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Native American Flute

Amon Olorin Flutes - Contemporary Native American flutes by Ken Light, and flute workshops with R. Carlos Nakai. Flutes are handcrafted from western red cedar. PF Series, instrument grade ABS-resin flutes available. Catalog, tips and facts.

Anasazi Arts - Craftsmen make Native American flutes and other indian artifact styled handmade products using ancient techniques.

Ancient Vision Flutes - Handcrafted Native American flutes made from western red cedar, with other woods available. Made for the serious flute collector.

Bear Paw Flutes and Ocarinas - Designed and manufactured from recycled plastic to be ultra-durable. Beginners and advanced flute players. Also for use in the classroom and music specialty programs. Featuring an audio tape version of a lesson book, recorded with a Bear Paw Flute.

BéZed Contemporary Folk Instruments - Contemporary folk flutes created from a fusion of traditional Native design and contemporary style. Made of specially selected hardwoods. Also offers claves, shakers, rainsticks, and amandindas.

Cedar Spirit Flutes - Hand-crafted Native American flutes with unique personalized totems. All custom work, online ordering.

Chris ti coom Flutes - Makers of wooden flutes, Native American flutes, wooden penny whistles and shakers. Indian love flutes, and other musical instruments are found worldwide. Custom work available.

Clayzeness Whistleworks - Transverse flutes individually designed from porcelain with tablature and blowing instructions included. True interpretations of the Native style flute.

Courting Flutes by Jim Taylor - Hand crafted Native American courting flutes, also known as love flutes or siyo tanka. Made from hard woods, like burl walnut, oak, or mahogany, and others are made from cedar, or pine.

Coyote Oldman Flutes - Four styles of the Native American flutes offered. Carved traditional designs, a backpacking flute, and music is available.

E. D. Powell, The Native American Flute - Flutes are handmade, plains style (Sioux) and accurate reproductions of existing museum pieces. Simple learn-to-play methods offering audio tapes.

Eagle Song Flutes - Native American flutes and flute kits. Redwood and cedar woods with sound wavs. Online scales and fingering charts, books, history and Native American music. Flute makers links.

Eagle Turtle Flutes - Hand made Native american six hole flutes. Available in a variety of woods, and choice of fetishes.

Earth Tone Flutes - Native American flutes using primarily Eastern Red Cedar, Douglas Fir and Redwood. Tuned to traditional minor scales, and a major scale flute is available. Sound samples to listen to.

Echoes Past, the Art of Lee LaCroix - Handcrafed Native American flutes from exotic hardwoods. Comissioned custom work and crafting of one-of-a-kind flutes. A video on how to construct your own flute, books and CD's at this site.

Heartsong Flutes - Concert and custom hand crafted Native American flutes, made from a variety of woods, by JP Gomez.

High Spirits Flutes - Native American flutes handcrafted from cedar. Accessories, books, music, and recordings. Workshops and show schedules. Online catalog.

Kandl's Kustom Flutes - Native American flutes made from exotic hardwoods. Fetish meanings, legends and myths, flute care, books and CD's offered here.

Kokopelli Flutes - Hand crafted Native American flutes, tuned in traditional pentatonic scale. Kiowa love flutes and Apache double flutes in aromatic cedar, and other native woods. Books and music.

Laughing Crow Flutes - Hand-crafted Lakota style Native American flutes. Large selection of woods available. CD's by the maker, free flute instructions on the site and show information.

Lea Flutes - Native American concert quality flutes with adjustable sound window and a free heavy duty padded bag.

Native Heart - Handcrafted, authentic Native American cedar indian love flutes. Tapes and CD's. Audio clips. Located in Orangeville, Utah.

Oregon Flute Store - Native American style flutes, protective flute and drum cases, books, music and accessories. Flute key sound samples. Several flutemakers represented. Custom orders.

Orion's Gate - Hand crafted American Indian flutes featuring cedar flutes in major tunings, along with various other available woods.

Raven Flutes - Hand crafted Native American style flutes in a variety of hard and soft woods and in many keys. Custom made to order.

Seminole Tribe of Florida - Marketplace of flutes, arts and crafts. The official home page, offering various Native American style flutes.

Sky Walkingstik Man Alone - Site with information about this maker of handcrafted Native American flutes, lecturer on Native traditions, tales & songs of the flute.

Song of the Sea - Native American and Irish flutes by various makers. Choices vary by maker and woods and all are hand crafted. Large selection of books.

Songbird Flutes - Native American style bamboo flutes by a new flute maker. Hand crafted, well tuned, and affordable.

Spirit Wind Love Flutes - A variety of Native American flutes. Instruction book, recordings, and flute cases available. Pow Wow schedule.

Starseed Creations - Native American style flutes handcrafted in the traditions of the Marten Clan of the Anishinabeg people. Small, circular wooden ocarinas, called Circle Flutes (tm) also available. Special choices of woods, beadwork, inlay work and carvings are available.

Stellar Flutes - Handcrafted standard Native American style flutes made in all keys and woods. Includes a hand woven Guatemalan carrying case. Simple fingering chart, kits and sound samples.

Storyteller Flutes - Hand carved Native American flutes. Made from various woods. Also a recording artist, Roy Peters has two cd's of relaxing sounds.

Timberwolf Instruments - Handcrafted Native American flutes in all keys and woods. Also offering Shakuhachi, and other types of flutes.

Tsunami Flutes - Woodlands style, 5 hole Native American flutes, traditionally crafted. A variety of soft and hardwoods are used. 20 sizes available.

Two Towers Flutes and Instruments - Native American flutes, handcrafted with cedar and hardwoods in many different shapes, sizes and musical keys. Photo gallery, song books and audio samples.

Warrior Wind Flutes - Flutes crafted from PolyVinylChloride. Virtually indestructable and affordable.

Whirlwind Studios - Native owned gallery of Native American flutes. Several flute makers represented and exotic flutes are pictured here. Native American flute music, flute kits, art, and show schedule. Color brochure.

Whitepath Flutes - Hand crafted Native American style wood and bamboo flutes. All pieces signed and dated.

Wild Wind Creations - Hand carved traditional Miqmaq Native American style flutes, using no power tools. Books, and original Native arts and crafts.

William Gutierrez Flutes - Native American flutes crafted from red cedar and other exotic woods. Flute stands, and recorded music.

Wind Spirit: Flutes - Native American style flutes from cedar. Flute sound page and walking stick flutes.

Wind's Song Flutes - Native American style flutes tuned to traditional minor scales. Many keys and woods. Native American flute forum, workshops, and flute tips. Links for musicians, flutemakers, and hobbyists.

Woodsong Flutes - Native American flutes, hand crafted and carved in Woodlands style using various woods and inlay. Native American flute history, playing tips, music, and show dates. Hand crafted flute racks and stands.