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Thursday 17 August 1995   

Impostor is fined for posing as SAS officer

A JUNIOR hospital assistant who posed as an SAS officer and lectured Army recruits on survival techniques appeared in court yesterday.

 Christopher Reynolds, 36, of Castleford, West Yorks, was fined 250 and given a 12-month conditional discharge by Pontefract magistrates after admitting unlawfully wearing a forces uniform - breaching the 1894 Uniforms Act - and stealing field medical kits from the hospital where he worked.

 The court heard that Reynolds, a theatre assistant at Leeds General Infirmary, got the idea for his deception when he visited the Leeds Rifle Association in 1990 and gave an off-the-cuff lecture on the Gulf when the scheduled speaker did not turn up.

 Reynolds wore the uniform of a captain in the Special Air Service or full combat gear, when lecturing on field medicine and survival techniques at local Army and TA bases.

 John Jones, defending, said Reynolds was a man of previous good character who admitted that what he did was foolish. Reynolds, he said, had paid back the value of the medicines to Leeds Infirmary.