Lancashire and Greater Manchester in the north, and Hampshire, Wiltshire, Oxfordshire, Gloucestershire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, the Isle of Wight and Channel Islands in the south.

King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery

The Life Guards - The Life Guards, the senior Regiment in the British Army, were formed at the Restoration in 1660 from a group of 80 Royalists who had gone into exile with King Charles II after his defeat at the Battle of Worcester (1652).

The Light Dragoons - The Light Dragoons (formerly 13th/18th Royal Hussars (QMO) and 15th/19th King's Hussars) recruit in Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, County Durham and South Yorkshire.

The Light Infantry - The modern Light Infantry, the largest infantry regiment in today's Order of Battle, was formed as a large regiment in 1968 from a merger of the Somerset & Cornwall Light Infantry, the King's Own Yorkshire Light Infantry, the King's Shropshire Light Infantry and the Durham Light Infantry.

7 Para Royal Horse Artillery

The Parachute Regiment - The Parachute Regiment is the airborne infantry of the British Army. Their tasks have been and will continue to be many and varied, taking them all over the globe. Those soldiers who have earned the coveted maroon beret are not supermen, but ordinary people who are prepared to go that extra mile.

The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire - The Prince of Wales's Own Regiment of Yorkshire (PWO) is the modern-day successor to the former West Yorkshire Regiment (The Prince of Wales's Own) and the East Yorkshire Regiment (The Duke of York's Own).

The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment - The Princess of Wales's Royal Regiment is the senior English infantry regiment of The Line. It was formed on 9th September 1992 by the amalgamation of the Queen's Regiment and The Royal Hampshire Regiment. It is the Infantry County Regiment of London, Surrey, Kent, Sussex, Hampshire, Middlesex, Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands.

The Queen's Lancashire Regiment - The Red Rose County's Own Infantry Regiment

The Queen's Own Yeomanry - The Queen's Own Yeomanry are a Territorial Army Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment, operating in light armoured vehicles. The Regiment was formed in 1794 from four different Yeomanry Regiments, each forming a different squadron today.

Queen's Royal Hussars - The Queen's Royal Hussars is the senior Light Cavalry regiment in the British Army and has a proud history of loyal service over 300 years. The 1993 amalgamation between The Queen's Own Hussars and The Queen's Royal Irish Hussars has seen the strengths and abilities from both, forged together in the new regiment.

The Queen's Royal Lancers - As part of the Royal Armoured Corps, The Queen's Royal Lancers are the 'mailed fist' of the British Army. Together with the Infantry, the Regiment's role is to seek and close with the enemy and defeat him using Firepower, Mobility and Protection.

1 Regiment Royal Artillery - The 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery is the senior Regiment in the British Army when on parade with its guns. The Regiment is equipped with the Armyís most modern self propelled 155mm howitzer, the 47 ton British AS90.

12 Regiment Royal Artillery

16 Regiment Royal Artillery

19 Regiment Royal Artillery

22 Regiment Royal Artillery

32 Regiment Royal Artillery - 32 Regiment Royal Artillery is a Depth Fire regiment based in Larkhill, 10 miles north of Salisbury. It is equipped with the Multiple Launch Rocket System, or MLRS for short and also operates the Phoenix Remotely Piloted Vehicle.

39 Regiment Royal Artillery - 39 Regiment Royal Artillery is equipped with the Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) and various Surveillance and Target Acquisition assets

4 Regiment Royal Artillery - Currently residing in Osnabruck, Germany, 4th Regiment Royal Horse Artillery was formed at Helmieh in Egypt in May 1939 from three batteries drawn from independent commands in India.

40 Regiment Royal Artillery - 40 Regiment RA - the Lowland Gunners - recruits mainly from the Lowland areas of Scotland, which include Edinburgh and Glasgow.

47 Regiment Royal Artillery - The Hampshire and Sussex Gunners are situated on the border of Hampshire and West Sussex close to the picturesque town of Emsworth where they have been stationed since 1989.

5 Regiment Royal Artillery - The Regimentís role is to deliver precise targeting information in all operational environments. Over half the Regiment is maintained at high readiness for Joint Rapid Reaction Force operations.

The Royal Anglian Regiment - The Royal Anglian Regiment is the Regiment of ten counties of East Anglia and the East Midlands with a history going back to 1685. It was formed in 1964 from the regiments of the East Anglian Brigade, which themselves had been formed through a series of amalgamations of six former County Regiments between 1958-60.

The Royal Army Chaplains' Department - The Royal Army Chaplains' Department was founded in 1796. Chaplains of all denominations share a ministry to soldiers and their families wherever they may serve.

Royal Dragoon Guards - Information and Recruitment

The Royal Electrical & Mechanical Engineers - The British Army is a professional, high-tech operation. Around the world it employs a range of complex equipment to achieve its objectives. From rifles to rocket launchers, motorcycles to main battle tanks, the Army's effectiveness depends on its equipment being fit and ready to go at a moments notice. The Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (REME) makes sure that it is.

The Royal Engineers - The RE provide military engineering support to the three Armed Services and other Government Departments.

The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment - The Royal Gloucestershire, Berkshire and Wiltshire Regiment is almost the youngest regiment in the British Army, but was formed from the Gloucestershire Regiment and the Duke of Edinburgh's Royal Regiment (Berkshire and Wiltshire) whose 300 years of history and traditions it has inherited.

The Royal Green Jackets - The Royal Green Jackets was formed as a large Regiment on 1 January 1966 by the amalgamation of the 1st Green Jackets (the 43rd & 52nd), the 2nd Green Jackets (the King's Royal Rifle Corps), and the 3rd Green Jackets (the Rifle Brigade).

The Royal Gurkha Rifles

The Royal Highland Fusiliers

The Royal Irish Regiment - In 1992 the oldest, most distinguished Irish infantry Regiment of the line, the Royal Irish Rangers (itself the successor to several famous Irish Regiments of the past) merged with the youngest and largest infantry Regiment in the British Army, The Ulster Defence Regiment, to create a new Regiment with a unique identity - The Royal Irish Regiment.

The Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry - The Royal Mercian and Lancastrian Yeomanry (RMLY) is for those who enjoy the 'feel' of the Regular Army, but are unable to give it their full commitment. The Regiment is part of the Territorial Army, is steeped in tradition and history, and is an excellent example of the Volunteer Cavalry.

The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers - The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, formed in 1968 from the amalgamation of several older regiments, is today headquartered in Her Majesty's Tower of London - the last remnant of the once huge garrison in the Tower.

1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards - 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards (The Welsh Cavalry) is the senior Cavalry regiment of the Line. The regiment's origins go back to 1685 when The 1st (King's) Dragoon Guards and The Queen's Bays (2nd Dragoon Guards) were both formed by James II. These two regiments amalgamated in 1959 to form 1st The Queen's Dragoon Guards.

9th/12th Royal Lancers (Prince of Wales's)


British Defence Staff in the United States - The British Defence Staff (Washington) based at The British Embassy in Washington DC and deal with all aspects of US-UK defence matters. They are made up of a core of single service and civilian personnel as well as exchange and liaison officers located throughout the USA

Defence Analytical Services Agency - DASA site includes a number of MOD statistical reports either online or as downloadable PDF files.

Defence Bills Agency - DBA provides a range of services to the Ministry of Defence in respect of bill payment, debt recovery and the provision of associated management information. This site is mainly aimed at MOD contractors and finance branches, providing information on prompt payment and contact points.

Defence Engineering and Science Group - Site presents information on the work of the DESG and the opportunities it offers for training and career development.

Defence Estates - Site of the Defence Estates Agency - responsible for the properties and lands owned by the MOD.

Defence Evaluation and Research Agency - DERA - provides details on careers opportunities, products and services and a number of case studies which show the range of work undertaken by the agency.

Defence Export Services Organisation - Responsible for promoting and licensing the export of British military equipment.

Defence Postal and Courier Services - Responsible for the delivery of all types of mail to British Service Personnel, their dependants and authorised civilians throughout the world via the British Forces Post Offices (BFPO) network. This service is also available to given locations within Great Britain.

Defence Procurement Agency - Britain's largest purchasing organisation, responsible for procuring everything from Eurofighters to screwdrivers.

Defence Secondary Care Agency - The DSCA is responsible for providing trained military secondary care personnel to the UK Armed Forces. This site provides information on how they discharge this duty (most info is available via the 1997 report page).

DGICS - Explains the role of the Directorate General of Information and Communication Services in the implementation of Information Systems (IS) projects across the MOD.

Disposal Sales Agency - A huge range of ex-Service and MOD equipment - from tanks to tabletops - is disposed of each year by the Disposal Sales Agency through public auctions and other means.

The Hydrographic Office - Site of the Hydrographic Office, responsible for producing Admiralty charts of the waters off Britain and around the world.

International Visits Control Office, UK MOD - Provides details on the role of IVCO in sponsoring visits to UK defence establishments by non-UK citizens and visits by UK nationals to defence establishment sites overseas.

The Met. Office Home Page - The Meteorological Office - Excelling in Weather Services. The latest weather, national, regional, marine and aviation forecasts. Research information. Advanced weather services for business and the public.

Ministry of Defence, United Kingdom - Site provides information on the UK's armed forces and the MOD, obtaining service records, policy documents and Defence news.

UK MOD Directorate of Standardization - DStan website contains PDF versions of Defence Standards documents.