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Native American History

AIRPI home page - The American Indian Research and Policy Institute provides government leaders, policy makers and the public with accurate information about the legal and political history of American Indian nations, and the contemporary situation for American Indians. By providing knowledge and education, we hope to foster better-informed and culturally-sensitive responses to the challenges of American Indian life.

The American Indian in Tennessee - Traces the last 15,000 years of Native American occupation of Tennessee, using artifacts from the McClung Museum's extensive collections. Includes the Duck River Cache, considered the greatest find in Tennessee archaeology, dating from the Late Mississippian period (ca. AD 1450).

Blue Wolf's Abenaki Indian Home Page - Sharing my Abenaki tribal heritage with many Abenaki links including other Native American sites, Genealogy, Wolves, Arts & Crafts and a variety of links to interesting places.

The Cherokee Indians - This bicentennial tribute to the Cherokee Indians and Native Americans provides a brief overview of the Cherokee Indians from the perspective of their being Tennessee's original citizens.

Indian Gal's Yurok Page - The History of the Yurok Indians

Looking Back - Brief histories of the indigenous people of the world; their lifestyles and cultures. An on-going project.

The Native American History Archive - A New Center for Native American Studies in Internetworked Classrooms.

Native American Religion in Early America - Essay with teaching suggestions from a scholar in American religious history. In Divining America: Religion and the National Culture from the National Humanities Center.

New Mexico's Pueblo Indians - New Mexico's Pueblos. History, News Items, Links, Pictures by San Juan/Hopi.

On This Date in North American Indian History - 3,000+ historical events, tribal name meanings, alternate names, Indian moon names, and over 6000 links to other sites

A Positive Light - Code Talkers, America's Secret Weapon - The Marines might never have taken Iwo Jima and World War II might have ended differently without the indecipherable language of the Navajo Code Talkers.

The Te-Moak Shoshone - Commemoration of the 1863 signing of the Ruby Valley Treaty of Peace and Friendship between the Western Shoshone Indians and the United States Government. Includes a speech made by Chief Frank Te-Moke Sr (1903-1994) in 1965 and a link to the original treaty.

Town Creek Indian Mound - Information and historic site resources for the Pee Dee Culture at Town Creek, a regional expression of South Appalachian Mississippian Tradition, A.D. 1200-1400.

The Wampanoag - The Children's Museum, Boston, and Wampanoag Indian Advisors offer teacher's resources on Wampanoag Indian culture, history and heritage. Include, suggested activities, readings and examples from the Museum's collection.

The Wampum Chronicles - A Website of Mohawk History - New research into Mohawk history, with special emphasis on the Mohawks who moved to the St. Lawrence River Valley

Why Did You Kill My People? - Information about a presentation on Chief John Logan, sponsored by the WV Humanities Council and presented by Huntington native, Dan Cutler.