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CircleMUD Resources - Including the CircleMUD mailing list FAQ & DikuMud FAQ

Erwin's MUD resources - Home of mcl (MUD client for Linux), the MERC/Derivative programmers webring, the MERC Programming FAQ and a fair amount of MERC code.

Game Commandos MUD reviews and list - This site collects player, admin, and commando reviews of ORPGs (online roleplaying games) including muds, muses, mushes, moos, mucks, muxes, murpes, and the like. It has several hundred reviews, hundreds more comments, a list of over 1000 active ORPGs, and frequent new articles (commentaries) on game design and gameplay.

Grehytons MUD & RPG Resources - This is one of the largest sites on the net for MUD and MUD related items, including C code, area files, roleplaying generators, character sheets, documentation, and the like.

The MUD Connector - One of the largest MUDlists available. Search by keyword, server type, game features or language. Reviews by players and TMC staff.

Amberyl's Almost-Complete List of MUSHes - MUSHes and related (MUX, MURE) worlds. Includes links to homepages as well as connection statistics and uptime. Loosely categorized by theme (social, fantasy RP, World of Darkness RP, etc.)

Cardiff's MUD Page - Mudlist searchable by server type, and some assorted links

The Complete Abermud List - A full listing of Abermuds and webpages, plus source code, MUD add-ons, telnet clients, zones, and Aber history.

Deutsche MUD-Liste - List of MUDs in Germany (English and German)

Game Commandos' Mu* list - Mud/Mush/Mu* list from a site that also has reviews of games, fantasy & science fiction books.

Gateway to the Muds Of MudServices.Com - An index of all the Muds hosted by or on

Massive Talker/MUD Listing - Since 1996, Klingon's Massive Talker/MUD List has kept people connected with their favorite on-line homes. Come on home.

MU* Ring - A WebRing linking players' home pages as well as game pages.

MUD Central - A list of one player's favorite MUDs, complete with reviews and connections.

Mudlinks - An automated collection of MUD addresses, banners and homepage URLs, searchable by keyword.

MudNow - A new listing site where you can place your own listings and reviews of muds. Also has resources for the mud building.

MUSH Warehouse: MUSH List - A list of over 200 MUSH games currently in operation. The list provides the normal alphabetical list as well as smaller lists divided by server type and theme types.

Rachel's Super MOO List - A very thorough list of MOOs which is constantly updated and provides many resources.

Realms of the Imagination - A fairly small list devoted to MU*s with original themes.

Rhal's Furry MU*s Connector - List of online multi-person shared environments (MUCKs, MUSHes, etc.) featuring anthropomorphics: intelligent animal/people/morphs/genetic creations/whatever.

The Transformers MUSH List - MUSHes based on the Transformers theme, with telnet and web addresses.