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NASA Missions

Deep Space 1 - The first of the New Millennium Program missions.

Genesis Mission - In our 'search for origins', NASA's Genesis mission will capture solar wind particles in the first unmanned sample return mission. Learn about the mission, and download great standards-based classroom materials that are loaded with cutting-edge content. Complete with teacher guides, student activities, student data and recording sheets, and assessments, these modules can form a focal point of quality science curricula.

Kepler Mission: A Search for Habitable Planets - designed to detect and characterize hundreds of Earth-size planets in the Habitable Zone of a wide variety of stars. The method will look for periodic dimming caused by transits of planets in front of their stars.

Magellan Mission to Venus (JPL) - Venus radar mapping mission terminated in 1994.

Mars Pathfinder - Demonstrate the mobility and usefulness of a microrover on the surface of Mars.

Mission and Spacecraft Library - a grass-roots effort to catalog space mission information for the general public; contains basic info on every launch, plus more detailed 'QuickLook' info on hundreds of missions and programs.

NASA Historical Archive for Manned Missions

NASA Homepage

The New Millennium Program - NASA's low-cost, experimental spacecraft program. Includes The "Deep Space" missions.

Office of Space Flight - NASA Headquarters.

Orbital Space Settlement - "Goals of the HEDS (NASA's Human Exploration and Development of Space Enterprise) Strategic Plan are to: Increase human knowledge of nature's processes using the space environment, Explore and settle the Solar System, Achieve routine space travel, and Enrich life on Earth through people living and working in Space"

Outer Planets/Solar Probe Project - This JPL web site focuses on three "Fire and Ice" missions in development: the Solar Probe, Europa Orbiter, and the Pluto - Kuiper Express.

Pioneer Project Home Page - First spacecraft to reach Jupiter and Saturn.

Send Your Name to Mars - NASA invites you to send your name to Mars on the Mars 2001 Lander.

SOHO: The Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

Space Shuttle Discovery - STS-96 - Discovery's international crew spent a busy day in orbit preparing for the major events ahead, a first time docking with the International Space Station late tonight and a spacewalk late Saturday night.

STS-90 Neurolab Crew Page - Explore the NeuroLab shuttle mission; site created by the STS-90 crew and volunteers

Voyager Project Home Page - NASA missions to the outer planets. First spacecraft to reach Uranus and Neptune

Cassini: Voyage to Saturn - Includes the Huygens Titan probe. Will arrive at Saturn in 2004.

Center for Materials Research- Materials developed for Cassini - The Center developed special materials for the Cassini probe, and this site explains the materials, and, has links to other Cassini sites

Cosmonova- Cassini mission - Describes DVD with hundreds of thousands of signatures which is flying to Saturn on Cassini, as well as general links to Cassini sites

ESA Science Page on Cassini and Probe - Update to date information on Cassini's travel to Saturn, including observations made while enroute

European Space Agency- Cassini Huygens probe home page - Information and latest news on the Huygens probe which will make scientific observations when parachuted onto Titan's surface

Mullard University Space Science - One of the academic centers working on the Cassini project. General information on Cassini and specific information on the Cassini Plasma Spectrometer

National Space Science Center- Cassini information - Comprehensive site maintainin database of information links for Casssini mission

Solar Views- Cassini - General introduction to the Cassini mission

Clementine Project - The objective of the mission was to test sensors and spacecraft components under extended exposure to the space environment and to make scientific observations of the Moon and the near-Earth asteroid 1620 Geographos.

Galileo - A NASA spacecraft mission to Jupiter, launched October 18, 1989, and designed to study the planet's atmosphere, satellites and surrounding magnetosphere for 2 years starting in December 1995. It was named for the Italian Renaissance scientist who discovered Jupiter's major moons in 1610 with the first astronomical telescope.

Galileo Europa Mission - GEM - a highly focused follow-on to Galileo's Jupiter system exploration and a precursor for future missions to Europa and Io. GEM will conduct a detailed study of Europa over 14 months, then plunge repeatedly through the Io Plasma Torus to reach volcanic Io. - Science news and images from Galileo's flyby of Io.

Solar views- Galileo mission - General introduction to the mission with extensive links

Space Daily- News on extension of Galileo mission - Current news on Galileo mission including extension of mission

Lunar Prospector    - Official NASA site. - Science news and images from Lunar Prospector's July 31, 1999 crash into the Moon

End of Mission, Lunar Prospector - Learning Technologies Channel - Saturday, July 31 - noon - 1:30 pm PDT (3:00 - 4:30 pm EDT) (July 31, 1999)

Athena / APEX Missions - Cornell University, developing the next generation rover for the Mars Exploration program

Deep Space 2 - Mars Microprobes

Mars 96 - Russian mission launched in 1996 that failed to reach earth orbit

Mars Global Surveyor MOC Images - NASA PDS Website

NASA Mars Exploration Program - Information on the Red Planet and links to the homepages of NASA's Mars exploration projects.

Viking Mission to Mars

Areojet General- team that build the engine for NEAR - This is the homepage for the team that built the engine used in the NEAR mission

Astra- weekly news article on NEAR mission - Weekly report on NASA NEAR mission posted each weekend

Cool Free Screensavers - Features free screensaver and wallpaper for Windows with dazzling images from the NASA NEAR mission

Gold Rush- Eros may contain precious metals - Article on NEAR's first encounter with Eros. Suggests that the asteriod may have hundreds of billions of dollars of precious metals in it.

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous Mission - NEAR - First spacecraft to orbit an asteroid, to answer fundamental questions about the nature and origin of near-Earth objects, such as the numerous asteroids and comets in the vicinity of Earth's orbit. First launch in the Discovery Program, a NASA initiative for small planetary missions.

Space Daily- Near news tracking - Latest up to date news on the progress of the NASA Near mission

Duke University- Pioneer missions history - Detailed explanation of Pioneer project with engineering and construction details

Pioneer - March 2, 1972, Pioneer 10 was launched from the launch pad at Cape Kennedy, carrying Earth's first space probe to an outer planet. To accomplish this feat, Pioneer 10 had to pass through what was initially feared to be an impenetrable asteroid belt. After Pioneer 10 emerged through the asteroid belt, Pioneer 11, was launched on a similar trajectory. Pioneer 10 became the first spacecraft to encounter Jupiter. Pioneer 11 was the first at Saturn. The Pioneer missions paved the way for exploration of the outer solar system.

Pioneer 10 and 11 projects homepage - NASA homepage for Pioneer 10 and 11 missions- still continuing to send back data

PIONEER 10/11 Online Data Set Selector - Helpful calculator which can tell you the location of the Pioneer spacecraft

Pioneer 10 Virtual Conference - Scientific and technical conference on discoveries from Pioneer 10 held on the web

Pioneer images from NASA - Pioneer images including the "plaque" showing human kind

Project Seti- use of Pioneer radio signals - Explains how the Pioneer space craft signals are used to verify that Seti radio telescopes are functioning properly

Space Views article on Pioneer 10 current status - Articles on continued mission of Pioneer 10 and science findings

Stardust - The space mission that will fly close to a comet and, for the first time ever, bring cometary material back to Earth for analysis by scientists worldwide.

Stardust - The Discovery Channel Canada and EXN.CA's coverage of NASA's Stardust mission to visit Comet Wild 2 and return to Earth carrying samples of Space Dust.

Ulysses (ESA) - ESA Ulysses site

Ulysses (NASA) - Observatory of the Sun's Poles.

Ulyssses Mission Operations Home Page - This is the home page of the joint ESA/NASA Ulysses Mission Operations team located at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA, USA

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