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Amberyl's MUSH Manual - The best available guide to MUSH building & programming. Written for Tiny and Penn; most of the information is applicable to MUX as well.

The Beginner's Guide to MUSH - From the Tales of Ta'veren site, a handy intro to MUSHing, basic MUSH commands, etc.

MUSH Reference - An introduction to MUSHing by Nick Gammon, author of MUSHClient. Includes how-to sections on building and locks.

MUSH Warehouse - A collection of Information and Resources for Players and Admins.

On The Proper Care And Feeding Of MUSHes - Lots of thought-provoking ideas for MUSH staff.

What is a MUSH? - Never been on a MUSH? Here's a brief introduction from the staff of Idyll Mountain MUSH.

Tales of Ta'veren MUSH - MUSH based on Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time series. Also includes help on roleplay, character development, and coding that are of general interest to MUSHers.

Aether MUSH - An original-themed MUSH inspired by various world mythologies, including Classical Greek and Roman, Native American, and ancient Indian and Persian.

Crystal Waves - High seas fantasy, with humans, magic, and merfolk.

ElendorMush - Set in Tolkien's Middle Earth.

Elysian Fields - Fantasy RolePlaying MUX based on an original theme. Uses White Wolf and AD&D characteristics. Set in Ancient Athens, 700 BC, during the reign of the Olympic Gods.

FiranMux - A highly original MUX full of helpful staff and players. FiranMUX is set in a non-Earth late bronze/early iron age world with an ancient Greco-Roman feel, complete with a unique mythology, grand scale epic adventures, a detailed history, and a republican system of government

Games of Intrigue - It is the dawn of the Renaissance, in a world where magic is real. Games of Intrigue is a roleplaying MUX set in the early 15th century on the island kingdom of Tilana, off the coast of Europe.

Osaeron MUSH - An originally themed fantasy game set in a world similar to Earth during the late Roman / early Byzantine era. Currently accepting builders and contributors to the theme.

Shadow Storm MUSH - Unlike most other MUSHes based on the Amber-theme, the starting point of Shadow Storm happens before the actual novels take place. Shadow Storm takes the same start and the setting as the novels, but will let the characters decide on how the story continues.

Shrouded Rites Mux - A medival mux that takes place on the isle of Avalon after the death of Arthur. Several factions are available for roleplay, including mages, church officials, knights, and the illusive Fae.

LoneportMUSH - Loneport is a fantasy furry themed MUSH world set in the Medieval/renissance city of Loneport, The Loneliest City. Being a furry MUSH you get to play animal like humanoid such as a tiger, fox, wolf, skunk, equine, feline, or any other animal.

Mutatis Mutandis MUX - An adventure in interactive roleplay based in the world of the X-Men that diverges from Marvel continuity circa August 1989.

Nightscape MUX - Dark supernatural future theme. Excellent in-character roleplay, players and staff are helpful and friendly, detailed news files, consent.

Poddington-on-Slossip - A small village in Cornwall which, strangely, does not appear in any of Baedeker's guides.

Pokemon: A New Beginning - Includes the Game Boy game, comic books and TV show. Players can be or train Pokemon, but must apply first.

Pokemon: Evolutions - A MUSH that is based straight from the TV show, it allows players to live just like Ash, Brock, Misty and others. You have to apply to get a character.

X-Men: Mythologies MUX - Role-playing game featuring Marvel Comics' X-Men, circa Legion Quest.

Battlestar MUSH - A roleplaying MUSH based on the old Battlestar Galactica television series. Extensively coded systems, newbie friendly, and a well-established playerbase.

Crystal Dreams MUSH - Based on Anne McCaffrey's Crystal Singer series, with permission from the author, and set 150 years after the discovery of the symbiont and the formation of the Heptite Guild.

Fading Suns MUSH - Based on the roleplaying game of the same name by Holistic Design. A delightful combination of space opera and medieval fantasy, the Fading Suns Mush provides a rich setting for political and economic conflict.

The Fedaykin Online Games - Dune III MUSH - Dune III MUSH. Set in 10,091, this online game is roughly 100 years prior to the story opening of Dune. The game is built upon consent-based role-play, where intrigue is common and politics are paramount.

Heavy Gear MUX - Heavy Gear is a game set in the futuristic world of Terra Nova, a colony world abandoned, then invaded by Earth. Political undercurrents flow through everyone's lives, making the future uncertain. The tenuous peace between the North and South, brought by the war with Earth, is beginning to fall apart and news of border skirmishes reaches ears everywhere.

Protoculture MUSH - Based on the Robotech cartoon series and currently under development.

ChaoticMUX Homepage - ChaoticMUX is a friendly social MUX where you can hang out and make friends. A bit of warning though: people there may seem a little crazy at first, but you'll get used to it. Also, watch out for flying Snowballs!

M*U*S*H - A place to hang out. Includes the MUSH 101 schoolhouse for new MUSHers. The latest versions of PennMUSH are beta-tested here.

MUSHMellow - A Pueblo-enhanced world that includes areas based on Mayberry, the old west, the Andes and Norse myth.

Shambala MUSH - Shambala is a social MUSH where you can log in, meet and chat with people from all over the world, play games, and just generally relax and have a good time. Your interaction takes place in a friendly world with parks, shops, dance clubs, and many other virtual places where you and your online friends can gather.

TinyCWRU - The Monster MUSH of the Net --- way too huge a database, all for your schmoozing enjoyment. Weird people; weird aardvarks; and weirder wizards.

TinyTIM - It's not just a game... it's a REALLY, REALLY BIG game! The Internet's oldest running MUSH and much more fun than getting hit by a car.

Crescent City - Set in a near-future New Orleans, Louisiana. Features all five main spheres.

The Dreaming MUSH - This well-established game is focused solely on Changeling. Roleplay is all consentual and the game is set in modern-day New York.

Cairo Nights - In the Roaring 20's, the Mother of the World is now an old Lady. The gold in her soil has ceased to glitter, her Nile is thoroughly tamed, her palatial homes are rapidly being torn down to make way for modern European high-rises, and her air is fetid with the stench of unwashed humanity.

Cajun Nights MUSH - Cajun Nights is a World of Darkness MUSH set in New Orleans.

Children of the Moon MUSH - A RP MUSH which began in the year 2005(now 2011) after WWIII (Desert Storm). Supports Mages, Garou, Bete, Vampires, Humans/+ & Fomori.

Cinder Falls - Cinder Falls is a fictional city created for their own brand of the World of Darkness. They use the local history of the region in part to define the setting. Supports Vampire, Mage, Changeling, and Werewolf, as published by White Wolf.

Dark Gift - Previously known as the Damned, this game claims to be one of the oldest continuously running World of Darkness MUSHes. Set in near-future Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Forgotten Shadows - Allows Vampire, Mage, Changeling, and Garou spheres. Mortals encouraged. Set in the fictional English mountain town of Mystglenn.

Forsaken - Set in modern day San Francisco. Focuses solely on Vampire: The Masquerade, disregarding all other supplements.

GarouMUSH - Garou-only mush. Very strict (some would say elitist) character creation policy. See webpage for more details. Warning: Link grabs and holds on some browsers, overriding the 'Back' button.

Gilded Promises - A modern World of Darkness game set in the fictional El Dorado City, Colorado. Chargen is open with a brief post-chargen inspection. Apps are welcomed, and spheres now include Vampires, Mages, Shifters, Mortals, and Mortals+, with Wraiths added soon.

Granite Chronicle: New Hampshire by Night - Set in Manchester, New Hampshire. The game tailored for writers and supports collaborative fiction based on roleplaying through the Granite Chronicle Mailing List and fiction archives at their website.

Masquerade - This Albuquerque WoD MUSH claims to be one of the first in the field.

Miami by Night - Accepts all spheres. High emphasis on social interaction and combat. One of the larger games, but many of those are developing roleplayers.

New England: Colony in Flames - World of Darkness MUSH set in 1770s Boston, just before the American Revolution.

Night & Fog - Near future WoD set in San Francisco, California, featuring all spheres, including wraith.

Pacifica - Set in the fictional city of Pacifica, California in the year 2100. Probably one of the only games to support Eastern Kindred (Kuei-Jin), Shifters, and Super Hunters. Intensive code.

Protean MUSH - A near-future vision of Seattle by Night. Very strict policy on what sort of characters can and cannot be accepted (no combat or angst-driven characters, etc). Focuses only on Vampires, Garou, and other shifters.

Twilight MUCK - A game with a partial World of Darkness setting and and open character system.

Twilight's Edge - A World of Darkness cross-over Mush set in New Port, Oregon just after the turn of the millenium.