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Native American Music

Bill Miller Songs - Native American music albums, tour schedule, merchandise and biography.

Brian Hammill - Native American flute music album, hoop dancing and tour schedule.

Canyon Records Productions - Featuring R. Carlos Nakai, Sharon Burch, Joanne Shenandoah, Robert Tree Cody, Black Lodge, Primeaux & Mike and more, Canyon Records has recorded contemporary and traditional Native American music since 1951.

Elan Michaels - Music, including sample clips by Elan Michaels, whose Cherokee name is Windwalker.

Jackie Bird - Hoop dancer, musician, puppetier and story teller. Inspirational speaker, blues singer, and crafts person.

Loma - Recording Artist - Information about contemporary Aboriginal musician, singer and songwriter who hosts TV series on APTN.

Native American Music and Art - Annotated list offered by University of Pittsburg

Native American Music Directory - Book review of this directory of Native American music recordings in print and available in record stores. Also reference to university research on subject.

Native American Music Links - Friendly reviews of a dozen sources of Native American recorded music.

Native American Music on GreatMoon - First Nations Portal - Art, Culture, Community, History, Education, Fashion, Commerce

Native American Music Resource - About sixty annotated links, mostly about Native American Music.

Native American Public Telecommunications - NAPT links to Native Media

Native Americans in Film and Television - Short Bibliography of Materials in the UC Berkeley Libraries