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General Mythology and Folklore

Fairy Tales - Grimm

The Fairy Tales of Ika Bremer

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts: Introduction to Myth

Myths and Legends

Of Gods and Men: The A-Z of Mythology and Legend

Tales of Wonder: Folk and Fairy tales from Around the World

Tales of Wonder Folk and Fairy Tales From Around the World

Grimm's Fairy Tales  This book contains 209 tales collected by the brothers Grimm.

Fable - Encarta Encyclopedia definition, overview and links.

Fable - Encyclopędia Britannica definition, articles and links.

Fable - short overview and links.

Fable - short overview.

Fairy - short overview.

Fairy - short overview.

Fairy and Fairy Tale - Encarta Encyclopedia definition, article and links.

Fairy Tale - definition and overview.

Folktales - short overview

Folktales - Encarta Encyclopedia definition, article and links.

Folktales - Encyclopędia definition, article, and links.

Legend - overview and links.

Legend - Encarta Encyclopedia overview, articles, and links.

Myth - Encyclopędia Britannica definition, overview, articles and links.

Mythology - short overview.

Mythology - definition, overview and links.

Mythology - Encarta Encyclopedia definition, article and links.

Folklore and Mythology Electronic Texts - Vast collection of original texts mainly covering folklore arranged by title and theme.

Academic Programs in Folklore on the Internet - Ph.D and MA programmes in universities (U.S. centric).

Fables and Fairy Tales - A classic collection of stories and poems from 1909.

Fables and Fairy Tales - Complete Mole and the Owl fable plus stories from George McDonald, Anderson, Lem, and Lord Dunsany.

Folklore and Folk Ways - A brief definition of folklore by The Tree Leaves' Folk Fellowship.

Folklore and Witchcraft - Some popular stories from around the time of the European witch trials.

Gareth Long's Encyclopedia - Short definitions of monsters, mythical creatures and fabulous beasts - from Abatwa to Ziz.

Mystical Creatures - Covers lore and legend for a whole range of creatures such as the unicorn, Seelie Court, and faeries of different types.

Oral Lore - Lists examples of oral lore provided by Morain Genelle's The Contents of Folk Tradition, University of Georgia.

Solar Folklore - Folklore relating to the sun from all round the world.

Sonnilion's Shrine - Includes a beasts, monsters, demons encyclopedia with short definitions. Use browser view option to enlarge text.

Terri Windling's Endicott Studio of Mythic Arts - Writer/Editor/Artist Terri Windling explores myths, folk lore and fairy tales in contemporary mythic arts. Featuring: Thomas Canty, Alan Lee, Brian Froud, Ellen Kushner, and Charles de Lint.