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Native American Crafts

C. J. Watts - 3-Dimensional spiraling dream catchers in several colors.

Canyon Country Originals - Southwestern American Indian art including pottery, baskets, textiles, and kachinas.

David C. Behrens - Fine art prints of original art by David C. Behrens. Native American themes.

Dog Soldiers - Authentic Plains Indian clothing patterns. Historically correct weapons and accessories for G.I.Joe and other 12 action figures.

Dream Spirits - Native arts and crafts, dreamcatchers, shields, herbs etc.

Enchanted Village - Southwest Native American Pueblo pottery and jewelry Handmade by Santa Clara, Hopi, Jemez, Navajo, and Zuni.

Hand Painted Feathers - Painted Feather Gallery shows the personal works of Kelley Patterson.

Hozoni Pottery - Offers Navajo pottery items from Utah.

Lakota Creations - An online store featuring handcrafted Native American arts and crafts, including beadwork, jewelry, dreamcatchers, dolls, kits, and classes.

Larry Golsh Design Studios - Native American artist, jeweler and sculptor whose work has won international acclaim. Custom jewelry designs crafted with high-karat gold, silver and rare stones.

Little Eagle's Dream Catchers - Native American Dream Catchers and HosreBuffalo bone necklaces are hand made. They are made with care and come in many colors, sizes, and designs. If there isn't one you like, one can be made your personality.

M. Lisa Chavez - Thomas - Isleta artist creates original abstract paintings with handcrated frames and intricately decorated gourds. Member of the Indian Arts and Crafts Association.

Mosquero Artists & Crafters - Handmade BIC lightercases with a Southwestern theme.

Native American Art by Winona - Venues include acrylic paintings on leather called mandela's, canvas paintings and western craft. All paintings are hand signed and dated.

Nature's Canvas - Featuring handpainted original wildlife art on handcrafted Northwest Native American drums.

Neokistomi - Blackfeet Native American art, including pow-wow regalia, chokers, breastplates, beaded hatbands, rosettes, and moccasins.

Ocaņa y Hines Fine Arts - Original new works by New Mexico native artists including pottery, kachinas, storytellers, and jewelry.

Rainmaker-Art - Native American collectibles, antiques and crafts. All hand made one of a kind merchandise.

S. S. Ceramics - Native American ceramic items, handmade in North Dakota.

Savage Crafts - Dream catchers, beaded earrings, bone chokers and bracelets, ivory carvings, beaded barrettes and earrings.

Sedonawolf - Collectible, investment grade pottery from the Pueblo indians of the American Southwest.

Shiningeagles' American Indian Art - Sculptured leather masks, and wall hangings. Bone art. Dreamcatchers. Custom orders...

Shy Fox Native Arts and Crafts - Beaded native dolls, moccasins, tribalwear, brain tan leather, drums, pipes, and amulets.

Southwest Artist's Gallery - Handmade Native American pottery, jewelry, and crafts from the southwest pueblos.

Southwest Arts and Crafts - Specializing in Native Amerian Indian beadwork, dream catchers jewelry, arts and crafts.

Twig Mosaic Furniture & Creations - Handcrafted, one of kind, twig mosaic furniture, made by a Native American craftsman. The unique detail and designs of these creations are a must see. They are a true work of art.

White Buffalo Collectibles - Gallery of Native American collectibles from several tribes