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Mother's Day

Albion, Michigan Historical Markers, Mother's Day - Brief story about a historical marker commemorating Mother's Day in Albion, Michigan.

All Aboard Mrs. Noah's Ark - A story that is a devotional for Mother's Day; Christian-oriented site.

Anatomy of a Mother - Humorous description of the perfect physical type for a mother; links to other humor.

Carolyn's Universe Mother's Day Site - History of Mother's Day, poetry and stories written about mothers, and quotes written about mothers.

Celebrating Mother's Day at The Holiday Zone - Includes game ideas, reading comprehension exercises, discussion topics, and language activities.

Elaine's Mother's Day Page - Contains poems and quotes.

Happy Mother's Day - A history of celebrating mothers through the ages and accounts of how different cultures celebrate Mother's Day.

Happy Mother's Day - A tribute to the mothers of the world.

Happy Mother's Day! - My Mother's Day page dedicated to my mother, with links to everything related to the holiday.

Happy Mother's Day from Parent Soup - Provides online postcards, gift ideas, online quiz about mothers in history, and suggestions for dads.

A History of Mother's Day - Article written by Holly Hildebrand. Published in Houston Chronicle Interactive.

HomeArts Celebrates Mother's Day - Reflections on mothers-in-law, raising children, a mother's touch, losing your mother, being an at home mother, recipes, books, links.

Honor Thy Mother - Pays tribute with a special study on mothers in the Bible.

Julia Ward Howe - Mother's Day Proclamation

The Motherhood Place - Features heart-warming poems, stories and inspirational thoughts about motherhood.

Mother's Day at - Visitors will find profiles of over 100 famous moms, along with links to motherly advice.

The Mother's Day Center - The Mother's Day Center, offering you great Mother's Day gifts and ideas as well as infomation on its history.

Mother's Day History - Find the history of Mother's Day

1001 Mother's Day Ideas - Includes free clipart, screensavers, wallpaper, and gift ideas.

Mother's Day in Prison - An article from 1997 from the San Francisco Bay Guardian about celebrating Mother's Day in prisons.

Mother's Day on the Net - A web site dedicated to Mother's Day

Mother's Day Sites - A large selection of Mother's Day link and graphics.

Mother's Day Story - Story of a man who realized he wanted to pay personal attention to his mother on Mother's Day.

A Mothers Tribute - Features collection of poetry about mothers.

My First Mother's Day Without My Son - A short account by a bereaved mother on facing Mother's Day after the death of her baby.

Rexanne's Mother's Day - Offers original poetry and extensive collection of links.

Sylvaqueen's Mother's Day Graphics - Includes flowers and greetings. Some are suitable as cards.

There's No Page Like Home for the Holidays: Happy Mother's Day - Includes poetry, quotations, historical information, craft ideas, reproductions of famous paintings. Graphics intensive.

Tribute to Motherhood - A tribute through famous quotations, poems, and verses.

Trivia Quiz about Mothers - Quiz about mothers in Warner Bros. movies.

TV Mom Trivia - Trivia quiz, with answers, about television mothers.

Victorian Art For Mother - Clipart of antique images from our Victorian Era collection.

Write On, Mom from - Features tributes to mothers written by their children around the world.

Aariel's Mother's Day Crafts - Includes recipes, coupon ideas, and crafts.

Billy Bear's Happy Mother's Day - Online stories, games, activities pages.

BlackDog's Mother's Day Celebration - Includes printable and online games, mazes, coloring pages, and gift ideas.

Celebrate Mother's Day with Warner Bros. Animation - Features downloadable and printable "coupons" for Mother's Day.

DLTK's Crafts for Kids - Mother's Day - Features printable templates for Mother's Day crafts suitable for preschool, kindergarten and gradeschool children.

5Geokids - Kids and Mother's Day - Includes craft ideas, word puzzles, history of Mother's Day, a time table, and games.

Happy Mother's Day- Kids' Exchange - Special things to do for your mom; from 1999.

I Love My Mom - Printable coloring page designed by Jan Brett.

It's Our 1999 Mother's Day Celebration - Includes survey about mothers, holiday trivia, information on mothers in history and suggestions for great but inexpensive gifts. From A Girl's World.

Mom's Day from Wendy's World of Crafts - Provides ideas for gifts children can make.

Mom's Day Fun at Kid's Domain - Includes online greetings, printable activities, Macintosh and PC downloads, and graphics.

Mother's Day Arts and Crafts - Provides simple directions for children's crafts.

Mother's Day from - Provides printable cards, online quizzes and games, trivia, and graphics.

Room 100 Mother's Day 1996 - A tribute page to mothers by some students in Buckman Elementary School in Portland, Oregon; from 1996.