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Alpha Charitable Foundation

Ann Arbor Center for Independent Living

Allen Health Care in the hospital or nursing home

Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability

Active Voices in Disabilities (AVID)

Adaptive Technology Resource Center

American Association of Disabled Persons

Attendants Web page

Alliance for Technology Access

Alzheimer's Association

American Council of the Blind

American Foundation for the Blind, Inc

American Heart Association National Center

American Lung Association

American Red Cross

Arthritis Foundation

BIZEPS Interabilist

British Geological Survey

Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law

Blindness Resource Center

Birmingham City Council

London Borough of Brent

Portico - Online Information about the British Library

Building Research Establishment


Catholic Charities Resources Page

Center for Applied Special Technology

Children and Adults with Attention Deficilt Disorder

Colorado Association of Community Centered Boards

Consumer Assistive Technology Transfer Network

Courage HANDI-HAM System Home Page

Children with Spina Bifida

Computers for Handicapped Independence Program Capper Foundation

Center for Independent Living (CIL)

Centre for the Study of Health, Sickness and Disablement

Chiro-Plus Rehabilitation Center

Cambridgeshire County Council

Central Office of Information

Cheshire County Council

Cheshire County Council Environmental Planning Services

City of Chester

Commission for the New Towns

Council for the Central Laboratory of the Research Councils

Developmental Disabilities Resource Center

Disabled American Veterans

Dorsai - The Institutionally Situated

DPI Home Page

Daresbury Laboratory

Defence Research Agency

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

Disabled Businesspersons Association

Ministry of Defence

United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy's and St Thomas's Hospitals

Devon County Council

Dorset Health Commission

Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

Emerging Infectious Diseases (EID)

ErgoWeb Home Page UK based organisation helping towards the cost of care required by the disabled on holiday

Edinburgh District Council

The Engineering Council

European Procurement Information Network (EPIN)

Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

Information Market - EUROPE A service provided by Directorate General XIII of the EC.

National Council for Educational Technology (NCET)

Elwyn, Inc.

Families USA

Foundation Center

FreeCare any kind of excursion.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)

United States FinanceNet

British Geological Survey

Royal Greenwich Observatory

Human Care Alliance

Hydrocephalus Association

Hattie Larlham: Comfort, Joy and Achievement

Her Majesty's Treasury

HMSO - Government-ownedpublishers, printers and supply agency

Home Office, Research and Statistics Department

North Hertfordshire District Council

Natural History Museum

Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine

United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy's and St Thomas's Hospitals


independent Living Resource Centre Inc. (ILRC)

Independent Living Centre (ILC) of Western Australia

Independant Living Resource Centre

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations

KidsHealth - Children's Health & Parenting Information

Lupus Foundation of America, Inc.

Muscular Dystrophy Association - AU

Muscular Dystrophy Association - USA

Information Market - EUROPEA service provided by Directorate General XIII of the EC

Ipswich Borough Council

Central Office of Information

IT POINT (Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council)H2000 - L'Handicap nel 2000

Lund Institute of Technology

Leeds University

Liverpool City Council

Liverpool Central Library > Marcus Center A non-profit center dedicated to meeting the needs of individuals with developmental disabilities and their families

Medical Research Council

Mendip District Council

The Met. Office (The UK National Weather Service)

Ministry of Defence

Natural History Museum

Virtual Library of Museums

Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine

Monroe Institute research, development, and educational organization,

New England INDEX: computer technology to help people with disabilities locate the information they need

National Alliance OF The Disabled

National Association of Developmental Disabilities Councils

National Ataxia Foundation

National Center for the Dissemination of Disability Research

National Charities Information Bureau

National Federation of the Blind (NFB)

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

National Parent Network on Disabilities m(NPND)

National Stroke Association

NOAH National Organization for Albinism & Hypopigmnetation

NIH Home Page

New Hampshire Challenge

NOAH ational Organization for Albinism & Hypopigmnetation

National Physical Laboratory

Newcastle-under-Lyme Borough Council

Newcastle City Council

North West Wales Training and Enterprise Council

Northern Ireland Civil Service & Agencies

Natural History Museum

Northumberland County Council

Nursing Information Service

Ontario Association of Residences treating Youth

Ordnance Survey

One World Broadcasting Trust (Partnered by the ODA and the BBC)

Organising Medical Networked Information

ODA (Overseas Development Administration)

Royal Greenwich Observatory

Royal Observatory, Edinburgh

Oxford University

Project HOPE Homepage

EASI - Equal Access to Software and Information


Family Village - a global community of disability-related resources

FDR Democratic Club for Disabled People and Seniors

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Family Resource Institute

FRAXA Research Foundation

Friends of Disabled Adults - FODA

Geriatric Mental Health of Washington


Independent Living Center of Western Australia

International Conference on Computers Helping People with Special Needs

Internet Resources for Non-Profit Organizations

Israel Association Of Rare Diseases (Eitan)

Language Based Learning Disability

Lebenshilfe, Bundesvereinigung

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation - alternate site

National Institute on Life Planning for Persons with Disabilities

National Rehabilitation Information Center

Neil Squire Foundation Canadian Non-Profit for Disabled People

Oklahoma Disabled American Veterans & More....

People With Disablities

Physical Activity and Disability Group

Polio Experience Network


RESNA Home Page -- The Rehabilitation Engineering and Assistive Technology Society of North America

RVL S.C.O.R.E. International--A not-for profit organization that assists paralyzed individuals!

Smiles ILC in Minnesota

Software for all Foundation Home page

The American Association of Disabled Persons, Inc.

The Arc-King County

The Arc

The Center for Independent Living

The College For Living - St. Louis, Missouri - provides learning-disabled adults with continuing education

The Lupus Home Pages

The Perspectives Network Services

The Pull-thru Network

Trace Research and Development Center

Web Server for the Hearing Impaired

Web Server for the Visually Handicapped

Portico - Online Information about the British Library

Project EARL Rose Hill Center s a unique and highly effective psychiatric treatment and rehabilitation center in Holly, Michigan.

Rebus Institute management of problems related to Specific Learning Disabilities

Research Councils of the UK

Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Rutherford Appleton LaboratorySwedish National Institute of Occupational Health

Society for Manitobans with Disabilities Inc.

Services and Supports for Independent Living

S.M.I.L.E.S. is a non-profit, non-residential Independent Living Center

Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation Inc

Spectrum Center Services.

Schools OnLine project

The Science Museum

SCET (Scottish Council for Educational Technology)

Scottish Office Education Department

IT POINT (Solihull Metropolitan Borough Council)

Her Majesty's Stationery Office - Government-owned publishers, printers and supply agency

Royal Free Hospital School of Medicine

Scottish Enterprise

United Medical and Dental Schools of Guy's and St Thomas's Hospitals

The City and District of St Albans

Surrey County Council

Technical Assistance Center for Disabilities

RCH Technical Institute

Red Cross/Red Crescent Web servers Worldwide

Recording For The Blind & Dyslexic

Royal National Institute for the Blind in the U.K.

Shepherd Center

St. Luke's Rehabilitation Institute


The Arc of the U.S.

The Commonwealth Foundation

The Contact Center - the Interactive Clearinghouse of Nonprofit Services

The Foundation Center

The Myelin Project

The New York Institute for Special Education

United Cerebral Palsy of Oklahoma

United Way of America

Veteran's Administration

Vocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association

World Association of Physically Disabled

World Relief Foundation

Wound, Ostomy and Continence Nurses Society (WOCN)

Three Rivers Center For Independent Living (TRCIL)


TMJ Foundation World Wide Web Project

TERENA - Trans European Research & Education Networking Association

Department of Trade and Industry (DTI)

Her Majesty's Treasury

Trade Development Centre

Torbay Borough Council

Tynedale District Council

University of East Anglia

University of DurhamVanderbilt Home Care Services

Volunteer Center


Virtual Library of Museums

West Virginia Rehabilitation Research and Training Center:

Washtenaw Association for Community Advocacy ACA

World Health Organization WWW Home Page

Wealden District Council

Wansbeck District Council

Weymouth and Portland Borough Council

Wrekin District Council

The House of Yahweh