Variety Movie Medley(by Jim!)
9 to 5 
20th Century Fox 
633 Squadron(by Stuart Wright)
1492 theme (1492, Columbus' Discovery of the New World) 
2001 theme (1001 Space Odyssey) 
The Accidental Tourist(by Ron Perovich)
Advance to the Rear (Today) 
Against All Odds 
The Alamo (Green Leaves of Summer) 
All of Me 
An American Tail (Somewhere Out There) 
Anastasia-At The Beginning (by Amy!) 
Anastasia-Journey to the Past (by Valerie Dickey!) 
Anastasia-Journey to the Past (by Amy!) 
Anastasia-Once Upon a December (by Valerie Dickey!) 
Anastasia-Once Upon a December (by Amy!) 
Annie (Tomorrow) 
Annie Get Your Gun (Anything You Can Do..) 
Apollo 13 
Babes in Toyland (Go to Sleep) 
Back to the Future theme 
Batman I theme (Batman I) 
Batman Forever (Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me) 
Batman Forever (Kiss From a Rose) 
Batman Returns 
Battle of Britain(by Stuart Wright
Beaches (From a Distance)
Beetlejuice music
Beetlejuice (Day-O) 
Beetlejuice (Day-O) 
Being There 
Beverly Hills Cop 
Beverly Hills Cop (The Heat is On)
Big (Heart and Soul) 
Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 
Blackboard Jumble 
The Black Hole 
Bladerunner theme 
Blazing Saddles(by Ron Perovich)
Blazing Saddles 
Blues Brothers 
Blues Brothers-Crazy Little Thing Called Love 
Blues Brothers-Everybody Needs Somebody 
Blues Brothers-Expressway to Your Heart 
Blues Brothers-Flip Flop Fly 
Blues Brothers-Minnie the Moocher* 
Blues Brothers-Opening Set 
Blues Brothers-Peter Gunn* 
Blues Brothers-Rawhide 
Blues Brothers-Shake Your Tailfeather* 
Blues Brothers-Sweet Home Chicago* 
The Bodyguard (I'll Always Love You) 
Born Free 
Braveheart (A Gift of a Thistle) 
Braveheart  (tinkered with by Ron Perovich) 
Breakfast at Tiffany's (Moon River) 
Breakfast Club 
Brian's Song (seq. by Bryan C. Hartig!)
Bridges of Madison County 
Caravans(by Gert Mostert!)
Cavatina (from Deer Hunter)
Chariots of Fire
Chung Kuo 
Close Encounters of the Third Kind 
Cool Runnings (I Can See clearly Now)
The Cowboys 
Crimson Tide (Eternal Father Strong to Guide) 
The Crow 
Dances With Wolves theme
Dances With Wolves (farewell, end)(by Stuart Wright)
Dances With Wolves (the John Dunbar theme) 
Danger Zone 
Dangerous Minds (Gangsta's Paradise)
The Dark Light 
Das Boot 
Deep Red 
Deep Space 9 theme
Deer Hunter (Cavatina) 
Deer Hunter (Cavatina) 
Deer Hunter (Cavatina) 
Deliverance (Dueling Banjos) 
Delta Force* 
Dirty Dancing (like Wind) 
Doctor Dolittle (Talk to the Animals) 
Don Juan Demarco (Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman?)
Dracula (Bram Stoker's)  (by Ron Perovich) 
Driving Miss Daisy 
Dr. Zhivago 
Dr. Who 
Duck Tails 
Dune (Beginning) 
Dune (Ending) 
Edward Scissorhands theme
Electric Dream (Madeline's theme) 
Electric Dream(thanks aberube!)
Endless Love (?) 
Escape From New York 
Escape From L.A. 
Everything Covered (Alien Puke) 
Everything Covered (Getting Famous) 
Everything Covered (Icelandic Men) 
Everything Covered (Smoking) 
Evita (Don't Cry for Me Argentina) 
Executive Decision 
The Exorcist 
Feris Bueler's Day Off (Twist and Shout) 
Flash Gordon
Flashdance (love theme) 
Flashdance (Michael Sumbello's Maniac) 
Flashdance (What a Feeling) 
Fletch theme 
Forrest Gump Theme
Forrest Gump Theme :-))(by
Four Weddings and a Funeral 
The Fury(by Ron Perovich)
Get Shorty 
Get Shorty 2 (Cantaloupe)
Ghost (Unchained Melody) 
Ghost (Unchained Melody) 
Glory (from soundtrack) 
Godfather theme
The Godfather WaltZ
  (by Ron Perovich) 
Godzilla (original)
Gone With the Wind theme 
Gone With the Wind (Tara's theme) 
Good, the Bad, the Ugly theme 
A Goofy Movie 
Grease (Summer Nights) 
Grease (Hopelessly Devoted to You) 
The Great Escape* 
The Great Outdoors 
Halloween theme 
Halloween (Laurie theme)(thanks, bartman!)
Halloween (Stalking Theme)(thanks, bartman!)
High Society (True Love)  (by Marjorie Harrell!) 
Holst the Planets, Mars the Bringer of War 
Holst the Planets, Mars the Bringer of War 
Home Alone 
Home Alone II 
Ice Castles theme
Independence Day  (by Ron Perovich) 
Independence Day (International Code) 
Indiana Jones (Raiders of the Lost Ark) 
It Must Have Been Love 
James Bond - Tomorrow Never Dies(by Denis Rionnet!) 
James Bond Theme 
James Bond - Casino Royale* 
James Bond - For Your Eyes Only 
James Bond (From Russia with Love) 
James Bond (Goldeneye) 
James Bond (Live and Let Die) 
James Bond (On Her Majesty's Secret Service)* 
James Bond (Spy Who Loved Me) 
James Bond (You Only Live Twice)* 
Jaws theme 
Jesus Christ Superstar 
JFK (prologue) 
Jumpin' Jack Flash 
Jurassic Park theme
Jurassic Park closing 
Karate Kid II (Glory of Love)
King of Kings 
King Kong 
La Bamba 
Last of the Mohicans(by Ron Perovich)
Last of the Mohicans 
Last Spring's Snow theme
Last Starfighter theme
Lawrence of Arabia 
Le Profesional
Legends of the Fall(by Ron Perovich) 
Les Miserables (At the End of the Day) 
Les Miserables (Bring Him Home) 
Les Miserables (On My Own) 
Les Miserables (One Day More) 
Les Miserables (I Dreamed a Dream) 
Les Miserables (Master of the House) 
Les Miserables (Stars) 
Lily Was Here 
Like Water for Chocolate 
Lone Ranger 
Love in the Afternoon (Fascination) 
Love Story
Mack the Knife 
The Magnificent Seven* 
Major League II 
The Mambo Kings (Beautiful Maria of My Soul) 
A Man and a Woman 
Mary Poppins (Feed the Birds) 
Mary Poppins (The Perfect Nanny) 
Mary Poppins (Stay Awake) 
Mary Poppins (Supercalifragilistic..)
Men In Black 
Midnight Cowboy 
Midnight Express* 
Mike Hammer (thanks,Neil!)
Mission Impossible  theme
Mission Impossible  theme
Mondo Cane
Monty Python and the Holy Grail 
Monty Python's Life of Brian 
Mortal Kombat 
Muppet Treasure Island (Love Led Us Here) 
Muppet Movie (Rainbow Connection) 
Must Have Been Love 
My Best Friend's Wedding(thanks, bartman!)
My Fair Lady (Get Me to the Church on Time) 
My Girl 
Naked Gun
The Net (A Whiter Shade of Pale) 
Never-Ending Story theme 
Never on a Sunday 
Nightmare Before Christmas(See Broadway/Musicals for MORE!)
Nightmare Before Christmas (Overture)(by Denis Rionnet!)
Nightmare Before Christmas (Opening)(by Denis Rionnet!)
Nightmare Before Christmas (This is Halloween)(by Denis Rionnet!)
Nightmare Before Christmas (Jack's Lament)(by Denis Rionnet!)
North by Northwest 
The Nutty Professor (I'm So Excited) 
On a Clear Day You Can See Forever 
On Green Dolphin Street 
Ordinary People (Pachebell's Canon) 
Out of Africa 
Pee-Wee's Big Adventure 
Peter Pan (Crocodile Song) 
Phenomenon (If I Could Change the World) 
Philadelphia (Streets of Philadelphia, by Springsteen) 
Phantasm(by Dan Rowe)
The Piano (The Heart Asks) 
The Piano 
Pink Panther theme 
Pink Panther theme 
Platoon (Adagio) 
Platoon (closing credits music)
Postman's Knock 
Presumed Innocent (Carolyn's Theme)(by Ron Perovich)
Pretty Woman 
The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie 
The Promise 
Psycho theme
Pulp Fiction 
Raiders of the Lost Ark theme 
The RitZ
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves 
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (Everything I Do, I Do for You) 
Robin Hood Prince of Thieves (Marian at the Waterfall)(by
Rocky (Fanfare) 
Rocky (Gonna Fly Now) 
Rocky III (Eye of the Tiger) 
Rocky IV (War) 
The Rocky Horror Picture Show--Time Warp(by James Hadwen)(See Broadway2 formore!) 
The Rocky Horror Picture Show--Time Warp
Romancing the Stone 
Romeo and Juliet theme (A Time for Us) 
Scent of a Woman (Por Una Cabeza) 
Schindler's List 
Second Time Around (Fly Me to the Moon) 
Secret Agent Man
Send In the Clowns (A Little Night Music)
Sister Act (I Will Follow Him) 
Sister Act (Shout!) 
Sleepless in Seattle (Affair to Remember) 
Somewhere In Time 
Song of the South (Zippety Doo Dah) 
Space Jam (For You I Will) 
Stand By Me 
Stand By Me(by Pablo Roberto Ambrueso)
A Star is Born 
Stargate(by Ron Perovich) 
Star Trek: The Motion Picture 
Star Trek First Contact 
Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan 
Star Trek III: The Search For Spock 
Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home 
Star Trek V: The Moon is a Window to Heaven (by DS Patterson!)

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 
Star Trek:Generations 
Star Trek Generations - Data's Life Forms 
Star Trek, Next Generation theme 
Star Trek Improvised! (Original) (by DS Patterson!)
Star Wars Overture 
Star Wars 
Star Wars (Battle Theme) 
Star Wars (Throne Room) 
Star Wars (Destroying the Death Star) 
Star Wars (The Emporer's Theme) 
Star Wars (Finale) 
Star Wars (The Forest Battle) 
Star Wars (Hans' and Princess Leia's love song) 
Star Wars (Jabba the Hut) 
Star Wars (Luke and Leia) 
Star Wars (The Imperial March) 
Star Wars (The Imperial March -medley) 
Star Wars (medley) 
Star Wars (Mois Eisley Cantina) 
Star Wars (Paradeof the Ewoks) 
Star Wars (Yoda's Theme) 
St. Elmo's Fire 
St. Elmo's Fire (Man in Motion) 
The Sting (The Enterntainer) 
Summer of '42 
A Summer Place
Superman theme (movie) 
Superman (movie Love Theme) 
Superman (movie Krypton) 
Superman (movie Krypton)  
Tales From the Crypt* 
Terminator 2 
Terms Of Endearment 
That Thing You Do 
That Thing You Do (thank you, Joseph Argomaniz)
That Thing You Do(by Jordan Mantey!)
That Thing You Do(by night.writer!)
There's No Business Like Show Business 
Third Man Theme 
Three Musketeers 
Titanic! (My Heart Will Go On)
Titanic! (My Heart Will Go On)
Titanic! (My Heart Will Go On)Lyrics!
Titanic! (My Heart Will Go On)(Lyrics embedded--thanks T.Fosseli!)
Titanic! (My Heart...)(by Jordan Mantey) 
Titanic! (My Heart...)(by Ian AYC) 
Titanic! (My Heart...)(by Lino from Italy) 
Titanic! (My Heart...Karaoke file!   Get Van Basco's player from my main page!)(by Francesca from Catalonia)
Titanic! (My Heart...)(by Francesca from Catalonia) 
Titanic! (My Heart...)(by 
Titanic! (My Heart...)(by Will Gardner) 
Titanic! (My Heart...)(by Margi Harrell) 
Titanic! (My Heart...)(by Pat) 
Titanic - "Rose Theme"(thanks, bartman!)
Titanic! (Southhampton) (thanks Hayley!) 
To Sir With Love 
To Sir With Love 
Top Gun 
Top Gun (Danger Zone)
Top Gun (Take My Breath Away) 
Total Recall (Beginning) 
Toy Story (See Disney for more!)
Twister (Ending) 
The Untouchables 
The Wall (Is There Anybody Out There?) 
Wallace & Gromit (UK) 
War of the Worlds 
Warlock (used also in Needful Things) 
Watership Down* 
The Way We Were *
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 
Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory--Pure Imagination(by Wesley Stingley)
Wizard of OZ
(Much more in Broadway!)
Working Girl *
X Files theme 
Yes, Georgio (If I Were In Love)(by